CISA Certification – Is It Worth and How to Get It?

By  //  June 1, 2021

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The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) is a credential considered to be one of the most reputable certifications in the security domain. The popularity of CISA certification has grown in the past years.

By the end of 2009, there were more than 70,000 IT professionals who were designated at the position of CISA.

CISA Certification is granted by ISACA, which is an association that was established in 1969 for information systems privacy, risk, security, assurance, audit, and governance of the professionals.

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Benefits of CISA Certification

The key reason why IS auditors opt for getting CISA certification training is to enhance their value and level in the organization. When you have a better value in your organization, it will back you up with higher pay grade along with job security. CISA Course enhances your credibility in the organization and lets your organization know your capabilities and knowledge once you have passed the examination.

Once you become CISA certified, it not only impacts your career, but it also reflects on the company that you are working in. Let us have a look at some of the key benefits of being CISA certified.

Skill Enhancement

Once you attend ISACA training, you will learn through an international body, and it will enhance the level of your skills. You will get on the path of attaining all the necessary skills that could land you to a perfect job.

Chances of getting promotion increases

The main aim of any certification training is to add value to your skill set and apply them in the work environment that you are working in. With the help of certified training, any employee becomes more and more engaged in offering the best services to the company and adding value to it. With the right amount of hard work, he/she might get promoted in the company. CISA certification training will make you industry ready with all the necessary skills to enhance your chances of getting a promotion on the job.


CISA is a global certification, and it is recognized all over the world. Every country respects CISA certified professionals to be excellent for auditing IT systems of various businesses. CISA certification will add tremendous value to your resume and portfolio.

Expertise with Experience

This course will enable the learners to become well-versed with all the auditing skills required in this field. Every learner would be able to work on his/her Information Systems skills by moving ahead in the course.

Is CISA Certification worth it?

In reality, only you can answer this question for yourself, but if we look at the career point of view, then it is worth it. CISA Certification will add significant value to your profile and help you in building a career path for yourself in the IT industry. CISA certified professionals are valued in every organization, and their pay grade, as well as recognition, is much higher than the non-certified employees.

How to get CISA Certification?

The process of becoming CISA certified is divided into four necessary steps. Before moving towards the steps, let us have an overview of what the process consists of.

■ First, you need to pass the CISA examination with a score of 450 or more.

■ You need to have an experience of 5 or more years in professional information systems security, control, or auditing.

■ With time, you need to maintain your certification by paying specific maintenance fees and fulfilling some CPE requirements.

Passing the CISA Exam

To pass the examination, you first need to register for the same. There are no prerequisites to take up this examination. Once you are done with the registration process, you can continue with the studying process. You can study from the official CISA Review Manual or opt for some CISA course.

Attaining the Professional Experience

This is a challenging part of becoming CISA certified. You need to possess at least five years of professional experience in information system security, control, or auditing. One more policy is that this experience has to be gained within the five years from the date you have passed this exam, or within ten years before the application date of the exam.

CISA Waivers and Exemptions

Your work experience to become CISA certified could be substituted with the help of certain degrees, experience in other related fields, or even other certifications.

Maintain Your Certification

You can maintain your CISA credentials by paying the maintenance fees and also fulfil the CPE (Code of Professional Ethics) requirements. Other than that, you need to have at least 20 contact hours for every year, and 120 contact hours within a fixed period of 3 years. You need to abide by the rules set forth by the Code of Professional Ethics that is pretty much based on common sense.

CISA Certification will highlight your skills and knowledge and add credibility to the skills that you possess. Hiring managers would certainly prefer hiring a CISA certified professional than a non-certified one.