6 Patriotic Pieces of Clothing You Will Love                

By  //  June 12, 2021

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In a world of increasingly crazy fashion trends, patriotic symbols and messages never go out of style. Quality clothing that makes a statement and with bold colors and designs – what more do you really need besides a pair of boots and blue jeans?

These are clothes that tell everyone exactly where you stand on the issues, so you know exactly who your friends are and who can hit the road! Snowflakes need not apply – here are six patriotic pieces of clothing you will love.

1. DeSantis 2024 Hats

After the disaster that was in 2020, everyone is looking for real, strong leadership in America. Look no further than Florida’s own Ron DeSantis – the man bringing common sense back to politics.

DeSantis has been praised for his no-nonsense approach to the coronavirus and for taking the right stance on all key issues of freedom and tradition. He calls it as he sees it, and isn’t afraid to stand up to the media, either!

Whether DeSantis is running for president in 2024 is still up in the air, but you can show your early support for his candidacy with this clean, classic hat. Make America Florida!

2. “Weekend at Biden’s” Tees and Hoodies

The lights are on, but is anyone home? That’s the question everyone is asking about Joe Biden, who has definitely seen better days in terms of mental capacity.

He might have been a force on the Senate floor back in the 90s, but these days, Uncle Joe can be found stumbling around press rooms, starching his head in confusion, flubbing simple sentences, or just taking a nap at home.

Something is not quite right here, but you’ve got to have a sense of humor about it by wearing a “Weekend at Biden’s” t-shirt! The design shows Kamala and Jill Biden holding up Joe as he stands crooked and asleep – an accurate depiction of his administration.

3. USA Flag Leather Patch Hat

The stars and stripes still ring true, and we need to show our true colors now more than ever! It might not be practical to drape yourself in a full-size flag everywhere you go, but this bold leather patch hat is a good alternative.

One look at this hat and you can see the high-quality construction and classic design, with a weathered, golden bronze flag right in the middle of the main panel. With cool, ventilated mesh in the back and a bold snapback construction, this hat is an instant favorite.

Plus, you can choose from a wide range of color combos like red and white, heather and black, or full-on black for a stealthy, military-inspired look. 

Grab one for yourself, get one for a friend, and maybe add one more to your cart (with a different color scheme) for good measure.

4. “I Identify as Vaccinated” Shirts

Do you keep getting locked out of bars, sports events, and family gatherings for not having the vaccine? 

Maybe you haven’t gotten around to getting the vax, or you’re just a bit skeptical of an experimental drug rushed to the market in “record time”.

Rather than getting the jab and the vaccine passport, why not just wear this t-shirt that proudly proclaims your own personal truth – you identify as vaccinated, even if you technically aren’t!

These days, you can identify as anything – or anyone – you want. As long as you say it with enough confidence, nobody has the right to tell you otherwise.

If someone tries to stop you from entering a venue for not having your vaccine verification, just point to your shirt and shrug your shoulders. That should do the trick. If they don’t seem to understand your new identity, just file a lawsuit and walk away with millions – simple!

When you identify as vaccinated, life is just so much easier. Everyone instantly thinks you’re a virtuous and brave person, despite accomplishing nothing. That’s the new normal!

Veterans are the people who either have served or are serving our country and freedom in so many ways. Their role is crucial, which we shouldn’t forget. Although there are many ways to show our appreciation, gratitude towards them, one of them being a shirt with the message ‘Honor Our Veterans.’

This seems simple but sends a powerful message across. It expresses how a veteran’s role is important in our lives. Maybe you haven’t any other way to spread awareness. But going around with t-shirt designs and spreading the message like this does the job.

5. Classic Cross Snapback Hats

The connection between Christianity and American values is key, and that hasn’t changed! If you’ve got a personal connection with the Lord and want to tell the world, this cross hat checks all the boxes: faith, family, and patriotism.

These hats are built strong, come in over a dozen different colors, and can be styled as a snapback, flatbill, or flexfit. One thing is constant – that sleek cross placed perfectly on the lower-left corner of the front panel.

This is the hat you wear on Sunday after church, or just any random day of the week when you’re feeling inspired and connected.

You don’t have to preach or walk around thumping the good book – just sport this clean cross design on your favorite hat and live life as you should! Actions always speak louder than words, so be true to your faith and wear this hat well.

6. “It Offends You Until It Defends You” Shirts

You don’t need to have a degree in public policy to know that police are vital to a functioning society.

The fact that people are offended by “Back the Blue” means that they haven’t lived a day in the real world!

Nowadays, the police need all the support they can get, and showing your appreciation for their hard work is the least you can do. This shirt just states the truth – our brothers in blue are here to defend you, no matter where you stand on the political spectrum.

It’s a shame that a shirt like this should be controversial at all, but that’s just where we’re at! Rock this shirt to the gym, to the bar, or just chilling with family and friends at home.

It’s a conversation starter for sure, and a bold statement of your patriotic commitment.


At Printed Kicks, we know what it means to be a patriot, and it goes far beyond wearing hats and t-shirts. Still, these clothes can make a great addition to any collection and a perfect gift for the proud patriot in your life.