Best Business Ideas for Students

By  //  March 12, 2021

The years of higher education remain one of the most vivid memories in a person’s life. These years contain as many events as any other period of life’s path. A young person feels quite independent and confident in his or her abilities.

And he/she wants to try all the areas of “adult” life, get new baggage of knowledge, learn professional skills, assert his/her place in society, build personal relationships and make good friends.

So how can you enjoy all the pleasures of student life to the best of your ability and take advantage of all it offers? They include fun trips to the countryside, trips around the world, the opportunity to go for internships in foreign universities, noisy discos, trendy clothes, and so on.

You can get a part-time job as a waiter, barman, night guard, or loader. But this work is not paid so generously, and the working schedule is not always convenient to combine it with visits to lectures and seminars.

There is only one way out – to create a business for a student, which allows you to earn a certain amount of money, while not distracting from the main activity – studying.

For creative people 

If you know how to dance, sing, do tricks, parody, play various musical instruments, perform at student parties, take part in youth theater performances, and arrange theme parties.

Contact agencies that specialize in organizing parties and offer your services as a toastmaster or guest artist. A great theme for the student creative business is inventing and conducting quests. This entertainment is growing in popularity among its fans.

Tutoring services, text translation, essay writing 

Students who are studying at the senior level can try their skills in tutoring. You can teach the profile subjects. If you’re a future teacher, then one alternative to earn money – to prepare a student for school or examinations, help him with homework.

Try your hand as a persuasive essay writer. You can also organize programming or language courses for the very young.

Students of philological and translation specialties can earn both on tutoring and copywriting, translation, content management. Such a business does not require special expenses.

It’s enough to place an offer of your services and wait for customers to call. The advantage of such an idea is that you get not only earnings but also professional experience, reputation, and portfolio.

Creating and promoting websites

If you know the programming languages and the principles of visual editors, you can start earning money by creating websites and blogs, as well as promoting them.

Opening such a business is easy – but it is much harder to succeed in it. The market is full of these kinds of proposals, so you have to compete for your customers. Place ads, lower prices, offer good terms and extra service.

You can start with the simplest orders by an acquaintance. Start with a little practice, gain experience, build up a customer base, make up a portfolio and slowly expand your business. After a few months of practice, you can start working on more time-consuming work – creating and maintaining the site, etc.

Copy Center

A great idea for beginners – to open a copy center. All you need for it is a minimum investment and the ability to use office equipment.

A simple way to start a business that in the future will not cause much trouble. To start you will need to buy 2-3 devices and find a crowded place to set up. But if the budget is limited, you can start with one copier and later buy equipment, using the income from the activity.

Today, copy centers can be found almost everywhere – however, in the most popular places near universities whole rows are lined up. That is why any copy center with a good location will find its customer.

Rent things

One of the easiest ways to make money is to give anything for rent. Usually, it concerns expensive property such as apartments, garages, cars.

However, in addition to expensive things you can rent out:

■ evening clothes, masquerade costumes;

■ game consoles and board games;

■ books and textbooks;

■ accessories for photoshoots;

■ bicycles, mopeds, scooters;

■ equipment for organizing events;

■ domestic appliances;

■ various tools (metal detector, hole punch, etc.).

To implement this idea, place ads on various websites. Announce your services on social networks. To avoid problems with non-return or damage things, make a contract, which will cover all the conditions and responsibilities of the parties. Provide a deposit – the amount that is returned to the client when he returns the thing.

Beauty ideas 

Business ideas for students that relate to the field of creating a stylish look are also extremely in demand. If you have an excellent feel for fashion trends, sociable and communicative – work as a fashion shopper.

This is a person who helps to form a fashionable outfit, completing it with basic items and accessories. He accompanies his client around the stores and helps him choose the right clothes. The shopper receives double payment for his work – from a satisfied customer and a commission from the store owner, where the purchase was made.

Also, the income can bring the provision of services for haircuts, makeup, braiding, nail and eyelash extensions. Follow the beauty trends, be a leader in their promotion, attend specialized masterclasses and courses.

Computer repair and software setup

Another way to make money for those who understand technology. The work scheme is pretty simple: you distribute ads for your services and wait for the client to call you.

Looking for any other ways to promote their services is difficult enough. But how do you get an order if there are so many ads? Publish ads on social networks, spread the information among your teammates, run a simple online business card site that will advertise your services.

Set a lower price than your competitors. The first time work on the formation of a customer base. If you establish yourself as a good specialist, you can successfully develop and increase the volume of income.

Courier service

Another idea for students with their transportation. The idea is attractive because it requires a minimum of investment and guarantees a good income. With the growth of online commerce, delivery services are more relevant than ever.

Opening a courier service is a profitable and perspective solution for any entrepreneur. The profitability of the business can reach 90%.

At the initial stage, it is best to focus on working within one city. You can deliver letters, documents, small and large-sized cargo (it depends on the capacity of your transport).

For a successful start, you will need to find 2-3 strong customers, you will cooperate permanently. You can easily find plenty of ads on the Internet from companies that are looking for an employee with a personal vehicle.

College life is not only about studying, it is about forming an independent personality, finding your place in society, defining your goals, and trying to achieve them.

So every time you are faced with the question of what kind of business you can do as a student, discover the endless variety of ideas and ways to implement them. Don’t be afraid! Try! Explore!