Phenq Reviews: 2021 Update on Phenq Ingredients and Weight Loss Results – Review by JazzCT

By  //  February 4, 2021

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Phenq reviews. Detailed information on where to buy Phenq weight loss supplement, ingredients, side effects complaints, pricing and more. 

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When trying to lose weight through diet and exercise alone, it can be a tough journey. You’ll likely experience cravings, low energy levels and feel cranky. These feelings can lead you to slip back into old habits and reach for the potato chips after a tough day.

If you have experienced these feelings, then you are not alone. In this review, we’ll explore how PhenQ can help make your weight loss journey easier and faster, so you don’t have to diet for so long or experience frustrating cravings whilst you diet.

Phenq Reviews 2021 – Phenq weight loss Supplement Ingredients Really Work?

What Is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a safe, natural alternative to Phentermine (a prescription-only weight loss drug).

It’s a 5-in-1 weight loss supplement that targets the 5 different weight loss challenges:

Bad Mood – Stop yourself from getting “hangry” on a diet!

If you experience mood swings or just generally feel cranky every time you go on a diet, PhenQ can help you. It’ll keep you feeling positive and motivated to keep going!

Low Energy levels – Improve your energy even  when you’re restricting calorie intake.

A low-calorie diet often leaves you feeling tired, and when you’re tired you’re more likely to reach for sugary, fatty snacks. PhenQ keeps you feeling focused, alert and energised throughout the day, without causing insomnia at night.

A Big Appetite – Eat less to help you stay in a calorie deficit.

Is your appetite just BIGGER than everyone else’s? Do you feel hungry all the time? If so, you’ll likely find it hard to stay in a calorie deficit or stick to your diet plan. PhenQ reduces your appetite and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. As you feel less hungry, you’ll be much less likely to overeat or break your diet.

Slow Metabolism – Increase your metabolic rate to speed up fat burning.

As we age, our metabolism slows down and we need some help to keep it going strong. The higher your metabolism, the more calories you’ll burn each day (even when you aren’t exercising). As you burn more calories, you’ll be pushed into a bigger calorie deficit and lose more weight without any extra sessions on the treadmill.

Fat Production – Prevent new fat production to stop further weight gain.

Losing weight is the first hurdle, and keeping it off is the second. By blocking new fat production, PhenQ allows you to enjoy the occasional treat or day off your diet without gaining back the weight you have worked so hard to shift.

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Is PhenQ suitable for me? 

PhenQ is best suited to people who have a BMI of 25+, that are looking to make a radical change to their health and their appearance.

It’s a fantastic tool to keep you on track with your new lifestyle and speed up your weight loss efforts.

PhenQ will have the most noticeable effect for people who are following a calorie-restricted diet and staying active. This doesn’t mean you have to start running marathons, but simple things like walking more instead of driving, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator all add up.

Likewise, you don’t have to follow a supermodel diet, but you should be trying your best to maintain a consistent calorie deficit when you take PhenQ.

All the ingredients in PhenQ are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, so it’s suitable for anyone on a plant-based diet too.

If you have used Phentermine before and quit it because of the side effects, you should definitely try PhenQ. It doesn’t cause any of the common Phentermine side effects like nausea, dry mouth or constipation.

What’s in PhenQ?

PhenQ contains 6 active ingredients that work in synergy to boost weight loss:

■ α-Lacys Reset®

■ Capsimax

■ Chromium picolinate

■ Caffeine

■ Nopal

■ L-Carnitine

Let’s take a deep dive into each of these ingredients and see how they work:

α-Lacys Reset®

This is a powerful combination of Cysteine and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Both of these components have been studied extensively to confirm their weight loss abilities and this patented combination combines the power of both in the fight against fat.

■ Compared to a placebo, α-Lacys Reset® caused users to:

■ Lose 7.24% of their body fat

■ Increase muscle mass by 3.8%

■ Reduce total body weight by 3.44%

This combination of total mass reduction and fat reduction, combined with an increase in muscle mass gives the body that slim and toned look we all want – without giving us the skinny fat, saggy look that we want to avoid.

