How to Have Kids Stay Positive During COVID-19 with Benjamin Cory Harow

By  //  March 9, 2021

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This past year has been extremely stressful and overwhelming for everyone. With the level of chaos and uncertainty that surrounded the global pandemic, it was hard for people to remain optimistic that things will soon get better.

Although many parents and adults had to deal with sudden unemployment and finance-related headaches, children also had their world turned completely upside down. Schools shut down, extracurricular activities were suddenly canceled, and young students were not allowed to see their peers.

With children of his own, Benjamin Cory Harow was definitely concerned about how his kids would handle going through a global pandemic at such a young age. This article is his guide to share with parents how to keep their children happy and positive during such unprecedented times.

Harow is an Emergency Medicine Specialist at the West Boca Medical Center in North Palm Beach, Florida. After graduating from Stony Brook University School of Medicine and completing his residency at the University of Chicago, he has taken on many important roles.

He treats patients who have experienced life-threatening conditions such as heart attacks, shocks, drug overdoses or massive bleeding. With over eleven years of experience, he is affiliated with several hospitals in the state of Florida, including Palms Beach Garden Medical Center.

He has certifications and licenses to practice medicine in Illinois and Massachusetts as well. He has certainly made an impact for hundreds of patients, and he continuously strives to provide the same level of care and attention to his family.

With so many parents expressing concern over their children’s mental health during the pandemic, Benjamin Cory Harow wants to offer them some advice on how to properly handle the situation:

Introduce New Activities

Coming up with fun activities like a family game night cooking a meal together is a great way to keep everyone’s spirits up. It will help the family form new memories and will also distract them from potential negative thoughts and stress. 

Limit News Watch

Another technique to keeping children happy during the pandemic is limiting the amount of news that the family watches together. Even just having it on in the background creates levels of stress and tension throughout the household. By limiting the amount of exposure, it will help take the children’s mind off of it. 

Schedule Zoom Meetings with Family

Seeing new faces virtually will definitely be a breath of fresh air to children. Even the slightest chance of pace from staying cooped up in the house will keep kids happy. It will also be comforting to the other family members to enjoy spending time together. 

Keep Up with Routines

Mimic the children’s daily routine that they would have if schools and activities were not canceled. Keeping structure is important to help children feel a sense of normalcy. Plus it will help keep them motivated to be productive during the day.

At Space Coast Daily, we encourage everyone to continue to follow the CDC guidelines while the coronavirus pandemic persists. Wash your hands regularly, do not go out in public unless absolutely necessary, and keep a distance of approximately six feet from others.

Benjamin Cory Harow understands that parents are worried about their kids, but by practicing some of the ideas listed above will help reassure them that their kids are remaining safe and positive.

The pandemic will not last forever, but in the meantime, we must take the necessary measures to keep everyone around us safe and healthy. With millions of vaccines being distributed worldwide, we are close to being out of the woods and finally moving on from this unexpected chapter in history.