5 Mind-Blowing Reasons Why Delta-8 THC Is Using This Technique for Exposure

By  //  May 5, 2021

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Delta-8 THC is having a moment these days, as a growing number of vendors keep adding it to their product list. Why all the fuss about this cannabinoid? Isn’t THC illegal, after all?

Well, Delta-9 THC is, but its younger sibling, Delta-8, is federally legal, as long as it comes from industrial hemp. Another legal requirement for Delta-8 products is that their Delta-9 THC content doesn’t exceed 0.3%.

That’s why D8 THC vendors must test their products for potency, purity, and quality. Every trustworthy vendor displays third-party lab test results on their website to comply with the laws and regulations and build credibility and trust.

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However, they face other challenges when it comes to marketing their products.

They can’t run Google ads, for instance, because THC products are still considered recreational drugs. The federal government frowns upon any sort of advertisement that promotes psychotropic products.

So, their vendors have limited possibilities for attracting customers and increasing sales. One technique that helps them get more exposure is educational marketing.

Running an Educational Marketing Campaign

Educational marketing focuses on using industry knowledge and expertise to educate consumers on particular products or services. Businesses across all industries use it to showcase their products’ benefits and provide customers with real value.

That’s why Delta-8 vendors are running educational marketing campaigns. They highlight the potential health benefits of D8 THC and share authentic consumer experiences to build trust.

Why Are D8 THC Vendors Using Only This Marketing Technique?

We’ve already touched upon a few reasons for using this technique, but let’s dig a little deeper to get the bigger picture.

Delta-8 Is a New Kid on the Block

Not many people understand the difference between Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC. Many don’t even know there are two versions of THC.

So, if you were to start promoting D8 products on your website without educating people about its main ingredient, you might not be able to get the sales off the ground.

Some consumers with no Delta-8 knowledge would simply ignore those products, while others would bombard you with loads of questions.

That’s where educational marketing comes in. Relevant and informational content on D8 THC educates consumers and enables vendors to increase online visibility.

Running Ads for D8 THC Is a Legally Gray Area

The federal government may have legalized the less-potent Delta-8 cannabinoid, but it still oversees digital marketing campaigns for all cannabinoids. It doesn’t support advertisements for any of them, including THC-free CBD products.

So, running online ads for Delta-8 can be tricky and may get brands into legal troubles, even if their products are legal and comply with the necessary regulations.

They might be able to run native ads on their website only. For example, placing them on their blog can lead to relevant landing pages in their shop. However, that’s not a very cost-effective option, and we’re not sure if anyone uses it.

Educating Consumers Puts Them in the Driver’s Seat

Regardless of the product type, people look for brands that care about them. Those who only focus on making a quick buck don’t rank high on consumers’ lists. Others who show they have their customers’ best interests in mind often prove to be the most trustworthy.

That’s especially important when selling ingestible and topical products, including Delta-8. People need to know that those goods are authentic and safe. Educational content provides that important information.

It helps them learn about the effects of D8 THC, potential side effects, the right dosage, other ingredients in Delta-8 products, and more. That way, they can make informed purchasing decisions.

Building Brand Awareness in a Memorable Way

Running an educational marketing campaign can make any brand more memorable.

Think about it. Would you find a brand that doesn’t highlight its products’ benefits appealing? Or would you rather choose one that explains how their products can solve certain problems and provides the proof?

Reliable Delta-8 vendors provide more than just educational content. They share links to scientific studies to support their claims and authentic customer reviews that speak volumes about genuine experiences. If that doesn’t make a brand more memorable, we don’t know what does.

Engaging with Consumers on a Personal Level

What’s the best way to engage with consumers on a more personal level: communicating with them on social media.

Luckily, no laws prohibit Delta-8 vendors from promoting their products on social platforms. After all, that’s where their target audience hangs out.

Thanks to social media, they can boost engagement without falling into any federal-regulation trap. They can share their educational content, interact with consumers daily, and eliminate any confusion about Delta-8.


Marketing Delta-8 products and getting the right exposure can be challenging, as one must be careful to avoid the pitfalls of federal regulation.

On the other hand, it’s pretty straightforward, as it only takes educating consumers about their products and ingredients, including D8 THC.