4 Types of Compensation You Can Claim for a Spinal Cord Injury

By  //  April 1, 2021

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4 Types of Compensation You Can Claim for a Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries are some of the most frightening injuries that a person can face. These injuries have the potential to dramatically change your life if you suffer one. With how big of an impact these injuries can have, it is no surprise that the associated costs can be incredibly high. Those who suffer from a spinal cord injury are likely to be searching for a way to cover all of the expenses they will face.

It is important to be aware of the different types of compensation available if you have suffered a spinal cord injury. That way, you can be better positioned to get enough money to live your life as normally as possible.

If you suffer a spinal cord injury where another party is liable, you will likely be filing a lawsuit to cover the costs you incur as a result.

Medical Expenses

One of the easiest expenses to quantify when it comes to a spinal cord injury is your medical bills. Clearly, you will want to receive compensation for your medical expenses in the case of an injury. Medical bills can be outrageously expensive, especially for something as serious as a spinal cord injury.

However, there is the potential for severe undervaluation of your medical bills. While it is easy to calculate your medical costs to date, spinal cord injuries can result in the need for lifelong treatment. If you have recently sustained a spinal cord injury, you should begin looking for a qualified attorney immediately.

Finding a lawyer with experience representing clients with spinal cord injuries will greatly benefit your chances of a fair settlement. An experienced attorney will have an idea about how much a spinal cord injury will really cost you in the long run.

Lost Wages

Another tangible cost of your spinal cord injury is a loss of wages. When your injury has caused you to miss work, it is easy to assess how much money you have lost in missed wages. However, it can be more difficult to evaluate how much total money you might miss out on if you still are not able to return to work at the time of your lawsuit.

You are eligible for not just lost wages that have already occurred but any potential future loss of income. For those who suffer injuries that will never allow them to fully return to work, it can be quite complicated to calculate how much the total loss of potential earnings is going to be. The possibility of promotions and raises must all be factored into the equation.

For a young person, this figure could be quite large. Even if you are too young to have entered the workforce yet, you are still eligible for money based on lost earning capacity. In fact, for the most part, the younger an injury victim is, the higher this figure is likely to be.

Pain and Suffering

These are often some of the biggest numbers that come into play when a person is dealing with a spinal cord injury lawsuit. Lifelong physical pain can go well beyond medical costs. Physical pain can greatly reduce a person’s quality of life. Other factors like permanent disability can also result in a very large settlement figure as people lose the ability to enjoy many of the activities that used to bring them joy.

Physical pain isn’t the only type of pain a person can receive compensation for, however. Emotional pain can be just as devastating and can take many forms. The change that a disability can put upon a person’s relationships with friends and family can be quite extreme. The affected person may face depression and anxiety as a result of their injuries.

It is also very possible that the injured person could face post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of their injury. Therapy costs also need to be considered when calculating potential pain and suffering costs.

Loss of Consortium

When a person suffers a spinal cord injury, they aren’t the only ones who have to deal with the effects. The victim’s family can also be severely harmed. A partner will often have to take over all of the household responsibilities the injured party is no longer able to do. There will likely also be many more tasks for them involved in the care of their partner.

A disability can also put strains on a relationship. Children and partners can all find it difficult to have the same relationship with the injured person that they once had. The injured party will likely not be able to fully participate in many family activities. The strain can even lead to the dissolution of marriages.

Hiring a Lawyer Is Critical

With so many different things that need to be taken into consideration when assessing the expenses involved with a spinal cord injury, it is essential to have a qualified professional working on your behalf.

Trying to get fair compensation on your own is nearly impossible. Hire an attorney and put yourself in the best position possible to move forward with your life after a spinal cord injury.