Blender for Smoothies with Ice Crusher

By  //  March 19, 2021

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Blenders are trending in the market when it comes to making smoothies. Blender for crushing ice is the new thing. Earlier the ice cubes were put after a smoothie was prepared or they were crushed separately and then added.

But, with blenders for crushing ice, everything has changed as the ice can be crushed along with the fruits added to make a smoothie.

A smoothie is a beverage that has been blended and has a thick consistency. For preparing smoothie fruits vegetables, fruit juices, milk, yogurt, etc anything can be added. RThe blender crushes them and gives them a thick consistency like that of a shake.

The market has many blenders and today I am going to present the top 2 blenders for crushing ice.

After great research about the blenders that can help in crushing ice two of them are:

1) Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz Container, Black – 001372.

1.1)  speed control: This blender offers varying speed control. You can set the speed according to your choice while blending the fruits or vegetables to make the smoothie. You can adjust the speed control by rotating the dial at any time. Even during the blend, you can move the dial. This helps to obtain a variety of textures. This ensures that you are in complete control while operating this machine.

1.2)  Large batches: The blender has a high capacity. It can blend large batches of fruits or vegetables at once; this makes it a hassle-free and easy-to-use device. You don’t have to wait for separate batches. A large quantity can be done at once and that is the beauty of it.

1.3)  Hardened stainless-steel blades: A blender for crushing ice needs strength in every sense. it has stainless steel blade giving it sturdiness to get a smoothie made fast and smoothly just like its name.

1.4) Self and easy cleaning: This machine can clean itself with just a drop of soap provided to it. This quality makes it more preferable as much hard work is not to be done to get it cleaned.

1.5) It makes the best smoothie with crushed ice that adds to the taste.

2) Ninja BL610 Professional 1000W Total Crushing Blender

2.1) This Ninja professional blender 1000 has an amazing design and fabulous performance. It has 1000 watts of power that helps to give an exceptionally well performance.

2.2) The amazing blade of Ninja provides you with perfect ice crushing, pureeing, blending, and processing the frozen fruits in seconds. This feels magical to operate. Within seconds the smoothie with crushed ice can be prepared. The thick consistency that Ninja total crushing blades give you remains unmatched.

2.3) The high capacity of 72 ounces of this blender helps in preparing large batches at once. You don’t need to prepare again and again. Prepare for everyone at once and free.

2.4) Its specialty is the “ice-crushing” blade. A combination of 6 blades ensures faster crushing of the ice and a smoother blend of other ingredients. The blender works magically faster.

2.5) To clean it just use a damp cloth. The machine can be cleaned very easily without any difficulty.

You can select the best one for you from the two blenders. The blenders were earlier not able to crush ice. recently the blenders with the capability to crush ice have been launched and these are so valuable to people.

No issue about trying to crushing the ice using kitchen tools and getting into problems. The ice is perfectly blended forming a consistent smoothie at the end. The key to consistency is to blend it at a fixed speed.