Meaningful Gifts for Kids: What Experts Say

By  //  February 27, 2021

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It is funny that while kids are so simple, you get confused for ideas on what to take them for a gift. Worse still is the fact that toys are the first that come to mind, but even then, what type of toys do you take kids to make an impact? And what about non-toy gifts, at least to stand out, especially when it is a special day for the kid, such as a birthday?

With substantial research, experts have come up with the following meaningful gifts for kids, both toy and non-toy. On top of that, you get the right considerations to ensure that the kid treasures what you bought them.

1. For Infants

Infants may not talk, but they are great listeners. Getting them a toy that makes sounds is a great deal to them. You can visit or ask their parents what they already have; you can get something different and unique.

The toy requires a touch, a click, or even a press to make certain sounds, and soon the baby will learn this. They are excited to do this themselves, which gives them a sense of achievement.

If the infant already has several of these, you can consider a stuffed animal or baby doll to be their sleeping companion. Though babies may sleep alone from as early as birth time, they develop a sense of anxiety as they grow. To cool them and make them feel that they are not alone, a sleeping companion will be an excellent way.

2. For Toddlers

Toddlers are already learning to sing along simply by playing music, and they also love doing things on their own. For instance, you will note that they can arrange a set of blocks according to color or even dress their doll.

If they don’t already have one of these, you can get them, again depending on interest and need gap.

3. For Preschoolers

Preschoolers will love small laptops that they can learn with, scooters they can ride, or even larger dolls, toys, and Disney-world mimic. You can also introduce the kid to their first bike at this age, which they will never forget.

4. From Age 6 to 9

Age 6 to 9 is also a good time to introduce a  bike if they don’t already have one. Also, introduce interests that the kids may not have realized by now, such as paintball shooting by getting them a paintball gun.

If the kid is an ardent reader, a monthly book subscription is the best thing you will do to them.

5. From Age 10 Onwards

Kids that are already ten and older appreciate stuff that is more adult-like. At this age, the kid has already identified their talent, interests, and hobbies. It would be good if you knew this so that whatever you offer them makes meaning.

For instance, if they are daring bikers, you can get the mountain bikes they can wheelie on or any stylish shoes for the school-going lad. Yeah, the bike can be expensive but a shoe is affordable I presume. Ha ha, just kidding. If they are into art, an advanced drawing book or a laptop with amazing design features will be cool.

How to Determine Meaningful Gifts for a Kid

Know the Kid

First, you need to interact with the kid to know what they like or what they would love to have. For instance, some kids want a little Disney world in their room, others want a kitchen garden, while others are into reading.

You can’t imagine getting a book you thought every kid should read, only to find it in tatters a week later. Unless you were ready for this and was on a mission to encourage the kid to read, know a kid’s interests first.

If you can’t reach the kid because you probably live away from them, you can gather the information from their parents, siblings, or guardians. Be casual so as not to cause an alarm if you want the gift to be a surprise.

Could you get to Know What They Already Have?

It would help if you also got to know what they already have because a blocks packet on top of numerous others make no difference

If something is missing that the kid would appreciate, take this grand opportunity to become their fairy.

Consider the Kid’s Age

Ensure that the gift you consider is age-appropriate to impact the kid. Getting a nine-month-old a bike may not make an impact, but getting them a three-wheel toy will make a difference. If the kid is already in school, consider gifts that they will enjoy on their own and show off to friends.

Parting Shot

ready to get a kid, you know, a meaningful gift? Now you have an idea of where to start and even some amazing ideas to consider. Remember that kids are simple, so you don’t have to tense over whether they will like your gift. They definitely will, at least with the considerations above in place.

All the best, making an impression!