How Do Massage Chairs Differ From Regular Treatment Tables?

By  //  February 2, 2021

There are diverse kinds of chairs, serving several purposes. Some chairs are for office purposes and some are used in the home among other purposes. There are general factors for all categories of chairs such as comfortability and the support provided.

Whether it is for home or office use, getting a comfortable chair that provides adequate support for key body parts such as back, neck, shoulders, and arms is non-negotiable. This is the reason ergonomic chairs are so popular because of the amazing features for comfort and support they have.

Even if you are constantly seating on a comfortable and supportive chair, stress or fatigue still builds up in the body over time. One of the best ways, especially without having to load up on medications, to relieve stress and fatigue is by getting a massage.

Whether as a therapist or someone who needs a massage, you must have wondered which of massage chairs and treatment tables is better. They both have amazing benefits within their peculiarities.

Differences Between Massage Chairs and Treatment Tables

Portable Vs Stationary

The good thing about massage chairs is that they are usually portable while treatment tables are mostly stationary. While there are portable massage tables, they are less popular than massage chairs.


Patients need to lie down when using massage or treatment tables while they can receive treatment in a seated position in massage chairs.

Bending Over

For therapists, massage chairs do not require as much bending as treatment tables.

Benefits of massage chairs

■ They are more portable than treatment tables hence making it far easier for you to run your business in diverse places.

■ With massage chairs, patients can be fully clothed during treatment. This is very important for some patients who are very uncomfortable taking their clothes off for a massage, regardless of who is handling it.

■ Massage chairs reduce back strain since it requires lesser bending over.

Merits of Regular Treatment Table

■ Use of oil: treatment tables require that patients take off their clothing hence the possibility of using oils for the massage. These oils serve several purposes including soothing effects and refreshing the skin.

■ With massage tables, it is much easier to work on the major muscle groups.

■ They are easier to disinfect because they are made out of one main surface. Massage chairs have more folds and crevices, making disinfection between clients more difficult.


The portability of massage chairs holds a key problem. They are not as solid as treatment tables hence may not be able to handle the strain from many clients, especially the large ones. If you want something really solid, permanent massage tables are better.

You do not have to choose between this two, you can get the two for your business and use them based on the peculiarities of each.

Types of massage chairs

Desktop massage chair: this is usually the best option if you go to your client’s office for the treatment. These massage chairs sit comfortably on a desk or any flat surface. This works well for clients who don’t have much time to spare.

Portable massage chairs: these lightweight massage chairs are made of aluminum hence are quite strong. You can adjust them to handle clients of varying sizes and shapes.

On-site massage chairs: they are more solid than portable massage chairs. They are perfect for seated massages at your clinic.

Benefits of getting a body massage

Body massage, full or partial, is not just for fun; it comes with unlimited benefits. If you have ever had a proper massage especially when you feel stressed, you should know what I am talking about. The feeling can be heavenly and the effects unbelievable. Sometimes, it’s as though stress or fatigue gets drained out of the body instantaneously – you can’t explain it. Simply amazing! The benefits of body massage as it pertains to massage chairs include the following:

Nervous system relaxation and pain reliever

After carrying out some tedious tasks or sitting for a long period, e.g. daily sitting at work, the muscles in diverse parts of the body can get tight thereby causing issues such as pressure on nerves which could, in turn, cause pain and tension in the body. Getting a body massage may help to relieve by relaxing the nervous system. Hormonal secretion will adjust, with feel-good hormones overtaking stress hormones. Other key hormones also react positively to the relaxation brought by the body massage.

Refreshes Muscle and joints

As muscles contract and relax, substances are squeezed out and fresh ones enter. Certain substances such as lactic acid contribute to muscle fatigue, cramps, etc. Hence squeezing them out of the muscles is highly beneficial to muscles and joints. Body massage helps to give the beneficial tension required for better contractions and relaxation of muscles.

Improves circulation or blood flow

A key player in the reduction of fatigue and pain management, among other benefits, is effective blood circulation. Body massage helps to loosen muscles and tendons, ultimately resulting in better blood flow in the body.

Other benefits include:

■ Improves sleep

■ Enhances immunity

■ Alleviates anxiety and depression


Both massage chairs and regular treatment tables have key benefits in offering clients the best massage treatments. However, understanding their peculiarities or differences is important for getting the best results. As a therapist, you should have both and use each based on clients’ needs. You may want to check our Top 10 Best Massage Chairs.