Folexin Hair Growth Supplement Review 2021 – Does it Really Work?

By  //  March 11, 2021

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What Is Folexin? Folexin is a natural dietary supplement that is made up natural ingredients. Folexin is specifically a hair growth supplement that is manufactured in US by the company Vita Balance, under the guidelines of FDA and GMP.

The product was first released with the name Foligen, but at that time many other existing hair growth supplements had the same name as Foligen, so the manufacturers came to a conclusion to change the name of the supplement from Foligen to Folexin in the year 2018.

Folexin hair supplement works by supporting regrowth of healthy hair. The supplement contains all the safe extracts and sufficient amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that support healthy hair growth. The supplement helps in the stimulation of hair growth that results in the growth of strong hair.

All the ingredients of the supplement collectively work together in improved hair growth. Not only this, but the supplement also helps in the nourishment of your scalp, and adds shine to your hair. The newly grown hair will be more strong, thick and full of shine.

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What Are The Ingredients Of Folexin?

One of the best ways to know about the working of a product is to acknowledge the ingredients and their functioning that are used in the composition of the supplement. By looking at the ingredient list you will have an idea of what ingredients are used in the making of the supplement and you can compare the details with the latest clinical studies. In this way, you will be able to make a conclusion whether a product is worth buying or not.

So, for a closer look at the list of the ingredients used in the manufacturing of Folexin are listed below.


Biotin is a substance that is well known as Vitamin B7 or vitamin H. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that belongs to the B-vitamin complex family. It is an ingredient that is found in many foods that we usually eat in our daily routines such as meat, avocado, eggs, bananas and legumes. Biotin works in combination with sulfur that is present in the human body in order to play a vital role in supporting hair growth cycles along with skin and nails as well.

When we do not consume sufficient amounts of Biotin it leads to the shortage of this vitamin in our body which then leads to hair loss problems. The shortage of biotin in the human body results in the weakening of the hair strand and this is how you lose your hair and sometimes leads to baldness.

Therefore, the supplement contains enough of the biotin ingredient that helps in replenishing levels of Biotin in the human body. The supplement fulfills the insufficiency of the vitamin B7 in your body and when your body has a sufficient amount of biotin, it then leads to improving the strength of your hair.

The ingredient helps in improving the quality of the hair, makes hair thick and strong by strengthening the hair follicles. Other than this, iit helps in maintaining a healthy metabolism system, fast digestion, and better functioning of the heart.


Another name of Folic acid is vitamin B9. Naturally, as soon as we age or grow older the folic acid levels of a human body decreases. Folic acid basically helps the human body in the production of red blood cells (RBC’s) and in the absorption of vital nutrients from your food.

It is an essential vitamin for the human body because it helps in improving the levels of blood supply in the body. Ultimately, it means that it has a direct correlation with its capability to increase the supply of oxygen to the hair follicles that later helps in decreasing dormancy.


Fo-Ti is a plant in nature that is originated from South China. It is an element that has been used by the Chinese people for centuries. In Chinese medicine, the component has contributed for a long part. The scientific name of Fo-Ti is Polygonum multiflorum. The lesser-known herb has some exceptional benefits to offer. Fo-Ti is capable to counter the effects of premature aging and it is a main component of many top-rated hair care products.

Fo-Ti helps in improving general hair health. Moreover, the plant has some anti-aging properties that promote contribution to postpone the human hair from thinning and greying with age.

Research states that Fo-Ti has some potent detoxifying properties and Fo-Ti is able to reverse neurodegenerative diseases. Along with this, the herb helps in combating depression, anxiety and infertility. The results of the herb remain prominent even if you stop taking it and this is the best thing about Fo-Ti.


Among the list of beneficial Folexin ingredients, another most important is Saw Palmetto. It is obtained from the berry of the dwarf palm tree. Saw Palmetto is an ingredient that aids in reversing DHT that is usually one of the major causes of hair loss in men.

