Best THC Carts: PreFilled Vape Oil Cartridges

By  //  March 4, 2021

Pre-filled THC Oil vape cartridges are a great way to get that high you desire. They have flavors that are rich in terpenes but don’t create an obnoxious odor that smoke does. 

Most of the time, you will find 510 compatible pre-filled oil cartridges – this is the main variety of this product you’re going to see for sale.

This guide’s purpose is to explain what pre-filled THC vape cartridges are, plus offer some tips for their usage and purchase. Remember, they are only offered for sale in areas where Hemp has been legalized. Let’s dive in and look at the best THC cartridges for sale at this time.

Top 3 THC Oil Cartridges On The Market:

■ Carts By Diamond CBD – Most Trusted By Customers

■ THC Vape Cartridge by 3CHI – Best Value

■ High Life THC Vape Cartridges by Boston Hempire – Most potent cartridges

Prefilled THC Carts: How Do We Choose The Top Products?

Diamond & 3CHI are brands known for providing its customers with quality THC cartridges Below, you will find some in-depth reasons why Delta 8 THC is promoted here. Besides, there are some other alternatives for this type of product such as Delta 8 moon rock.

Method of Extraction: CO2 extraction is the best method when trying to harvest THC oil. It is a safe method as well for the production of distillate, oil and resin cartridges. This THC oil is also free of butane and alcohol, residual solvents you don’t want or need.

Compatibility: You will find two styles of preloaded THC carts. They are the 510 e-cig tank, which links you to your CBD vape pens and e-liquid. Then there are pods, which you have to use a specific device to experience.

Potency: Some of us want just to chill out and some of us want to get high. If you are the latter, don’t waste your time on cheap cartridges. You need a potent formula, such as a live resin or distillate. This means you get very little filler and the most terpenes and THC.

Quality: Most important of all, Diamond CBD & 3CHI offers you the best legal THC carts sold on the Internet. They use hemp grown in California to extract their delta 8 THC. The quality of Delta 8 THC is dependent on how good the hemp strains are.

Best PreFilled THC Carts:

#1. Delta-8 – CBD Vape Oil Carts By Diamond CBD – Most Trusted By Customers

One great thing we noted about Diamond CBD is that they offer newcomers to the site discounts right when you come in. We were invited to spin a wheel for savings, a nice welcome.

But the way the site is organized is even better. You can shop by mood, what’s on sale, or your favourite brand.

Delta 8 THC is available in multiple flavors like Sour Diesel, Pineapple Express, Grape Ape and even newcomers like Strawberry Lemonade.


■ Plenty of strains offered

■ Can purchase carts or pens that charge via USB

■ Legal in most states, as it is extracted from Hemp


■ Directions are not so clear for first-time users and these are only available online.

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#2. THC Vape Cartridge by 3CHI – Best Value

This vendor of the Delta 8, 3Chi, was founded by a biochemist who saw firsthand what CBD and THC could do. His company has placed a huge emphasis on research, particularly on that of minor cannabinoids, to create the most effective and pure products for sale. This is apparent in their offering of the Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge.

This is a great THC vape cartridge because it offers you 95% of that trademark Delta 8 THC Oil, stylized as Δ8THC.

This is a federally legal oil derived from USA-grown hemp, and the pen itself has a ceramic core plus mouthpiece for unprecedented taste. You may choose Indica/Sativa/Hybrid, and the website makes it easy for you to see the different strains and what they do for you.

For both 1ml and .5ml Delta 8 THC carts, you get:

■ No cutting agents- no MCT, Vitamin E, PEG, PG or VG

■ 50mg or 25mg cannabis-derived or botanical terpenes

■ 1000mg or 500mg extract total

■ 950mg or 475mg Delta 8 THC Oil

Newcomers to cannabis should be warned as this is a very potent product. If you are not used to concentrated cannabis products, this may be harsh on the throat. Do not spend more than 3 seconds on a puff.

The serving size is 1 puff, and the device is button and breath activated. It works with a 510 cartridge with either 500mg or 1000mg total.

