Buying Guide Window Replacement Units

By  //  March 5, 2021

There is a difference between a replacement window and a window for new construction. A new construction window comes with a nailing fin that allows you to fix it on the wall, while window replacement units do not have a nailing fin.

This window is fixed in the window frame with fasteners. If your frame is still strong, you only buy a replacement window when updating your windows.

You need to measure the existing window and use the measurements to buy the window replacement unit for you to get a size that fits well. Windows come in different styles. There are operable windows, which can open, and you can also get fixed windows. Fixed windows do not have movable sashes.

Types of windows

Windows are classified according to their features and characteristics. When buying, as you consider the window’s appearance, look at how they open and the amount of light and ventilation they offer.

Single-hung windows

These window replacement units are made with two sashes, but only one is operable. The lower sash can open and close to let air in the house. Since the sash moves, it is easy to clean the window.

Double-hung windows

They resemble the single hung, but this one has two operable sashes. You open the window by raising the lower sash and lowering the bottom sash, which allows air in. Its sashes tilt, making it easy to clean the window.

Accent windows

They come in a rectangular shape. You can also get these windows in an octagon or other forms. They are not the best for ventilation because they are fixed.

Glass block windows

They are constructed with thick break-resistant glass. These windows are found mainly in private spaces like the bathroom. The glass is translucent to provide security, but it allows light in. Some are fixed, and you can get others that are operable.

Picture windows

These are fixed. Picture windows have a large glass that provides light in the house and allows you to see outside. These windows are common in homes along the ocean and beautiful gardens and forests to provide a view.

Window frames

When choosing a window replacement type, it is also essential to select the most suitable frame for the window and one that will last.


Wood is a common material for a frame. Since wood does not contact heat, it is a good material for energy efficiency. You can also get wood for a new construction window. Most people prefer it for its rich look.

However, it is also essential to know the disadvantages of wood. Wood quickly absorbs water and swells, which contributes to rotting. Insects like termites can invade wood, and for the window to maintain its rich look, you have to keep repainting it, hence a high maintenance cost.


These window replacement units are preferred because they cost less, and they are durable. Aluminum windows require little maintenance, and they are easy to handle.


Vinyl is known for its energy efficiency. These windows are made with an impact-resistance polyvinyl chloride that helps with energy efficiency. They are available in many colors, and these windows do not fade, so they do not require repainting. They are easy to maintain. When stained, wipe the window with a damp cloth and clean water.


Fiberglass windows are also known for energy-efficiency. They are made with a durable material that does not bend or crack. You can install them in a house along the coast because the high salt-concentration does not cause them to corrode. They are easy to maintain. You can wipe any dirt on them using a clean damp cloth and clean water. They also do not require repainting.

Windows and energy efficiency

Energy-efficient windows are made with double or triple pane. Argon gas is filled between the pane for insulation. The unit is sealed so that it cannot allow condensation, and if you notice any, that means that your window is faulty. Desiccant, a drying agent, is added between the panes to protect the window from condensation.

The Low-Emissivity has a coating that will allow light in the room but prevents heat or cold from getting inside. You can also get windows with tempered glass.

This is a safety glazing. When the glass breaks, it crumbles instead of shattering like the typical window glasses. The Sound Transmission Class rating is windows that are made for soundproof. The higher the rating, the less the sound will penetrate.