Quest Food Management Employees Finding High Work Satisfaction Amid COVID Pandemic

By  //  April 30, 2021

Excellence becomes a steep climb when you’re surrounded by people that are doing the same thing you are. It raises the bar to a level that’s outside the comfort zone of everyone involved.

But that’s good. That’s when the players are separated from those that can’t make the jump to the next level. 

Quest Food Management Services have been showing off their ability to step it up since 1985, and they’re actively looking for people that would like to bring the same attitude to the company and experience a rewarding, lifelong career. 

Work For a Company That The Midwest Trusts

Letting someone else handle your food is a big investment of trust. Quest Food Management Services presently serves over 85 educational institutions in 110+ facilities across the Midwest. Their reliable and ethical performance nets them $65 million a year. These are institutions with a lot at stake, such as K-12, Higher Education, Businesses, and Conference Centers. 

Quest Foods Management Services isn’t sitting on the back burner. They’re rated as one of the fastest-growing companies in their industry. 

Valuing Individuals and Their Unique Contributions

Despite this growth, the company has still retained its entrepreneurial spark. There’s still an attitude of innovation and discovery, and nothing is too rigid to keep good ideas from having a fair chance.  When you work with Quest Food Management Services, you come in to grow and thrive, not suffocate. 

A new Quest Food Management Employee will notice right away the culture of integrity. Integrity means doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. The Quest Food Management Employee learns to be responsive and intensely personal in their service.

That’s not something you can just teach people by talking about it. It’s something that can only be fully learned by observation. So the only way this company can keep its culture is by living it from the top down.

The value placed on respect for the individual will be readily seen by any Quest Food Management Employee. They don’t just want workers; they want people that can contribute and leave their mark on the company.

Management positions at Quest Foods call on workers to do more than give orders. It is essential that their people know how to coach, mentor, give nutrition counseling, be able to share information about allergens, solve problems and communicate effectively.  Those are all the skills of a growing, fully trained Quest Food Management Employee. Any of these skills that a Quest Food Management Employee might be lacking will be provided through one-on-one training.

Employees of Quest Food Management Services actually have many opportunities to be both successful and happy. You don’t always find the two in the same workplace. Managers and leaders in the company haven’t forgotten what it was like to start at the bottom, and that’s how the company has managed to preserve that startup spirit that has led the company to great success.