What you MUST know about Grazing Tables Before You Plan Your Event Catering

By  //  May 1, 2021

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Grazing table catering has become a trend ever since they earned the culinary reception scene. The setup and arrangements started when grazing platters were served as appetizers.

After that, however, the whole catering presentation resurfaced to accommodate a variety of foods. Since the trend has no signs of slowing down, you need to know a few things related to grazing platters and grazing tables. If you are working with professionals, then your problem is half solved, but the following insights will help you make the ideal choice. 

Let’s Learn About the Pitfalls of Platters

The most common mistake is you should not come under cater by running out of food. Some other pitfall you should be wary of include: 

Think ahead and always have a person responsible for replenishing the platter as the event goes by. Imagine how the platter will look like when 10 to 100 people have started picking it. Have somebody in charge who will continue styling the food so that it remains sumptuous. 

Another consideration to keep in mind is always to meet the food safety and health standards. The team working on the meal should observe all the requirements while cutting meat, cheeses, and pates. Ensure you also keep the grazing table in a strategic position that will keep away creepy crawlies. 

Ensure you also consider the dietary issues sine among the guests they are vegans or pregnant women who might be sensitive to certain foods. Consider all your guest’s possible nutritional needs so that everybody feels appreciated. 

Don’t add foods that are too large or messy. Your guests should be able to eat some of the wicker table menus. Food should be the size of a bite; it is recommended that you don’t bite it more than once or twice. After getting up, guests should not cut anything with a knife. This limits what you can eat on your plate, and you can get hungry with beer and dairy products on your weed table a lot. 

People with gluten intolerance also need to know which types of bread and cookies are suitable for gluten and be careful not to choke or spill them. If someone has a severe nut allergy, avoid sprinkling nuts around the food!

Let’s learn how to put the grazing table together. 

Prepare your table or grazing surface

You should find a table that is not too big or too small since anything less than that would mess the entire setting.  A small table implies that your guest will be overcrowded and difficult for some to get access to. If it’s too large again, it makes your setting seem pitiful. The first goal is to achieve an attractive environment. 

Create the ideal height

It’s always important to think about the height that will facilitate easy placement of the grazers. Height is known to create a 3D feel since everything appears perfectly placed and arranged. The arrangement should be enticing and should not make the setting look dull and flat. Your creativity is not limited, and you can come up with creative cake stands, crates, and wooden boards by placing them at varying heights. 

Setting out the table

A theme usually dictates a setting. Come up with a theme and use your creativity to incorporate different sizes and shapes of the serving ware. You don’t have to complicate anything; a simple deck will detail will create the required attention. The table should emulate art and make everything easily accessible for the guests. The goal is to have them dig in and get a taste of the delicacies you have to offer in your event.