Plus, the more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism will rise and the more calories you’ll burn at rest. This makes it easier to continue losing weight and keep it off for good.


This concentrated extract of capsaicinoids from red chilli peppers, combined with Vitamin B3 and Piperine for maximum potency.

As we age, most of us notice that our metabolism has slowed. It’s easier to gain weight and harder to lose it. Capsimax helps to generate heat inside your body and perks up your metabolism. This extra heat increases the number of calories you burn at rest.

To improve your results from exercise, Capsimax also promotes lipolysis in your body. This means freeing up the fat stored in your cells and turning it into an energy source. You’ll feel more energised to work out, and actually burn fat whilst you’re training!

Speaking of energy, Vitamin B3 in Capsimax also comes into play. This vitamin helps your body convert food to the energy you can actually use, instead of it being stored as fat.

Piperine in Capsimax helps to release digestive enzymes in your pancreas, allowing your body to extract nutrients from your food more efficiently. Like capsaicin, Piperine is an alkaloid. It’s a powerful antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties too.

Chromium Picolinate

This compound is made from the mineral Chromium, and Picolinic acid. It’s incredibly popular amongst diabetics and pre-diabetics as a natural means to control and regulate their blood sugar.

Do you experience cravings for candy, chips or chocolate? Something you might not know is that drops and spikes in blood sugar are one of the most common causes of cravings. By keeping your blood sugar consistently low, you’ll experience fewer cravings and find it far easier to stick to your diet.


A calorie is a measurement of energy, and if you’re eating fewer calories it’s only logical that you will feel less energised. We need the energy to focus throughout the day, and also to exercise regularly. That’s where caffeine comes in.

It works on the Adenosine receptors in your brain to stop you from feeling sleepy. It’s a popular stimulant and you can start to feel its effects in as little as 15 minutes.

A secondary effect of caffeine is that it reduces your appetite. Whether you’re trying to lose weight with intermittent fasting, avoiding snacking between meals or just trying to eat a little less, you’ll find weight loss easier when you’re not hungry so often.

Caffeine also has a gentle diuretic effect on the body, which helps to reduce the water retention that you may notice in your legs and ankles.


For those of us prone to eating too many fatty foods like cheese, butter or fried chicken, Nopal is our friend.

It sticks to some of the fat in your food, creating molecules that are too big for your gut to absorb. Fat has 9 calories per gram, so absorbing less of it helps you stay in a calorie deficit.

Nopal is an incredible fluid-flusher. If you suffer from water retention in your legs or bloating around your belly, the Nopal in PhenQ helps to move the excess water out of your system.

This cactus extract is high in fibre to help you stay fuller for longer, and feel satisfied with less food. A fibre-rich diet means better digestion: it helps you avoid constipation which leads to a flatter looking tummy and a smaller waist.


This is an amino acid which plays a primary role in the function of your metabolism. A popular fat burner, L-Carnitine burns fat at a cellular level. It encourages your body to take fatty acids and use them for energy.

It can also improve your endurance. If you find it easy enough to start a workout but find yourself getting tired quickly and giving up, the L-Carnitine will give you a real boost. It will also have a positive effect on your circulation, bringing nutrients to your muscles and helping you to keep going.

L-Carnitine can also affect your brain positively. Having low levels of Carnitine amino acid can reduce your brain functions like memory and

How Quickly Will You See Results with PhenQ?

Customers typically report an increase in your energy levels from the first day that they start taking PhenQ. After around 10 days, they report a reduction in their appetite and fewer cravings for treats.

When it comes to seeing the results on the scale, it all depends on how much weight you have to lose, and how much effort you put into losing weight through your lifestyle choices.

Remember that the α-Lacys Reset® in PhenQ will help to increase your muscle mass as well as reducing body fat, so you may not notice a decrease in weight on the scale straight away.

To better track your weight loss, you should take program photos at least once per month. You should also measure your waist, hips, chest and thighs regularly to keep track of your inch loss.

■ If you just need help shifting that final 10lbs, you’ll likely only need to use PhenQ for 30 days.

