What is the Difference Between Electric and Moped Bikes?

By  //  February 22, 2021

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Bicycles have become more and more one of the favorite means of transport for those who want an alternative option for commuting on a daily basis. In addition to the bike rental services that have grown, many people choose to invest in their own bike to call their own.

It is nothing new to say that there are different models of bicycles to choose from. In addition to those traditional models, such as a touring bike, you can choose at the time of purchase for more modern types, such as an electric and moped bike.

Many people still have doubts when it comes to mopeds. Popular in interior cities and in the Northeast region, they are a cheap and economical type of motorcycle to get around. We have prepared this guide with everything about mopeds for anyone thinking of having one as a means of transport; check out.

And, to help in the practicality of daily commuting, electric and motorized bicycles are very welcome since they can operate without the need for the user to pedal all the time. But what is the difference between these bikes and which one is more worth it?

Electric Bicycle

The electric bicycle is the darling of anyone who wants to be practical when going to and from work or college and still help to reduce the amount of pollution emanating from day to day. This is because, unlike a motorized bicycle, it does not need fuel to function, is powered by electricity, which is non-polluting.

Despite not reaching such a high speed (their maximum speed is, on average, 25km / h), they have several advantages. Price of an electric bicycle: usually varies between $ 1,500 and $ 6,000, which may be more expensive depending on the model. The Himiway Escape ebike moped for example. This product is sold for $ 1,599.

The top ebikes under 1,000 are the darling of anyone who wants to be practical when going to and from work or college and still help to reduce the amount of pollution emanating from day to day. 

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Advantages of the electric bicycle

In addition to the ecological advantage, electric bicycles are more economical to maintain than motorized ones, as they do not need to use fuels for their engine to work. In addition, it also allows you to cycle normally, as you would a regular bicycle, and you can use the pedal’s own movement to recharge your battery a little.

Speaking of batteries, as this type of bicycle works by electric energy, they can be recharged in any 110 or 220-volt outlet, just have the cable with you. And, as we said, if you don’t have an outlet nearby, that’s fine: you can cycle normally. The battery usually lasts between 30 km and 40 km, depending on the model.

In terms of maintenance, you should also not spend too much, just being careful to perform the basic maintenance of a conventional bicycle (tire, belt, gear, etc.). For example, for the maintenance of a mountain ebike such as the Himaway Cruiser, you only need to spend a little more than what you would normally spend on a regular bike.

Disadvantages of the electric bicycle

The electric bicycle is not a good option on rainy days or very wet areas, as large amounts of water can cause problems with the electrical system of the device. If you prefer a bike that reaches higher speeds, you may prefer a motorcycle.

Motorized Bicycle

The motorized bicycle is much more like a motorcycle, both in price and in the fact that it uses an engine that runs on fuel, specifically gasoline. Unlike the electric bicycle, its engine is polluting, which makes it not an ecologically sustainable product.

Where is it allowed to ride mopeds? The mopeds have an engine of up to 50 cm³ and a maximum speed of 50 km / h. Therefore, the law determines that they must be driven on the right of the lane, preferably in the center of the lane.

The movement of mopeds is prohibited on fast-moving roads. They also cannot run on cycle paths or on sidewalks. The law does not allow driving at speeds below half the maximum speed of the road, therefore, mopeds cannot run on highways with a limit of 100 or 120 km / h.

Price of a motorized bicycle: usually varies from $ 1,500.00 and $ 7,000.00, or more.

Advantages of the moped

Its speed and autonomy are greater than that of a bicycle, reaching an average of 50 km / h and lasting 150 km with a full tank. The model is also more resistant in times of rain and, by having a motor with good power, facilitates the time to climb uphill. Like the electric bicycle, it can be cycled normally.

Disadvantages of moped

In addition to being polluting, which in itself is a major disadvantage for the model, for the price it may be more advantageous to invest in a motorcycle. In addition, it is necessary to soften the engine for about 500 km, as in a new car.

Another disadvantage is that to start the engine it is not enough to simply start it. It is necessary to pedal to start the engine. But overall, it doesn’t really matter to most users.

Which is better: electric bike or moped?

Considering that the price of the two types of bicycle is very similar and that the majority of people looking for a bicycle are looking for practicality and autonomy for their transport, the electric bicycle is more prominent. A few years ago its price made it an unviable product for most people, but today, although it is still more expensive than the traditional one, it is more accessible.

In addition, it has the great advantage that you do not have to worry about fuels and still encourage an ecological practice (since riding a bike, by itself, is already quite sustainable).

Did you have any doubts about the difference between electric bikes and motorized bikes? Share with us! And take advantage of our sports, fitness, and leisure offers to save your money.