It is one of the most famous hair care ingredients that has been shown to improve hormonally driven hair loss that supports the hormonal elements at play in hair growth. According to a healthline article, Saw Palmetto is responsible for blocking 5α-R, which is an enzyme in nature that works by converting testosterones into hormones known as DHT (which is related to hair loss).


Ascorbic Acid is popularly known as vitamin C. Things that a human body needs the most, ascorbic acid and B vitamins are among them. In the human body, vitamin C is used to help absorb iron. Iron is an element that you need importantly for your hair, bones and nails as well. Furthermore, vitamin C is used to protect your body cells from free radicals.

These are the major ingredients of Folexin, other than this many other ingredients that are found in the composition of the hair growth supplement Folexin are listed below.

■ Folate.


■ L-Tyrosine

■ Horsetail extract

■ Bamboo extract

■ Peony

■ Spirulina

■ Vitamin E and D3

■ Plant sterols

■ Alfalfa

■ Vitamin B5

■ Magnesium

■ Zinc

■ Manganes

■ Calcium

■ Potassium

■ Iron

■ Vitamin E and D3

■ Nettle root

■ Barley grass

■ Vitamin A

What Are The Benefits Of Folexin Hair Loss Supplement?

Generally, the supplement aids in increasing hair growth and prevents hair loss. The supplement includes natural ingredients that help in improving hair growth and promote thicker, stronger, and healthier hair in both men and women. Other than this, the supplement helps in solving hair loss-related issues and aids in promoting many hair benefits.

So, the benefits of Folexin are described below.


The supplement helps in regrowth of the hair that has lost because of hair fall. One of the main benefits of Folexin is that it supports healthy hair regrowth through natural stimulations. The formula of the supplement includes components that work synergistically in the nourishment of scalp along with promoting nourished healthy hair growth. One thing that makes that puts the supplement far above anything else is that it is natural and not synthetic.

The combination of major key ingredients of the supplement includes iron, B-vitamin complex, zinc, silicon, vitamin A and C. All of these game-changer ingredients work together to support hair growth in both men and women. Due to all-natural ingredients, the supplement encourages the natural growth of hair.

Other than this, the supplement has some magical ingredients that allow your hair to grow naturally even when you have stopped consuming the supplement. This means that the supplement has some long-term effects.


Apart from the basic functioning of the supplement, that is to regrow the long-lost hair. The supplement also does wonders by contributing in improving the overall health of your hair. The supplement has ingredients that increase the oxygen supply of hair follicles. That results in better and quick growth of the hair. Also, it helps in making your scalp nourished. From making your hair stronger, thicker, healthier, to improving hair growth cycles of hair, skin and nails, the supplement works exceptionally.

One of the main ingredients of Folexin is Biotin that works in combination with many other specific body enzymes to support the development of many other essential proteins. All those produced proteins later contribute in maintaining healthy and strong hair. Moreover, the supplement have sufficient amounts of nutrients that aids in strengthening the hair roots as well as quality of the hair.


As we all know that our hair is exposed to sun and pollution all day. The constant pollution and the harsh UV rays of the sun makes our hair weak which results in breakage and hair fall. It is important to note the fact that our hair is continuously tested by the elements.

Chlorine pools, alcohol, Ultra-violet (UV) rays from the sun, and smoke can take their toll on your hair. So, due to this your hair ultimately becomes dull and weak and you end up having hair loss. The only solution to this problem is Folexin, as the formula of the supplement contains the combination of vital ingredients like optimal nutrition that helps in support the health and quality of the hair.

As everyone wants to look younger so what is better than having a supplement that not only grows back hair healthier and with anti-aging properties of the ingredients aids in maintaining the natural color of your hair even if you are getting older. Furthermore, the supplement includes ingredients with anti-aging properties that prevents the thinning of hair and greying of the hair.

Folexin Before And After

It is important to know the right dosage of the supplement. You have to stick to the dosage and need to consume it religiously as per the recommendation of the manufacturer. Moreover, the results of the supplement vary from person to person but many customers have reviewed their before and after hair growth journey, and they have noticed visible results within weeks or in a couple of months.