The tank is glass and holds broad-spectrum Delta 8 THC oil complete with all-natural terpenes. It features natural terpenes and contains 95% THC.

Those purchasing the device will need to pick up a 510 compatible battery. Batteries do not come with this vape cart.

The most exciting part is the choice of strains. You can enjoy classic favourites like Sour Diesel and Pineapple Express or enjoy newcomers like London Pound Cake or Gelato. The taste of these cartridges is very pronounced, and your experience will be one to treasure every time it is used.


■ Site dozens of 5-star reviews for Delta 8 gummies and Delta 8 carts

■ Plenty of strains with varying effects to choose from

■ Highs with this vape pen will be engaged and clear, not foggy or anxiety-inducing


■ Phone number not listed on the website

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#3. High Life THC Vape Cartridges by Boston Hempire – Most Potent Cartridges

Boston Hempire is based in Rockland, MA, and offers the citizens of Massachusetts and places where cannabis is legal a place for the safe and effective enjoyment of the plant. Aside from offering their customers edibles, flowers and topical products, they also carry the great Delta 8 products, namely the THC Vape Cartridges.

Bear in mind these are the same great THC Vape Carts we listed above- they are just sold at a different retailer. You get all the same great features, so buy without worry.

Here it is a bit easier to see the different strains you can purchase and click on them individually. It can be hard for newbies to visualize the different strains, so this site is a nice method to see what you are getting. One thing we noted was that there were fewer strains offered here as opposed to some other sites. Not to worry, however- you get the same great product you have come to expect.

Boston Hempire offers buyers THC Vape Cartridges in strains you are sure to love. Users noted that Delta 8 doesn’t skimp on the oil- for example, Matt, a user reviewing the Gorilla Glue vape pen, stated “…Taste great..hits well… the Carts are FULL! No big air bubble BS or half-full… Will be ordering a  3 pack.”

Speaking of which, some enthusiasts might find it hard to choose which strains they would like to try next. In that case, you may find it best to opt for the Delta 8 Weekly Combo pack, in which 5 vape carts of AK47, Mango, Blue Dream and Gorilla Glue, plus Blue Ice, are sent to you.

Indeed, Boston Hempire is a safe and secure place from which to get your vape carts. Their contact info is prominently displayed, so any questions or concerns you might have can be easily answered by phone or their online contact form. We also noted they are members of the National Hemp Association, an organization that seeks to educate about the benefits of the plant.


■ Some vape pens offered at a discounted sale price

■ Boston Hempire sells its batteries for a good price

■ Variety packs offered for those who cannot decide/need different strains


■ Not as many strains offered as other websites

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Pre-Filled THC Oil Cartridges Buying Guide

Millions of Americans- people around the world, for that matter- utilize cannabis every year for various reasons. And some in that group are what we call frequent users of cannabis. It’s only natural these people would like a discreet and convenient, as well as potent, cartridge to use.

Don’t get ripped off buying a cartridge that doesn’t deliver what you want. Tons of low-brow cartridges are out there and the sellers can’t wait for somebody not “in the know” to come along so they can make a quick buck.

This section will show you what to think about when you are purchasing THC  cartridges, so you always get something good, regardless of where you shop.

Name Brands matter: If you’re a brand of cannabis worth your salt, you want to show off your name, so others remember it and come to you when they need it. Look for a company name printed someplace on the cartridge.

Less than stellar cartridges won’t have the name printed on them- for example, you can find ones out there that simply say “exotic cart” on them. Don’t buy this.

Lowbrow cartridges might have a company name on there, but when you Google it, nothing but a few social media accounts come up. This doesn’t mean it’s trustworthy. A good website is important for businesses nowadays, especially in the cannabis industry.

Look for name brands as you shop. The greatest cannabis brands are associated with actual cannabis professionals. Brands like the BLOOM Brands are backed by long-time industry professionals and have strong reputations for quality carts and vaping products.

