How to Make Your Electric Scooter Go Faster

By  //  March 1, 2021

In recent times there has been an explosive increase in the number of users who use electric scooters, small mobility products that came to the country to stay and become a real option to move from one geographic point to another.

And is that electric scooters are small motorized vehicles that allow you to move safely and quickly between the subway and work or between your home or somewhere in a short time due to the speed they can reach.

Thanks to the good construction of these urban mobility products, a person can reach speeds that reach up to 45 kilometers per hour (with some modifications), this thanks to the internal configurations of each electric scooter, being a serious alternative to replace our bicycle or carry with us a simple and user-friendly element.

Sustainable mobility in the new era

Entering the matter, the main benefit of the use of electric scooters is that they are small products and allow intra-urban trips, thus avoiding traffic problems in hours of traffic congestion in each city.

Among the main characteristics, electric scooters usually weigh between 10 and 38 kilos, integrate lithium batteries that can be charged in periods of time that go between 2 and 10 hours, additionally they come with disc or drum brakes and include lights on their construction so that they are visualized by other vehicles.

We support the environment 

One of the main reasons to check electric motorcycles prices lies in the beneficial contribution we make to the world around us. In view of how the environment is deteriorating due to the actions of people, it is important and highly recommended that in our lives we do everything possible to ensure that we do not contribute to this destruction of the planet.

At the same time, it is not only about helping, but about choosing ecological and beneficial products that also stand out for other reasons. This is what happens with electric scooters, which are positioned as one of the most recommended vehicles for those who are looking to help the world while squeezing the possibilities of that type of motorcycle.

With an electric model we will be avoiding the world having to suffer an acoustic nuisance like this, since scooters of this type do not produce any type of noise. They are so soft and quiet that at times it will seem that they are not there. Taking into account that the current urban society in which we live is full of noise, it is not a bad idea that we can benefit from a vehicle that does not favor this type of pollution.

How to make electric scooters go faster

Electric scooters are now a means of mobility that are being loved by many millennials and children. Apart from being easy to use and cheap renting costs, it turns out that electric scooters are also a medium for style and help with short-distance mobility rather than walking.

The speed of the electric scooter is 15 km / hr by default. But for some people, of course this speed is very slow. Especially for millennials who are members of an electric scooter club or freestyle association using an electric scooter, they definitely need more speed. They tend to choose 40mph electric scooter types.

And to meet the need to be faster than the standard, many of them modify it to suit their wishes either from the driving side or from the battery side. Below are the components that we must prepare to modify the electric scooter to make it faster.

1. Electric motor.

There are many choices that we can use. By using a larger electric motor, the resulting speed will automatically be greater. The high RPM generated by this electric motorbike will certainly be directly proportional to the speed of our electric scooters.

2. Battery

With the replacement of a larger electric motor, it will certainly require a larger current too. This is not only to support the motorbike’s work but also to support the length of time to play the electric scooter. The 2 things above are the most important.

And it must also be supported by the drive gear system. If you swap the 36v battery to the 48v one, the increase is about less than 30%, and for the 48v one you can upgrade to a 52v or even 6-v battery. However, it must be remembered and made sure it is in accordance with the controller’s ability.

After our electric scooters get faster, don’t forget to check the braking system too. Do not let the scooter get faster but the brakes actually fail, especially if you use an electric scooter for heavy adults. One more thing, modifying the scooter to be faster turns out to be a point of prohibition from the government to maintain the safety of the rider.

3. Tires

Then the third way is to change the tires. Replace the rough tires used in MTB with tires with smoother treads so that they have less rolling resistance.

6 common regulations for the use of electric scooters 

Electric scooters are indeed a trend for big city millennials. The shape is simple and easy to drive, making many people start to like it and make it a mobility tool as a substitute for walking. However, the rising trend of using electric scooters now must be limited due to an accident that resulted in 2 people dying because of being hit by a car driven by a drunk driver. That’s why, some governments finally issued regulations for the use of electric scooters, commonly:

1. Minimum age of the rider is 17 years;

2. Wear a helmet, leg and elbow protectors;

3. Use a vest equipped with a reflector;

4. Do not piggyback;

5. Can only be used in certain areas;

6. Should not be used on roads/sidewalks

We hope you can get benefits from reading this article. Thank you for your time and have a good try!