What Are The Cons / Side Effects Of Folexin?

Whenever it comes to supplements, people are afraid to consume supplements because of the side effects. But this is not just the case with all of the supplements. Before consuming supplement you have to make sure to take a closer look at the ingredients used in the formulation of the supplement.

Folexin is a hair growth supplement that helps in the regrowth of the hair that you have lost. The supplement has some special ingredients that are used in the formulation of the supplement. All the above-listed ingredients are used by the manufacturers after a lot of research.

All the ingredients are organic and natural. The supplement includes ingredients that are extracted from the natural sources. Folexin is a hair growth supplement with natural ingredients, it is organic and safe to use. Meaning that people who consume the supplement should not worry about the side effects because no artificial or harmful reactive chemicals are used in the supplement.

Folexin reviews says it all, people who have consumed the supplement do not observe any side effects. There are hundreds and thousands of Folexin customer reviews that are positive. So in conclusion, it is obvious from the positive Folexin customer reviews that the supplement is safe to use as it is made up of 100% natural ingredients.


Q- Where To Buy Folexin?

People searching for folexin Walmart, GNC, Amazon on the Internet would be disappointed to discover that the supplement is not available at any of these stores. So, if you want to buy Folexin hair growth supplement it is better to purchase the product from the official site of the manufacturer is

Q- Is Folexin Safe To Use?

Yes, the supplement is surely safe to use because the Folexin formula contains ingredients that are safe, natural and organic. The natural formula of the supplement makes it safe to use.

Q- What Is The Dosage Of Folexin?

The dosage of the supplement is two capsules per day that you can consume with food that are as recommended by the healthcare professional. Other than this, it is important to keep in mind not to consume the supplement within one hour of taking medication. Also, do not exceed the dosage of the supplement. Take the dosage as per the recommendation.

Q- Who Can Consume Folexin?

Folexin is for adults only. People who are above the age of 18 can consume this pill. Moreover, it is a unisex product which means people of any gender and hair type can consume the pill.

Q- How Long Folexin Takes To Show Visible Results?

Well, the supplement supports natural hair grown so the level of the support depends

on your diet, lifestyle, and age. It is important to understand that the hair

grows only a quarter-inch to a half-inch every month (between 6 and 12 mm). So,

it is difficult to judge the support of hair growth by hair growth. So, the

results may vary from person to person. Some people witness results within

weeks while some of them observe noticeable results in the time period of a couple of months.

Q-  How Many Capsules Does A Single Bottle Of Folexin Contain?

A single bottle of Folexin contains 60 capsules that are equal to one month’s supply.

Q- How Does Folexin Works?

The supplement contains natural ingredients that help in the natural growth of the hair. It improves the overall health of your hair and makes them thicker, stronger, and healthier.

Q- Does Folexin Come With A Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, the supplement has a money-back guarantee and you are free to return the unopened bottles within a time period of 180 days.

Folexin Summary

Folexin is a hair growth supplement that works effectively in the regrowth of the hair. The supplement helps in improving the overall health of your hair including the thickness, texture, and strength of your hair. Furthermore, it contains ingredients that help in the nourishment of the scalp by providing a sufficient amount of oxygen supply.

Other than this, the formulation of the supplement includes nutrition, vitamins and many other natural elements that are extracted from the natural resources which aids in better hair growth. The anti-aging properties of the specific ingredients prevents that hair from dullness, greying, and thinning. The numerous benefits and the safe ingredients makes the supplement effective.

Folexin is the top-rated hair growth supplement in the market currently. It is due to the fact that it is natural and does not contain any side effects. Customers who have used this supplement reviewed their before and after hair loss journey. Consumers clearly mentioned that they couldn’t be happier than the results.

The Internet with the positive customer reviews and this is how the product has gained the top rating in marketing. So, if you’re someone who is searching for a hair loss solution, then investing in Folexin is of great worth. Give this product a try and experience amazing hair transformation. Read the customer reviews yourself and decide whether to invest in this product or not.