What is the Best Eyewear Brand?   

By  //  February 16, 2021

If you are a spectacle wearing member of the general public then you’ll be more aware than most that the sheer size of those offering quality glasses is growing at quite a pace.

The size of the market has been driven by many factors and the increased competition has helped to keep the price of glasses, and frames, down.

The factors around the growing size of the industry include the increase in the online buying portion of the glass wearing community, something most people were not all that keen on some years ago, preferring instead to complete the transaction in person.

Another component in relation to the growth in the eyewear market is the rise in affordable designer glasses. This has led to hitherto aspects of the retail industry being within reach of the typical shopper and not just the elite.

Designer brands have looked to increase their share of the market by bringing down the cost of their wares and this in turn has led to a rise in sales in this area.

What Brands are the Best?

Deciding what brands are best in the eyewear field requires a fair bit of consideration. There are clearly a number of metrics to judge the market on. These can include price, quality and availability, and by this we mean the level of accessibility a brand has to the overall market, in other words not priced out of the range of the customer in an average buying sector.

A number of big names still cover the lion’s share of the market and they do so because they are frankly the most desired options out there.

Oakley is one such brand. It would be hard for a customer shopping online, or in a physical store, to not notice that a large portion of the glasses on show are from the long-running Californian brand.

There is a simple reason for this. Basically Oakley are a world leader and they don’t take that term lightly. They have never got complacent and their eyewear styles are iconic and, on the whole, good value for money.

As a brand they are available for every market on the spectrum. They cater for all shoppers and are well loved and have been for decades.

Another brand on the relatively ‘low-end’ of the budget spectrum is Muse. We are very much big fans of the creations produced by the mother-daughter pairing of Tara and Marjon.

The Muse brand includes classic looks and daring alternatives, all of which are fairly priced and stylish as hell!

Designer Options On a Budget

When it comes to the brands that can be truly considered as ‘designer’ then we’d say Tom Ford is among those with the best designs. The American brand leader, who straddles many fashion trends as well as eyewear, have become a hugely popular part of the designer glasses landscape and are very a leader in the field.

Now the idea of purchasing anything with the name Gucci emblazoned across it may get your blood pumping, leading you to consider whether you’d have to mortgage your house to afford such a luxury item. However you may have to think again.

Gucci are indeed a high-end designer brand but that doesn’t mean their eyewear is so highly priced as to not be an option. Indeed the Italian fashion house’s eyewear range is very attainable and of course, gorgeous.

Whereas previously the idea of buying prescription Gucci sunglasses may have been a preserve of the rich and shameless, this is most definitely no longer the case.

Another designer brand, though one that is relatively new to the market, comes in the form of Cubitts. This English company, founded by Tom Broughton in 2013, offers sleekly simple eyewear options that are bespoke and unique but very cost-competitive and frankly sumptuous.

Big Wide World of Eyewear Options

In the past when looking for your next set of spectacles you’d be forced to walk to the nearest optician on main street. The array of options you would face would be limited and as such the price would be no doubt hiked up.

This in turn would lead a glass wearing member of the public to only get a new pair when they absolutely had to. Things have changed. They’ve changed a lot!

Now a shopper has a great number of options to consider, especially online, and the number of great brands to pick from has made the exercise of buying glasses very much an optional one.

You may now be looking for a new pair of glasses not out of need, but out of a desire to reinvent yourself or to be up with the latest fashions. Fortunately the price has dropped significantly in recent years, making such shopping decisions far more palatable.

Supply has very much kept up with demand and now the only decision you have to make is whether your latest set of glasses matches your outfit!