Guide on All You Need to Know about VPN

By  //  April 19, 2021

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VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, is a useful tool that can protect your web surfing information from being accessed by third parties.

VPN can encrypt your internet traffic in real-time and hide your identities when you are surfing online. It reduces the chances for third parties to track your web activities.

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How Does VPN Work?

VPN encrypts the surfing activities. To decipher the encryption, you need to use a special key. The key is only known by your computer and ISP. VPN can be set up to automatically become connected the moment you are online. The VPN will generate a secure tunnel between you and your internet.

The tunnel cannot be detected by the ISP and other third parties. Once connected, your device will now be listed on the local network of the VPN. You will be assigned an IP address that is provided by the VPN server. Now, you are ready to surf the internet as your internet data will be protected by the VPN.

What are the Benefits of Using VPN?

The main advantage is that you get to enjoy privacy in web surfing when you are using VPN. VPN redirects your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel which takes the data to a remote server. The remote server will act as the host of the data.

Your internet service provider and other third parties won’t be able to find out what websites you visit and what information you send and receive on the internet. The VPN will convert all your data into a bunch of gibberish. In this way, the data will be useless if people find your data.

Bypass Government Censorship

VPN allows you to bypass the censorship of a foreign government. Communist countries like China and Russia have censorship on many websites to prevent their citizens from learning certain information.

So, if you travel to one of these countries, you can log in to your VPN while surfing the web. This allows you to continue watching movies through your US Netflix account when you are in China. Get more details on

Improve Internet Performance

VPN can improve your internet performance and allows you to surf the web faster. The VPN will encrypt your traffic so that your ISP will not know what you are doing on the internet. If they don’t know what you are doing, they will not be able to determine the traffic for throttling. As a result, you will experience an increased speed on the internet performance.

Your ISP doesn’t always send your traffic to the most efficient route but a VPN can break up inefficient connections. Choosing a VPN with many server locations can improve your connection speed. Being close to the VPN server will also enable you to enjoy faster internet performance.

Secure File Sharing

In some regions, you cannot access certain content on the internet. File-sharing can also cause your private date to become exposed. People may find out your identity if they can access your private data. The solution is to use VPN as VPN can bypass filters and restrictions. Some VPN will assign you shared IP but shared IP is not suitable for file sharing especially if you share files via hyperlinks. You may want a personal IP for file sharing as it can provide you with the fastest download speed.

Access a Remote Server

VPN allows you to access a remote server, which makes it suitable for employees who work outside the office. The data and information you access through the remote server will be protected regardless of your whereabouts. Many VPN services use AES-256 bit encryption to encrypt the user’s online activities.

Is VPN Legal?

Many people want to know whether VPN is legal. In the US, it is legal to use a VPN. However, you need to keep in mind that some activities are illegal to do on the VPN. For example, it is illegal to use a VPN to download copyrighted materials. Every country has different laws regarding the use of VPN. For example, Russia bans the use of VPN. You should become familiar with the laws of the country concerning the use of VPN if you are planning to travel.

Can You Stream Movies with VPN?

VPN is suitable for streaming movies and TV shows. With torrenting protection, it can also allow users to access streaming services in other countries. VPN also allows you to play video games like Xbox. Not every VPN allows you to stream movies with a subscription service like Netflix and Hulu. This is because many streaming services are identifying VPN services that access their servers and blocking them. Therefore, you should find a VPN that can help you to get around to access the streaming services.

Can VPN Be Hacked?

VPN is enhanced with security protocols that reduce the chances of it being hacked. This means that it is not 100 percent not hackable. One way to improve your VPN security is to use a strong password. You can also set up two-factor authentication for the VPN. You can use a special passcode like a thumbprint, or Face ID to improve unauthorized access.