Mohamed Abdelhay Egyptian Digital Artist is Blending the Art of Influencer Marketing and Digital Art

By  //  March 4, 2021

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Mohamed Abdelhay, an Egypt-based Digital creator & artist, is now exploring his talents in digital marketing and social media. Using the power of social media and his personal interest in creativity, he never fails to mentor young artists with his valuable expert advice and professional knowledge. 

At 24, Abdelhay is blending the art of both digital art and painting as two diverse creative fields to connect everyone. He is also working as an influencer marketing professional.

Mohamed Abdelhay Is A Man of Many Skills 

Apart from digital art , he’s also a skilled photo editor, digital artist, and a digital campaigner. Most importantly, he enjoys playing so many roles with utmost perfection.

Mohamed Abdelhay opines that today specialization is the key. Every person whether one is pursuing a technical course or artistic passion needs sufficient certification and interest. Without specialization, professional success may remain a distant dream.

As far as Abdelhay is concerned, he has completed a Diploma in Digital Art and Graphic Design apart from clearing his Bachelor’s Degree in Business from the MSA University.

Mohamed Abdelhay is now also fulfilling his passion as a social media influencer. His Instagram profile is flooded with various questions and requests from his followers and fans who closely follow him and, want to interact with him regarding digital art and photography.

Abdelhay is a philanthropist. He wants to help society in whatever way he can. He takes a personal interest in remodeling the distorted photographs of others. He uses his creative expertise to make sure that those photographs look new and get their sheen back.

If needed, Mohamed Abdelhay adds the necessary colors and finishing touch to the same. He does this out of pure passion without any monetary motive. He charges nothing for this service.

Likewise, he has successfully portrayed the natural beauty of Egypt and its historical relevance through his art and photography. Interestingly, Abdelhay uses his smartphone camera to snap interesting and creative photographs depicting Egypt’s scenic heritage and beauty.

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The Conclusion 

Abdelhay understands his obligation toward society. That’s why he is always available to help the young artists who seriously want to carve a niche for themselves in the world of art and photography.

No doubt, we need more good people and healers like Mohamed Abdelhay. He is not just a great artist but also a thinker who never shies away from helping others.

Check his journey: