Pathrise Review: Online Mentorship Program Helps Navigate Transformative Job Market

By  //  May 24, 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted and changed the global labor market in ways that were sudden, severe, and unforeseen.  The result left millions of people unemployed while others pivoted to a virtual office structure.

Today, as Americans recover from the pandemic and set sights on returning to the job market, many find the process overwhelming and frustrating. This is caused mainly by new ways HR recruiters are filling vacant roles. Add in a highly competitive job market with companies figuring out new workflow structures and job seekers are left with a complex process to navigate.

People often look for professional opportunities by searching job sites like Indeed or ZipRecruiter and apply to everything that might fit. They send their resume and generic cover letter to hundreds of companies praying for a response. However, that approach rarely works, and if it does, it is hardly efficient.

According to Pathrise, an online program that connects jobseekers with expert mentors to guide them through their job search, the average jobseeker takes nine months to find a position independently. In many cases, this time frame will cost job seekers thousands of dollars in lost wages and jeopardize money earmarked for retirement or other life events.

This is where Pathrise earns its value and reputation. The company’s approach to connecting highly qualified job seekers with viable career opportunities is producing results. Pathrise offers job seekers a virtual mentorship program linking people with a data-backed, one-on-one training curriculum, with a personal mentor providing support and guidance each step of the way.

Pathrise mentors help candidates optimize resumes and online profiles, while focusing on best practices for reaching recruiters and hiring managers. Additionally, mentors help prepare for behavioral and technical interviews and help navigate the negotiation process for better compensation and benefits packages. 

“Pathrise assists candidates to find quality jobs faster than they would on their own,” said Kevin Wu, co-founder and CEO, Pathrise. “We employ a dedicated and strategic approach to connecting job seekers with career opportunities that fit their unique skill sets and professional goals.”

According to Mr. Wu, jobseekers investing the time to match their resume to the specific job description and sending a compelling and concise email to the recruiter or hiring manager are just two ways to increase a jobseeker’s chances of getting a response.

“Our clients are seeing triple the response rates from strategic recruiter outreach and averaging 5 to 15 new, meaningful opportunities per week. On average, our clients land a new job within three to five months,” added Wu.

At the core of the Pathrise program is the quality of its mentors. Career mentors are a mix of former technical recruiters and career coaches at tech companies like GitHub, Apple, and Triplebyte as well as senior level career counselors from leading educational institutions such as Stanford and the University of Chicago. On the industry side, Pathrise mentors are current and former senior team members at top tech companies like Facebook, Salesforce, Google, Stripe, and more. 

“Our program has helped over 1,000 people land quality roles with an average yearly base salary of $90K for junior roles and $150K for senior roles. The company reports a 96 percent placement rate and a one-year job guarantee,” added Wu.

According to the company website, most job seekers opt-in for the income share agreement (ISA) model, which means that the program is free until they land a new job. At this time, they pay back a nominal percentage of their salary over a short period. This percentage varies due to several available scholarships and discount opportunities provided by the company.

As Americans get back into the workforce and back to life before COVID, seeking help to land a new, meaningful career can be beneficial. Suppose you are one of the thousands of people looking for a job and feeling frustrated by rejections or ghosting. In that case, you might want to consider a more strategic approach by partnering with the experts.