Excellent Types of Skateboard Decks: How to Keep Them in Good Condition

By  //  March 29, 2021

The post will guide our readers a list of outstanding skateboard decks as well as cruiser skateboards. Besides, we will have a detailed look at reviews about Cal 7 skateboards and tips on maintaining a complete skateboard. Stay with us until the end.

Some top skateboard decks

Plan B BLK Ice

BLK Ice is a product of Plan B, a brand founded in 1991 by the team of Brian Johnson, Colin McKay, Danny Way and Mike Ternasky.

The detailed information of this board:

Technology: BLK Ice

Tail: Long tail

The BLK Ice technology makes it easy for skaters to slide. You can slide the board in a harder and faster way. The long tail of the board is good for extra higher pop. Besides with the BLK Ice technology, the graphics on the best skate decks are more durable.

Santa Cruz VX

Some special features of the board:

The measure: a bit heavier than other skateboard decks

Technology: Super strong Quad X

Perhaps almost all skaters know the brand as Santa Cruz is one of the oldest brands in the skateboarding world. In the skateboarding collections in 2019, the Santa Cruz VX deck is the newest model which is applied to high technology.

In comparison to skateboard decks which are made of 7 plies, the deck of Santa Cruz VX is super more impactful. The ability to anti-shock is 10 times higher than 7-ply skateboard decks. This is a thing that makes Santa Cruz VX become the best skate decks.

This extraordinary feature is the result of Quad X technology. Skaters are free to learn any level of skateboard tricks, from the basic ones to the advanced ones. However, the board is a little bit heavy.

Alien Workshop

Established in 1990, Alien Workshop is an ancient skateboard brand. These best skate decks are perfect for street skating. One thing that makes the skateboard deck of Alien Workshop prominent is its graphics. The unique cartoon designs such as aliens, the evolution of humans, or the theories of conspiracy are all shown beautifully on the board.


Element is renowned for collections collabed with Star Wars, Disney, National Geographic and so on. If you are looking for the decks which are highly fashion and stylish, let’s go for Element. The quality of Element skateboard decks is nothing to say except the word “good”. You can use the skateboard deck not only for skating but also for decorating.

Ways to maintain a complete skateboard 

“How to keep the best complete skateboard in good condition” is the question that is posed by skaters the most after they get the board from a skateboarding store. After using it for a long time, the complete skateboard will show some signs of reduction in the quality. Let’s try some tips on taking proper care of your board.

Firstly, you need to keep the complete skateboard in dry places. Skateboard, even the best complete skateboard made of high quality materials, and water are the enemies of each other. Water will harm parts of the board.

Secondly, avoid the rough terrains. The terrains which are covered by shocks or pieces of glass can harm your skateboard wheels. The broken glass will get stuck in this part.

Next, skaters need to own a set of skate tools to substitute any parts that are in bad condition. It is necessary to replace the new part for the part which no longer works well.

Two prominent cruisers

Skateboards include types: shortboards, longboards and cruisers. Skaters can refer to cruisers if they want to try something new and go beyond original things. Down below are the two best cruiser boards.

Arbor Oso

The cruiser is suitable for every skater with different levels, from novices to the seasoned veterans. This board can go so fast. Besides, skaters will not find it hard at all to turn the board. However, the wheels of the board are relatively small.

Let’s check the specifications of the board:

■ The grip tape of the board: Spray on and clear

■ The wheels of the board: 78A 61mm Easy Rider Bogart

■ The deck of the board: 7 plies of maple

■ The length of the board: 31.5 inches

■ The width of the board: 9.5 inches

■ The size of the wheelbase: 14.5 inches

■ The bearings of the board: Arbor ABEC 5 with spacers

■ The concave of the board: Radial concave

■ The depth: medium

■ The trucks of the board: Paris Trucks 169mm

■ The bearings: standard bearings

Landyachtz cruiser-surfskate

If you are looking for the best cruiser boards which are able to carve and go hard, these boards are for you. The cruiser-surfskate can handle well with obstacles on the road, such as cracks or pebbles. Let’s see what Landyachtz has:

■ The grip tape of the board: foam grip tape

■ The wheels of the board: 78A 63mm Soft Glossy Fatty Hawgs

■ The trucks: 155mm Bear Banger SurfSkate and Standard Bear trucks

■ The bearings of the board: Spaceball with spacers

■ The size of the wheelbase: 17.1 inches

■ The deck of the board: 7 plies of maple deck, slight kicktail and camber

■ The length of the board: 31.2 inches

■ The width of the board: 9 inches

The quality of Cal7

Apart from these above brands which produce skateboard decks and cruisers, skaters can consider the brand Cal 7. Through Cal 7 skateboard review, I believe that the quality of this brand will not let you down.

The bearings of Cal 7 is the part that gets the most positive review which is 5 points over 5 points. The rating of the bearings are ABEC 7. The bearings are already lubricated; therefore, skaters can skate in the most smooth way right after they get the Cal 7 board.

According to Cal 7 skateboard review, trucks are the next part that skaters satisfy the most. Skaters recognize that the trucks are steady after a year. Besides, the aluminium trucks come with HR95A bushings which makes the riding experience of skaters more flexible. Skaters can confidently do pop tricks or carve.

The design of the Cal 7 skateboard is special. The main colors of skateboards from the brand are bright and lively which makes people feel the vibe of the youth and freshness.