How to Feel and Look Your Best In 2021

By  //  February 23, 2021

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With a new year ahead of us, it’s essential to get a solid start on self-care and begin to prepare yourself physically and mentally for a new journey. Perhaps this will be the year you finally get that job promotion you’ve been expecting.

Or maybe this will be the year you finally meet that special someone in your life. Regardless of the occasion, you should always be equipped to look good and feel confident about yourself.

To help you get started for the new year, we’ve put together a list of some of the best additions to your everyday life that will have you feeling and looking your best in 2021.

Hemp Pain Relief Cream

Hemp and CBD have been proven to be some of the most influential and versatile substances in the health and wellness space. Brands like Hempvana have made it easy and affordable to find quality hemp-based products for a diverse range of needs.

Their “Pain Relief Cream” works great for swelling, inflammation, and bruising. The cream absorbs quickly and allows you to target specific areas of pain.

It contains 10% trolamine salicylate, a drug in the same family as aspirin that helps relieve pain from inflammation and tissue damage. This pain relief cream differs from others, though, is in its use of hemp seed extract. The hemp seed extract is an occlusive moisturizer while ensuring the skin’s moisture while creating a protective barrier.

Hot Lather Machine

With the COVID-19 pandemic still in full swing, it has become more necessary than ever to try and complete as much of your self-care within your home. LTHR Shaving helps lead this charge with their innovative “Hot Lather Machine,” a high-powered device that dispenses hot lather for shaving.

Now, you can bring the barbershop experience straight into your home. The Hot Lather Machine is light and compact instead ofconstantly the bulky, slow-to-heat-up devices that barbershops traditionally use.

Personalized Hair Care

Haircare is a uniquely personal process that differs from person to person. Despite buying products that loosely fit your hair type, it can be challenging to find products that give your hair the specific attention it needs. Prose is here to change that with their fully personalized hair care formula.

After a consultation about your hair’s needs and goals, as well as your environment and lifestyle, Prose can recommend the ideal hair care routine for you.

The ingredients in their products are updated continuously, and their research and development lab is always refining their formulas. Prose is a certified B Corporation and has pledged to strive for sustainability in its products.

A Clean, Safe Shave 

Nothing feels better than a clean shave. Despite the name of the brand, Manscaped’s products work well for all genders. Their revolutionary “The Lawn Mower™ 3.0” shaver, designed explicitly as a trimmer for the groin area, uses SkinSafe™ technology to provide a safe, powerful shaving experience.

Users can feel confident that they won’t nick themselves when shaving when using The Lawn Mower™ 3.0. It is also waterproof and features a no-slip grip.

Rejuvenating Skin Care

An effective cleanser is a necessity in any skincare routine. Disco’s “Charcoal Face Cleanser Stick” is one of the most thorough cleansers on the market.

Utilizing coconut oil, Phytic Acid, and charcoal, the cleanser removes dirt, oil, and dead skin build-up on your face. Its ingredients are designed to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin while exfoliating it as well.

One of the perks of Disco’s website is their highly informative blog, where they cover various skincare topics. The brand also carries other products like scrubs, masks, moisturizers, and more.

Mood Chews

Anxiety is an ailment that can strike at any time. Now, you can find relief in an instant with PYM’s “Mood Chews,” made with amino acids and adaptogens that target the body’s hormone levels and manage stress and anxiety levels.

They’re packed with GABA,  L-Theanine, and Rhodiola, three scientifically proven ingredients to fight anxiety. They’re also non-addictive. Next time you’re feeling anxious, try a delicious, citrus-flavored Mood Chew.

Liquid Probiotics 

A huge part of being healthy is preventing issues before they happen. Mary Ruth Organics’ “Liquid Probiotic” helps to support the immune system and digestion. The probiotic aims to suppress harmful bacteria and enhance a healthy gut biome.

Mary Ruth Organics’ probiotics are raw, plant-based, and sourced directly from the Earth. Their products are organic, vegan, non-GMO and free of dairy, soy, nuts, wheat, and sugar. The brand also carries several other products, including herbal blends, gummies, enzyme capsules, supplements for prenatal and postnatal care, and more.

