The Most Pervasive Problems in CBD Store

By  //  May 5, 2021

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The CBD industry has become very lucrative over the past couple of years. As a result, the number of CBD stores, both online and brick-and-mortar ones, is increasing.

Inevitably, some problems start occurring. While your favorite CBD store might not be impacted, some of them are.

But what are these problems, and to what extent can they impact customers, their purchase decision, and their shopping experience? Below you can find a list of the most pervasive problems in the CBD store landscape. 

False Marketing Claims

It’s quite normal to expect CBD stores to advertise their products. However, there are some ethical and, more importantly, legal boundaries that should never be crossed. False marketing is at the very top of our list of the most pervasive problems in the CBD store industry. Some CBD stores opted to advertise CBD products in their offer to attract more customers, making false claims.

For instance, it’s completely legit to say that CBD can help alleviate pain associated with nerve conditions and inflammation. However, a claim that CBD can cure an illness is problematic. First and foremost, CBD is not a cure. CBD stores that make such claims can be held accountable in court in some states.

Cheap Extraction Techniques

Not all CBD extraction techniques yield the same results quality-wise. But CBD stores have figured out that some extraction techniques are considerably faster and cheaper than the others. As a result, we have the next pervasive problem – the number of low-quality CBD-based products on the market is increasing. CBD stores choose this tactic to offer more competitive prices on the market.

Take the CO2 extraction method, for instance. While it is not fast or cheap, it still delivers safe, pure, and potent CBD products. The much affordable method is solvent-based extraction. But, as you might’ve guessed, due to the use of harsh chemicals, CBD products might contain compounds potentially harmful to health.

Poor Product Sourcing Practices

Many countries worldwide have legalized the growing of industrial hemp and marijuana, but most have yet to do so. Still, people in these countries opt to grow the forbidden cannabis plants because it promises solid profit. Meanwhile, there’s nobody to control agricultural practices.

These herbs are often growing in very poor conditions, and manufacturers use various chemicals to facilitate and speed up the growth, such as artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Sourcing hemp from these countries simply means that the CBD extract will potentially contain all these harmful chemicals.

Not Enough Lab Testing

Having a CBD extract or product tested by an independent lab negatively affects its price on the market. Manufacturers have to add the cost of testing to remain in the game. If they decide to add these products to their offer, CBD stores have to consider their profit margin and tax. The result? The price tag is too high, and it renders them less competitive in the target market.

Lab tests are imperative if a store wants to ensure the purity and quality of a CBD-based product. The quality of a product can mean a huge difference when expecting results such as alleviating symptoms of anxiety and improving sleep. However, due to considerable differences in price, CBD stores opt for products that are not tested by manufacturers’ internal labs, let alone an independent one.

Inadequate Packaging

The packaging doesn’t have only a role in marketing and customer experience – it should also protect the product and prevent any damages during transport. It became even more important today with the trend of online shopping. Any goods can be damaged or spoiled during transport, and high-quality packaging ensures that it doesn’t.

Yet, many CBD stores want to save an extra buck by shipping CBD-based products in cheap packaging. It’s becoming a common problem in this niche, and it has the potential to ruin the experience customers have with their first CBD oil purchase.

The Rise of Scams

Many older people choose to try CBD-based products due to CBD’s neuroprotective properties. But due to the lack of experience, that can easily fall victim to the last pervasive problem in CBD stores on our list – the scams. 

Unfortunately, the scams did penetrate this industry, and they come in shapes and sizes. The scams range from “Free bottle of CBD, only pay for the shipment costs” to more shameless ones such as fake CBD companies. With this in mind, consumers should make sure to purchase only at reputable and trustworthy stores.

Every industry dealing with direct sales to customers has its own unique problems. These six problems are specific to CBD stores, and they are the most pervasive ones. It falls on the customers to learn how to properly research a CBD store to be able to make safe and intelligent purchases both online and in brick-and-mortar CBD stores.