Thickness: Turn your cart upside down. Do you see an air bubble going to the other side of the cart? If so, it’s low-quality and you probably got oil that was cut with another substance. The pure oil of cannabis is quite thick and is very slow-moving from one area to the next. Should the cannabis hardly move when turned upside down, you probably have top-shelf oil.

Color-like different concentrate types, you should take a look at the oil’s color before you make a buying choice. Good oil is a lighter shade of gold, golden yellow, or amber. If it is darker than a light amber color, it’s not quality oil.

Quality of Oil- The quality of your oil will determine how you feel after you have vaped it. Purer oil will make you feel better, as it is aromatic, pleasant and full of flavor. You will easily smell the pine, citrus or earthy scents through the cartridge tank.

But if the oil smells fake, be warned. The cartridge is probably loaded with additives and synthetics. Don’t buy a cartridge if the oil smells burnt, bitter or sour (the bad kind of sour, not “Sour Diesel strain” sour).

Hardware: Any good cart will have a glass or acrylic tank. If you use plastic carts,  the cannabis will degrade it. The metal housing is also a sign of a good quality cart.

Make sure you figure out what the coil is made from. Junk coils have exposed heavy metals that could burn right into your vape. Also, avoid cartridges with fiberglass wicks. They can burn and also gunk up. And when fiberglass burns, carcinogens get released that you inevitably end up breathing in.

Look for carts that don’t have a wick.

Full Spectrum Carts- Full spectrum cannabis oil is found in the world’s best quality cartridges. Full-spectrum cannabis has cannabinoids that come from the entire plant, not just a single cannabinoid, CBD or THC.

The extraction method for full-spectrum cannabis doesn’t simply isolate other cannabinoids or just THC. It gets you ALL the terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds designed to help you feel great.

If that cart isn’t full-spectrum you will surely be missing out on the full benefits of that strain.

CBD vs THC: Make sure you understand the CBD and THC ratios of a cartridge. This is going to tell you plenty about the intended use of the cartridge. Most carts have CBD and THC. There are carts with just pure CBD, and then there are carts of just pure THC.

Make sure to speak with your budtender about the potency of a cart before purchasing it. If you buy a cart that’s got a high THC ratio, you can save money over time. But if you want the relaxation and anxiety relief that comes with CBD, that’s not going to benefit you.

Effects and Strain: Vaping carts will have varying strains of marijuana. Be sure you know about the strain in the vape cartridge before you purchase it. Ask the budtender if the cartridge has a single or hybrid strain. Hybrids combine the effects of two plants- most commonly we see this in the form of an Indica strain combined with a Sativa strain.

Different strains will offer different effects. Your budtender can tell you what sort of effects you can look forward to with any cartridge.

You should know about the varying effects of each strain, especially if you are using cannabis to help with your health. For example, Sativa is not going to be helpful if you’re using vaping to help you sleep.

Where You Buy It: Where did your cart come from? Where you buy that cartridge matters, especially when considering the quality. Of course, a dispensary is the best place to go, as you can be sure what you are getting is pure and safe.

Don’t go buying off the black market. You will surely get cannabis oil that’s been cut with propylene glycol, which poses a risk to your health. Just go with one of our Delta 8 picks to be certain if you are unsure!

FAQs About Pre-Filled THC Oil Cartridges

Q. Why Opt for a Pre-Filled Cartridge?

Curious about the benefits of choosing a pre-filled vape cart? Read on below to see why you should check this method of enjoying cannabis out.

Helps with dosing: Concentrates are just as the name implies: very concentrated versions of the strain you see on the packaging.  But those just beginning with cannabis, or those with lower tolerances, should be mindful of how much they are taking. It takes some time for the effects to hit and can catch up to you quickly. By using a pre-filled cart, you need not worry about the amount you are consuming. These devices feature a timer that won’t let them run for more than a few seconds at a time so they can’t be used excessively.