■ If you have 10-25lbs to lose, you should take PhenQ for 90+ days.

■ If you have over 25lbs to lose, you should purchase the 5 Month package which comes with a free bottle of Advana Cleanse – this is a detoxify product to kickstart your weight loss during the first month.

You can continue to use PhenQ after you have hit your weight loss goal to help you maintain your new slim figure, without having to worry about regaining weight even if you indulge in a few more treats than usual.

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Does PhenQ offer any post-purchase support to help you on your weight loss journey?

Yes – with each purchase, PhenQ will send you ten free guides via email to help you on your weight loss journey.

This includes a 3 Day Detox, which you can get started on straight away before your order even arrives. It’ll prepare your body for fat loss and get you in the zone.

You’ll also get a free meal plan. You don’t have to be too rigid with it, but the meal plan will teach you healthy eating habits that’ll set you up for success in the long run.

The workout guide is also really useful. If you haven’t exercised regularly since high school, you’re not alone. This guide helps you build a realistic exercise routine that you can follow in the gym or at home. You’ll be able to build up your stamina and muscle tone, which will both help you burn more calories every single day.

There’s also hundreds (seriously) of tips and tricks on the PhenQ blog to help you with your diet, exercise regime and overall lifestyle.

How Should You Take PhenQ?

Take 2 capsules a day – one with breakfast and one with lunch, washed down with a glass of water.

It’s recommended to take PhenQ with your food because it will help reduce fat absorption from your food and help you digest it. However, you shouldn’t take it with dinner as caffeine too late at night can affect your sleep.

If you forget to take PhenQ, just miss a dose and pick up where you left off. But, for best results, you should try and take both capsules every day.

Doubling the dose won’t double your results: the ingredients in PhenQ are dosed in very specific quantities to maximise your weight loss, so stick to the recommended serving size.

Do I need to go on a specific diet? 

No: the best diet is the one that you can stick to. You can use PhenQ whether you’re doing keto, vegan, Weight Watchers, or just counting calories.

PhenQ works with your body to improve your fat metabolism no matter which diet you’re on.

With that said, you will need to watch your food intake to get the best results. Make sure you’re not overeating – this is a weight loss aid, not a miracle.

Is there any reason I shouldn’t use PhenQ? 

This supplement does contain caffeine – so if you get the jitters or anxiety after drinking coffee, you should avoid this supplement and opt for something stimulant-free.

Pregnant women and those under 18 should also avoid taking PhenQ.

If you are taking any medication, you should speak to your doctor before purchasing PhenQ. Although the ingredients in PhenQ are natural, it’s best to take precautions in case they could interfere with your medication.

Where can I buy PhenQ? 

PhenQ is sold exclusively on the brand’s official website,

It’s not available in stores like GNC or Walmart. However, PhenQ offers free worldwide shipping, so you can have it shipped directly to your door no matter where in the world you live.

You might see it for sale on the likes of eBay or Amazon from time to time, but buyer beware: buying from resale sites means you could be getting a counterfeit product, and you won’t be covered by the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

How much is PhenQ? 

PhenQ starts at $79.95 for a 30 day supply – it’s actually $10 off at the moment though, so you can get it for $69.95!

They offer great discounts on package deals too, including Buy 2 Get 1 Free and Buy 3 Get 2 Free which makes it more affordable for long term use.

Worldwide shipping is free, meaning you won’t be surprised with any sneaky charges at the checkout.

That’s a lot of money… what if it doesn’t work for me? 

PhenQ offers a 60-day money-back guarantee – it’ll be very clear within 60 days if PhenQ is working for you or not.

You’ll have to cover the return shipping costs, but when you return any unopened bottles of PhenQ you’ll be eligible for a full refund.

Should I buy PhenQ?

If you’re ready to lose weight for good and keep it off… YES!

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PhenQ is probably the most effective weight loss aid that you can buy without a prescription and we highly recommend it.

If you need to lose weight but have struggled through diet and exercise alone then give PhenQ a try – remember that if it doesn’t work for you, you can always get your money back.

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