Projections and Trends for the Gaming Industry

By  //  February 24, 2021

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The popularity of online gambling is driving the stock market forward, as Portuguese gamblers continue to use mobile gambling. The advancement of technology has turned most of the imagined facts associated with online gambling into reality. For example, cloud gaming has been a trending technology nowadays.

Almost every gamer would want to utilize the service of cloud gaming in storing game data.

At first, everyone has different varieties of questions about the cloud gaming industry 2021, starting from scene rendering, game logic, video streaming, and encoding.

However, it all ended in reality, as several companies have contributed effectively to making imagination come to reality. Companies like Onlive, G-Cluster, Gaikai, and others have contributed a lot to the project of cloud gaming. Nowadays, casinos like the 888 casino provide cloud casino games with improved gaming features.

And that’s not all because they have created different varieties of opportunities affecting both the gaming and gambling industry.

It hasn’t been long before these companies paired together with other gaming companies such as Ubisoft and Sega to aid in the distribution of new games. According to the view of Martim Nebeiro, as an expert in guest post topics, among other projections and trends in the gaming industry, cloud gaming has a lot of effective impact on the gaming society.

New Gaming Platforms

Gaming platforms like Esports have continued to make changes in the stock markets, driving both the gambling and gaming industry forward.

During the pandemic outbreak that started in 2020, almost everyone in Portugal was subjected to an emergency lockdown by the government. Leading to people looking for other alternatives to have fun and make money. And E-sports happen to be among the trending sports with higher demand in the gaming and gambling sector.

The two popular games of Esports known as League of Legends and DOTA 2 are among the popular games. E-sports games are both popular in the gaming and gambling world, allowing gamblers to bet for fun. Even gamers have the opportunity of playing their favorite games.

Smartphones are Expected to Pull a Stunt

The use of smartphones has increased the significant popularity of gambling in the past few years. With a revenue of over 200 million estimated to be generated by mobile gamers annually. The increased popularity of online gambling has led to implementation of new gambling technologies such as AR, VR, and Cloud gaming.

The implementation of trending technologies like AR and VR in games has improved the graphical representation of gaming. Even casino games have entered a new phase, as they have implemented the use of AR and VR, which requires gamblers to play casino games with accessories.

These developed casino games come with the implementation of  VR and AR, which improve the gaming performance of mobile devices. The AR and VR games coming 2021 will give gamers the ability to experience improved gaming technology with the use of accessories like smart glasses and headsets.

The 5th Generation of Mobile Networks

Unlike other trends in the gaming and gambling industry, the 5th generation of mobile networks has contributed to the success of online gambling and cloud gaming.

The introduction and release of the 5th generation of mobile networks in mobile devices have brought out the implementation of new data plans. However, with the new speed of light associated with the use of the 5th generation of mobile networks, playing cloud games and online casino games will be very easy and simple.

The implementation of AR and VR in mobile games requires the use of fast network services similar to the 5th generation of mobile networks for the rendering of game attributes.

With these immense features and technological trends, you don’t need to ask yourself questions like is gambling industry growing? The gambling industry is growing rapidly and with remarkable signs, it will continue to grow further in 2021.


The popularity of online gambling industry trends 2021 is driving the stock market forward through different projections and trends of technologies in the gaming industry.