5 Reasons to go Back to Playing Warcraft

By  //  June 23, 2021

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For the ones who haven’t heard about this game, World of Warcraft is a multiplayer online role-playing game. It was released in 2004. In this game, the player gets the chance to create his own avatar and explore the landscape in the game by fighting monsters and completing various quests.

You have to level up your character by earning points and using the in-game currency, you can buy and sell items that can help you make your character more powerful. The game had approximately 12 million subscribers when it was first released in 2004.

 It has been termed as the greatest video games of all time. If you know about the game and have played it then you must know how good it was. Going back to the game again after so long can be addictive but here are some reasons that will convince you to return to WoW.

1. Squish! And creating new characters –

When you log in to your account, you will notice that the characters you had have now been pushed to a lower level. There have been many changes in the game along with squish.

Now in the game, you can directly go to visit the professional trainer and work on whatever expansion you pick. When you create a new character in this game, there will be two columns of Horde and Alliance. The two inner Allied Races are unlocked by playing through questlines. The reputation requirement earlier has been removed from the game. The levelling experience has been redefined. As a returning player, you will have more options available with you.

2. The New Leveling Experience –

The maximum level in the game has gone down to 50. The Shadowlands takes the players to 60 by completely redesigning the experience of the game. The revamp makes the storyline of the game more coherent. The initial level path of the game is Exile’s Reach, then it takes you to Bfa and finally, you will reach into the Shadowlands. As a returning player, you will have more options available with you.

3. Original Starter Zones Vs. Exile’s Reach –

If you have already reached the max level and played through Bfa, then you will be given a choice between exile reach and old starting zones that were there before squish.

If you choose Exile Reach, it is basically an introduction to WoW and takes the player through level 1-10. The end of it has mini-dungeons where the players fight to escape the island.

You can play solo here. The Original starting zones are worth playing if you haven’t gone there before. It is a good idea to do the original starting area if you are playing a race that you haven’t played before. If you have pets then you must consider which zone to choose. The story of Exile’s Reach easily fits in but the story of starting areas does not.

4. Chromie Time –

When you complete the Exile reach or the starter area of your race, you are given a tour which is amazing if you haven’t played in a long time. As a returning player, you also have the option to skip the tour. You should mark Chromie by clicking on the hourglass on the map you have. Before leaving the city, you will have to visit your class trainer.

After selecting the expansion you want, you will be on your way and everything will be in Chromie time and will be scaled to your level. Also, whatever the players select when they are with Chromie, they are not locked into it. You can always go back and change whatever you are doing in the game.

The players have complete freedom to decide how they level their game. If you have not finished an expansion’s content and you have reached the max level 50, you have the option to go back in Chromie time and complete whatever you were doing. Once you have left Chromie time, remember that you won’t have the option to go back then. 

5. Heirloom Gear –

It is possible that you might not be aware of the collection tab of yours in the game. From the microbar, the collection tab can be accessed. You do not have to send any heirloom from character to character and you can directly have access to any of the heirlooms you have unlocked in the game.

In the game, XP bonuses have been removed from the heirlooms but a new bonus has been added to them. The bonuses in the heirloom help in the improvement of the life of your character for levelling. 

Conclusion –

There have been so many changes in levelling done in the game to provide the new and the existing players in the game with so many options that they ever had before. The fattest levelling that has been seen is Exile’s Reach. So, I hope that after reading all this, you would have been convinced to play Wow once again. If you haven’t started it yet, then you must head to it without any wait.