Majoring in Business Management: Pros and Cons

By  //  May 8, 2021

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Business management is one of the first options that come to one’s mind when they think of a hands-on and sought-after major.

Undecided students often go for a business management degree because they expect to have a lighter academic load while learning job-relevant skills. This is only true to an extent. But there are still plenty of good reasons why students study business.

Studying business management does imply working on essential practical skills, but it also means learning how to be a great paper writer and an expert analyst.It is the best choice for students who are not afraid of challenging academic experiences. Anyway, it makes sense to look into all pros and cons first.

After your qualification is completed, applying for a job in business insurance may be a good starting point from a career point of view.

The Perks of Majoring in Business Management

#1 Always in Demand

There is a reason why most parents would love their child to study business. It is an almost guaranteed way to have a decent starting salary and, eventually, a great career. Thanks to its versatility, a degree in business management is a gateway to a variety of jobs, so finding employment is not an issue.

Also, unlike many other professions, it is unlikely that AI will replace professionals in business management any time soon. It is quite a safe choice all around.

#2 A Diverse Curriculum

Sure, a business degree cannot compare to humanities when it comes to the selection of courses, but it is still pretty diverse. You get a variety of courses in marketing, economics, and different types of management to choose from. 

Besides, as is always the case with an undergraduate degree. At least a couple of courses from the general curriculum are also a must, even if they only consist of a dozen classes and writing a final paper at the end of the semester. It is a great opportunity to look into different business-related fields and decide what matches your interests and ambitions the most.

#3 Essential Skills

Aside from professional knowledge, a degree in business also teaches students valuable skills that can help them succeed in basically every profession. Some of them are:

■ Teamwork. Almost every course a business management major is required to complete includes several group projects, which teaches students to work in a team environment.

■ Time Management. As business management is not the easiest degree to pursue, students have tons of assignments every week. It is not uncommon to have a new technologies project due on the same day as a speech for a leadership class. Even a world-class procrastinator will master time management by graduation.

■ Analytical and critical thinking. Expertise to research and analyze financial data is another great outcome of business education. You may finish an online MBA, then get a graduate certificate in finance to master this field.

■ Public speaking. Most majors offer public speaking as an elective, but it is usually a must for students majoring in business management. This will come in handy when you have to pitch your ideas to the boss.

This list is only a sneak peek. In reality, the number of crucial skills that business management students are expected to master is way bigger.

#4 A Great Balance Between Theory and Practice

Perhaps the best thing about business-related degrees is that they offer an abundance of practice. This is something that humanities and natural sciences students do not get to enjoy as much.

Sure, a large chunk of business management majors’ studies consists of different theories of management and leadership. But they also learn how to put them into practice. As a result, the transition from college to work after graduation is quite smooth for most.

#5 A Variety of Career Options

Business management graduates have a lot of career options to choose from. They include a Business Analyst, a Marketing Manager, an Accountant, and even a Data Scientist alongside many others.

The coolest thing about majoring in business management is that a student is not expected to choose a particular career while still in college. Thanks to the high demand for business management graduates, you can try different career paths and switch industries to decide which one to choose.

The Drawbacks of Majoring in Business Management

#1 A Demanding Curriculum

The side effect of having a diverse curriculum full of useful classes is that it can get really challenging at times. Whoever thinks that the life of a business management student is a walk in the park does not know what they are talking about. 

Having to prepare financial data analysis or searching for the best educational site for more knowledge means spending hour upon hour in a library or in front of the laptop screen. Anyone planning to study business management should be prepared to put a lot of time and effort into schoolwork.

#2 A Degree May Get Pricey

Prices on business management education vary from one college to another but are rarely low. Since it is one of the rare degrees that land a graduate a decent starting salary, business management is among the more expensive degrees. Sure, nothing compares to medicine, but choosing to major in business management is still a serious financial commitment.

Luckily, some colleges offer affordable options. There is enough information online to choose a college that fits both one’s ambition and budget.

#3 Lots of Competition

As one of the most versatile and practical degrees, business management is not a good choice for anyone who is afraid to compete. First, getting into a good program may require impressive credentials. But it is nothing compared to the competition in the labor market.

The upside is that there is enough demand to provide almost every business management graduate with employment. Still, to get into a top company, you need to know how to sell yourself in an interview.

So, Is It Worth It?

A degree in business management requires lots of dedication and a substantial financial investment, but it is well worth it. As challenging as the studying process is, students majoring in business management learn the skills essential for a successful career in business analytics, marketing, accounting, and many other business-related fields. Most importantly, business managers are in very high demand in the labor market (and will be for a while).