Best Places to Meet People Online

By  //  April 27, 2021

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Meeting new people has never been a challenge. People can meet on the road, gym, taxi or bar, in the park and many other places.

Covid-19 pandemic has made this basic necessity impossible. Most people are now developing new and creative ways to meet and develop new friendships. The internet provides new places to meet online, including dating apps, friendship apps, and gambling dens like TrueBlue casino, forums and surveys/studies, and many more. 

Creating a social circle online is not as simple as it sounds. Today, people are afraid of cybercrimes that continue to plague the world. Adding your details to an app or forum to make friends can seem extreme. However, human contact, socialization, and friendship are essential needs one cannot ignore. It makes finding safe, secure, and the best places to meet new people online a crucial factor.

As a result, here are some of the best places you can meet and make new friends online: 

■ Mobile apps

■ Social media 

■ Dating sites 

■ Gaming Sites 

■ Online Community forums 

Mobile apps 

Finding platonic relationships with no romance is a big problem. Many apps and websites specialize in dating needs, and very few offer a chance at friendship without benefit. The recent changes make activities such as: finding hiking buddies, running companions, finding dog lovers, and finding movie lovers online easier than before. All you need is the correct mobile application. For instance:

■ Peanut – is a mobile app for new mothers to share their experiences and provide support for one another. It is a network that allows mothers to form connections and develop friendships with other moms. 

■ BarkHappy – provides a chance for dog owners to meet and introduce their pets, share daily challenges and meet new people each day. Your dog gets a chance to play with other dogs, and you can meet new people. 

■ ATLETO – helps sportspersons like athletes and tennis players find other players interested in hosting an event, joining one, and many more. You can jog, cycle or play a game or two. 

Nextdoor – the mobile app makes moving to a new neighborhood easier to bear, especially in urban set-ups. It notifies you or your neighbour, getting you a chance to meet up and have dinner or barbeque together. 

Social media 

Social media platforms are the most accessible platforms to make friends. All you need to do is ‘Follow, Like, or Comment’ on another persons’ page, post or comment. Follow an influencer (a person with very many social media followers who has the power to sway their decisions on Twitter or TikTok), post and like a photo or picture or brand on Instagram, and comment on an advert or post on Facebook. These simple steps will get a conversation going, and within a short time, you are chatting like a long-lost friend’s first meeting.  

It can be a long process and if you want to cut it short, join local groups with personal interests. For instance, if you love plants, join local groups on Facebook that specialize in your interests (plants). You can speak to each other about plants day in and out, making numerous friends in the process. Start by liking the pictures, commenting on any issue raised and giving important information. Ask questions where appropriate, and in a few weeks, you will know each other pretty well. You can now ask for a physical meeting. 

Dating sites 

Dating is the best way to make new friends that match your class, stature, and lifestyle. In most cases, dating sites employ a matching algorithm that connects and matches your interests. Therefore, anyone you get to connect with has the potential to become a friend. Some of the websites offer face-to-face meetings, making it easier to study one another for a chance at dating. If dating does not work out in the long run, you can maintain the friendship. 

All you need for a dating site is to create a fetching profile, upload some of your photos and add some of your likes, dislikes, and personal preferences in a potential date. Adding your hobbies can help diversify your profile, but some websites provide simple and straightforward questions for that. You can have more than 10 connections in a single day, depending on your subscription. All of these connections are people you can contact and develop a lasting relationship together.

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Some of the popular dating apps include:


■ Tinder 

■ OkCupid


■ EliteSingles

Online Gaming Sites 

Online gaming is another potential meeting place for new people. It is one of the easiest ways to make friends online. It is easy to converse since you have the games in common, and you can play as a team and against each other, ensuring further interaction. Most online platforms, especially online games, offer daily free spins, a conversation starter for many players. You have to take advantage of every bonus at your disposal, and asking your fellow players is the best place to start!

Online games can now stream live, and players can see one another, place bets, and review outcomes. Many have created small communities based on the game type or provider. If the game is multiplayer, join the group or clan or check whether it has a discord server and join. Remember to review the group before joining. There are groups for beginners, medium-skilled players, and hardcore gaming professionals. If you join above your pay grade, you may end up lonely and isolated (not a fit for the group).

Online Community forums 

The aim of selecting a community-based online forum is to find people with similar interests as you. Forums provide a large number of people who may be interested in friendship. In the forum, you will interact, share ideas, compete in varying matches or games, and discuss the outcomes or activity in small or large groups of people. A forum makes a new meeting productive, refreshing and strengthening for every participant. 

The Write of Passage is a student’s online forum that offers students a chance to connect and make new friends. The forum initially designed for class lectures via Zoom with 90 minutes sessions but gradually has grown into a small online community.

In November and December of last year, the forum held an online writing forum with partners and students from 28 different countries. Since the group expects more than 200 participants in its upcoming event, the manager believes that dividing the community into smaller private groups may give a better chance to create quality content while increasing personal growth and relationships. The meeting aims to spark digital relationships, according to the manager David Perell.


Finding people online is an easy task. It involves getting the right platforms to look for people and prioritizing your interests and goals why you need them. Your passion lies where you are likely to meet new people and make new friends!