How to Source and Keep the Worlds Best Tech Talent

By  //  May 28, 2021

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Cape Canaveral in Florida is known as the tech heartland of the state, and it is important to keep this tradition going. Not only is the tech arena a drawcard for tourism and visitors to the region, but it is the lifeblood of the local economy.

Housing, entertainment, groceries and all the social amenities that are associated with this economy are supported and sustained by the techies that move to the ‘Space Coast’. It is important that the best techies are sourced and convinced to come to the area; it’s good for the region.

Here are some tips as to how to recruit the best tech professionals.

Start by looking locally

If your business is looking to recruit for the area, then you need to start local, and Eastern Florida State College and Florida Tech have some of the country’s best tech programs, and thus they also have some of the best graduates. Florida Tech specifically is a private research university with its focus on engineering and science, aeronautics, and business.

They provide a range of courses suited to the immediate area, and a large number of the workers, engineers, and managers on the Space Coast have studied at this institution. They are either local to the state or have lived in the area, so they know the history, entertainment options, and social networks and are thus more likely to stay long-term. It is this long-term commitment to the Space Coast that we are looking for to grow the area. Remember that it’s not just NASA out here; many other companies are coming on board, and all of these will need staffing.

Widen the search

Tech is universal, and the Space Coast is one of the most diverse places in the state of Florida, and as such, don’t be afraid to widen the search. Keep in mind that some of the world’s best tech talent are based overseas. Advertising or recruiting overseas may seem daunting, and the main issue will be the language.

This should not deter you, and professional translation services can ensure that you have the language skills to communicate with recruiters and applicants alike. Furthermore, if language is a major problem, investigate within your firm as to any language skills that exist and use internal staff to assist any newcomers who may struggle. The apps and services that abound to make communication seamless may also help. 

Diversity in employment can be achieved by hiring from outside the region, the state, and even the country that will serve to develop and grow the region. Diversity is vital for growth, and by employing the right people for the job, you may also have an opportunity to diversify your workforce and add interest and different cultures to the region.  Recruitment of foreign professionals is a growing trend, and the process is supported by several State initiatives for highly skilled migrants. Do your research and ensure that you are able to access any state and national government support in this regard.

Involve the community

The Space Coast’s reputation as one of the top tech, Aeronautical, and Space development areas in the country and around the world is a strong one. It will be incumbent upon local businesses and those with interests in the area to promote this reputation and for the city and state government to ensure that services and amenities, schools, and entertainment venues are available and suitable.

Young techies, scientists, and professional astronauts who move to the area provide a market opportunity and provide the sustainability and growth required by the town and the area as a whole. This is why the community, local businesses, and the state government must be involved in drawing young professionals to the area.

Staff culture or company culture

In the past, it was important for companies to insist on a uniform expression of company culture. This has shifted somewhat, and the idea is to encourage authenticity. All cultures should be welcomed and embraced. Yes, the firm itself needs to develop a culture, and this is critical for all brands.

             However, the firm culture should never dominate the cultures of the individuals that form the firm. Encouraging staff to be authentic is critical and has been seen in other tech giants such as Facebook and Apple, where informal wear and fun have become as much part of the office culture as it has the firm culture.

Once recruited, retaining staff is key

Retaining these young professionals is a key component and responsibility of the companies that are hiring. From the smaller tech supply firms to the big multinational investors launching rockets and developing our national space program, the aim should be to retain staff. This brings stability to the company involved, but also to the town, region, and state.

One of the main ways to do this is to offer employee perks and benefits. If you are recruiting in the technology or aerospace areas, keep in mind that there are other options for graduates, and there needs to be something that draws them to Eastern Florida and then keeps them here. Simple things such as a welcome package or perks and incentives offering travel in the area or tours and experiences for staff are good examples of such incentives. These are the small things that will go a long way to keeping top tech staff.

Financial reward

It has been mentioned here last, but it is definitely not the least of prospective employee concerns. Paying rates that are better or comparable to those in the sector but based elsewhere is vital. If the Cape Canaveral, Kennedy space station, and all the supply firms and companies are to recruit and keep the best tech staff globally, then the wages and remuneration offered across the region will also have to be world-class.

With the massive investment being made by private companies such as Space X, Boeing, and United Launch Alliance, it is expected that this will be possible. In fact, the growth in space exploration and research means that the Space Coast has a bright future. However, recruiting and keeping the right staff will make a considerable impact on this future.

Recruitment is possibly one of the most important aspects of developing a professional enterprise. In terms of the specialist sectors of work on the Space Coast, it is important for the community, recruiters, and start-ups alike to buy into the area’s spirit and work together to continue what has been a long tradition. Top techies always come to the Space Coast, and long may this continue.