Portable: It is easy to tote a vape cart around. It’s an inconspicuous way of enjoying your cannabis. You can easily put it into a pocket or backpack, and some even look like basic writing utensils- for example, the Delta 8’s look like markers. It’s easy to hide it away and be discrete about your usage. Whether you seek recreational or medical benefits, you can have it anywhere with these carts.

Functional: You just screw in a pre-filled cartridge, switch the base on, and take your hit. This is an easy and safe way to enjoy your cannabis. You don’t have to spend hours making edibles or rolling the cannabis. If it’s tough for you to empty a bowl and refill it, pre-filled cartridges make life much easier. The concentrate you find in the cartridges is reminiscent of a dab rig and nail, which is a bit dangerous, especially for new enthusiasts. Plus, you have all the time spent trying to get the nail hot so the wax will smoke in the rig… leave all that behind and try a cartridge.

Q. What exactly is in a Cartridge?

Because there are just a few short varieties of cartridges, it is quite easy to figure out one’s preference once you know what type of cartridge you prefer. The sort of cartridge you choose is a matter of the ingredients contained within. The stuff inside your cartridge needs to have the correct viscosity to burn at the correct wattage. This depends on the starting material the manufacturer of each cartridge uses.

Cannabis distillates contain nothing except highly refined and pure cannabinoids. It’s delicious, and the oil in these carts can be made from many different starting materials. But, a thinner of some sort is usually necessary because there is no method of cutting the viscosity of the material without leaving residual terpenes behind. There are absolutely pros and cons to this type of cart, but it’s not the only one.

CO2 Oil is the sort you get with Delta 8. It requires no additives to meet the necessary viscosity levels for vaping. Unlike distillates, when this oil is properly manufactured, it can keep just a few of the terpenes that the distillates don’t have. These terpenes are naturally thinner; therefore, your oil does not need to blend with additives and can be at its most potent before you use it. Also, this method is what grants oil strains their unique aromas and specific flavors.

Additives are used as a supplemental thinner for oils that don’t have their formula down pat just yet. Products with large amounts of additives have been becoming less and less prominent on the market, but you still might see some noted as coconut oil or vegetable oil. Sure, some of these are not harmful, but we can’t always be sure as to how these additives could affect our health. Some additives are worse than others.

Q. How Can I Choose A Quality Pre-Filled Cartridge?

Not all carts are created equal. So, you need to be very mindful of what you’re buying. They might have additives that could harm you or a non-potent THC level. Here are some things you can consider to make sure your cartridge is safe and effective.

■ Pick a brand you trust. Delta 8 is our go-to because we love their extraction methods. They don’t use additives that are butane-based, which affect the experience and safety of your vaping experience. CO2 is how they do it, and we feel that is the best method for taste, experience and safety.

■ Say no to cutting substances. Many brands add thinning agents to their CO2, and some could react to the heat and form carcinogens like formaldehyde that you don’t want to be breathing in. Delta 8 doesn’t use such additives.

■ We would not talk so highly about Delta 8 if we didn’t feel it was the best and highest quality cannabis oil out there. Delta 8 has a wide variety of Indicas, Sativas and Hybrid strains you can get in oil form, with the strength of each clearly labelled, along with the strain type you are buying, and some of its effects look forward to while vaping.

■ You should know what to expect. Make sure that whatever brand you do choose, the company is clear with you about what you will experience, taste and smell while you vape. 3Chi sources its plants from the USA and we are confident in their ability to provide safe, effective and pure cannabis oil.

In Conclusion: Does Pre-filled Vape Cartridge Worth Your Attention?

If you love marijuana high, then Prefilled THC oil cartridges are the best option for you. There are many companies out there who claim to offer high-quality Pre-filled THC Oil cartridges; however, not all of them operate by the same standards of quality and effectiveness.

Thus, it is recommended to buy pre-filled vape cartridges from trusted brands like Diamond CBD, 3Chi, and Boston Hempire. All of them offer great service, quick shipping, and products you can count on. Enjoy your experience, enjoy the flavors and smells, but most of all, be responsible for your usage of this amazing plant.