Clean Hair Products

Your hair should be treated with love. For your hair to look its best and last as long as possible, you should avoid products that contain harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients. VoCê is a brand that is taking a stand for quality hair care, only offering fully vegan, globally-harvested ingredients and certified organic extracts. Their products are void of damaging ingredients commonly found in hair products like sulfate and paraben.

VoCê’s “No Yellow.Wash Blond Shampoo” is an absolute blessing for people with white, silver, or blonde hair. It provides a thick lather and just enough violet pigment to wash away brassiness and unwanted yellow tones in your hair. The proteins in the product help strengthen your hair strands and leave it soft and shiny. The lavender and jasmine in the shampoo also leaves your hair smelling phenomenal.

Extreme Teeth Whitening Kit

Who doesn’t want a beautiful, pearl-white smile? Dr. Brite’s “Extreme Whitening Kit”, is a self-administered teeth whitening tool that shows the same results as professional whitening treatments by dentists. The device does not use any dangerous chemicals and does not cause any sensitivity issues in the teeth.

Get rid of annoying stains on your teeth left by coffee, wine, and juice with this affordable, convenient kit.  And do so in the comfort of your own home. Dr. Brite also offers a multitude of oral care products like toothpastes, mouthwashes, oral sprays, and much more.

Healthy Ice Cream

Ice cream is probably not one of the first things that come to mind when you think about healthy foods. Eclipse Foods is breaking boundaries with its non-dairy, plant-based ice cream. The brand claims that there is no sacrifice in texture and taste.

The brand carries classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, cookie butter, and more exotic flavors like cocoa black sesame tahini and coffee halvah chocolate chunk. Eclipse ice cream is also sustainable and non-allergenic. The brand ships nationwide.

Online Mental Healthcare

You’ve got to take care of your mind. The daily demands and responsibilities of life can be very overwhelming, and it’s crucial to allow yourself to decompress at times. YANA is here to assist in this process, delivering prompt, online mental health care starting at only $12 a week.

Simply register, get matched with a specialist, and consult with them online. Together, you can build a treatment plan and handle any necessary prescription medications, which will be shipped to your house for free. Help is available 24/7, and so are check-ins whenever you need them. Take care of your mental health this year. Help is available within minutes.

Pigless Pork Rinds

Junk food can be helplessly addicting. However, you don’t have to fill your body with junk just to enjoy a snack. Outstanding Foods offers delicious, plant-based foods like pigless pork rinds and cheese puffs. Their products are filled with 21g of protein and 30% or more of iron, calcium, and vitamins B12, D, and E. They’re also free of gluten, soy, GMOs, and cholesterol.

The brand’s “PigOut Pigless Pork Rinds” contains 75% less sodium and 67% less saturated fat than traditional pork rinds. They come in five decadent flavors, including “Original,” “Hella Hot,” “Nacho Cheese,” “Texas BBQ,” and “Salt & Vinegar.” Instead of being fried like typical pork rinds, Outstanding Foods’ pork rinds are baked. They are vegan, free of gluten, soy, trans fat, and GMOs, and are certified kosher.

Premium CBD Products

From anxiety to insomnia to joint pain to poor appetite, there is probably a use for CBD in your life. BuyLegalMeds carries a wide array of CBD-based products to help you feel your best, including flowers, edibles, topicals, syrup, and more.

Their products have been featured on media outlets like BET, Business Insider, CNN, Comedy Central, and more. If you’re looking for an all-natural remedy for a physical or mental issue, more than likely, you can find a product that addresses it on BuyLegalMeds.


Let the new year be a year of great triumph and accomplishment in your life. However, remember to take care of yourself as well. Avoid burnout and take into account your physical and mental well-being before any issues emerge. Your body and mind will thank you down the road. Looking good and feeling good go hand-in-hand. Don’t neglect either one. Let 2021 be your year.