The Worst 5 Mistakes You Can Make in Blackjack

By  //  March 1, 2021

No matter what you do, you don’t want to make a mistake. The same thing applies to blackjack – the idea of making the worst mistakes in blackjack scares even the most experienced players. 

However, that does not have to be the case with you. In this text, we have listed the worst 5 mistakes in blackjack you can make – but we also explained how to avoid them.

How to Build Proficiency in the Right Way

As you learn to play blackjack and grasp more complicated gameplay tactics, you’ll see that there are many ways to improve and avoid mistakes. The very best way is to consult websites specializing in blackjack content, such as Blackjack Gala.

Everything blackjack-related and player-oriented, free games and some of the best tips on American Blackjack, this site has it. You can explore it and learn the blackjack strategy to boost your skills and avoid slips and blunders.

One this is certain. The more you learn, the more you will understand that there are countless mistakes you can do at a blackjack table. Worry not; even the best players err!

Even Pros Err

Professional players are players who have mastered the game. They subdued the turbulent nature of blackjack and beat it – or at least, they beat it most of the time.

However, the road to the top was long and difficult for most of them. A big fact applied to all areas of life is that you cannot become good at something without failing a couple of times beforehand. Failure is what forges winners.

And blackjack players are quite familiar with this fact. To navigate your way around blackjack mistakes as much as you can, you can pay attention to pro players, their moves, and decisions. Try to learn by observing. Also, you can try free play as it gives you a chance to tinker and explore the game without risking your own money.

Although blackjack has previously considered a traditionally land-based table game, the focus slowly shifted to the online realm. More and more punters are turning to the virtual tables providing equally (if not more) entertainment. But despite the platform shift, one thing will never change – the rules.

And to become an expert, you want to master the rules – and avoid the worst blackjack mistakes.

Worst 5 Blackjack Mistakes

Blackjack is a popular gambling choice, widespread and sought-after in every gambling venue across the globe. Its popularity has led to a surplus of variants that sprung up like mushrooms.

However, the standard rules rarely change because variants sport only a couple of new features per release. Therefore, new versions rarely warrant drastic gameplay changes. But that also means you might make these errors.

Here are the worst 5 mistakes you can do while playing blackjack.

Take Insurance

Insurance is one of the actions offered during the rounds. Like Hit and Stand, you can accept Insurance and maybe save your wager. For many players, Insurance represents a safe bet – but the reality is quite different.

You are offered Insurance only when the dealer shows an Ace. The logic behind it is that the second card of the dealer might be a 10 – in which case you are directly looking at a lost best.

Insurance pays 2:1, which could help you recuperate your loss which would be greater if you did not take it. But here is the catch – the chances of the second card being a ten are low. So, you might not lose the round – but taking Insurance translates into giving up the round.

Plus, the house edge for Insurance is beyond 7%, which is much higher than any other game option.

Counting cards in the wrong manner

Counting cards is a popular hobby of casino players, but very few punters manage to pull it off correctly. Also, online games are more difficult to track as they feature RNG algorithms that prevent card counting via random number sequences.

Nevertheless, card counting is not illegal, and it can be quite helpful. But make sure you are doing it right. If you only read a couple of articles on the subject or watched a couple of tutorials, do not consider yourself a pro. Card counting is a complex process and requires skill and practice – which novices lack.

Relying on poor card counting skills might endanger your session far more than not doing it at all. So, if you want to try it out, try it in free casino games where you play for fun and not real money.

Split 10s

One of the worst blackjack mistakes rookies tend to make is splitting a pair of 10s. Why? Because they are eager to earn more, and so they are willing to risk more. If the dealer has a weak hand (anything below 6), punters are encouraged to split their par of tens. But that might be a mistake – as they might have a strong 20, which has excellent winning chances.

One of the reasons players do it is because they think they will earn more, as the split brings a double chance to win the payout. The payout for each hand is lower than the one you left on Stand – but the chances of winning both hands are lower as well.

Hence, if you choose to split your 10s, you will put both of your hands at a greater risk than with Stand. The payout is not that different (if you win both), but there will be a massive difference if you lose one of two hands.

Play at 6:5 payout tables

The so-called 6:5 tables refer to games where blackjack pays 6:5. It is a modern invention, growing in popularity across the world as players think this is more beneficial for their bankrolls. But it is not.

A 6:5 payout is a lesser payout than the standard 3:2. If you play with a $100 wager at a 6:5 table, you can receive up to $120 – but at 3:2, the payout is up to $150. We recommend avoiding these tables and sticking to the regular 3:2 payouts as you can win more money that way.

Chase losses

One of the worst blackjack mistakes a player can do is chase losses. All players are familiar with the expression as it entails playing despite suffering great losses. The idea behind chasing losses is that, if enough time passes, the player will succeed in breaking the losing streak and start winning again.

The idea is so harmful that it has often led to demises of great players, too! Never chase your losses. If you see that you are on a bad roll, step away and come back another time.


To be fair, there is no right and wrong inside a gambling place. If you know the rules, like to play, and consider it fun, you won’t have a problem. Still, there are things you should avoid doing at blackjack tables. They often lead to losses and unsatisfying results. But the good thing is – they are easy to avoid.

We showed you the top 5 most common (and most dangerous) mistakes one can make at a blackjack table. As you progress, you’ll experience many other oversights – but don’t let them stand in your way.