Great Women in the Gambling Industry

By  //  June 7, 2021

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Several decades ago, gambling was considered an exclusively male activity. Many people still think so, and they are completely wrong. History proves that women in gambling have succeeded no less than men, and continue to actively develop in this direction.

Who can serve as an example of endurance, determination, and undoubted luck? Let’s figure it out!

Women Who Made Gambling History

There are hardly a few of them. These women were born gamblers who, thanks to their persistence, have achieved recognition in the gambling world.

1. Alice Ivers

The story of this lady began from visiting gambling establishments as her husband’s companion. At that time, there were no online casinos with cool slots like Jammin Jars, so Alice attentively followed how her husband played poker with friends and colleagues, gradually obtaining her skills.

After some time, she sat down at the poker table herself and surprised society by being quite a skillful participant in the game. Having mastered all the tricks of the dealer, she managed to work in many saloons in the West. Her skills were admired. The girl received the nickname Alice Poker because she proved that she could easily beat everyone who dared to fight her.

2. Kitty Leroy

Kitty was born in 1850. From the age of 14, she realized that her main hobby was gambling. From a young age, a girl could beat any adult. Already at the age of 15, Leroy got married, but family life could not fix the nature of a gambler. The girl built a professional career and became a Pharaoh’s dealer. She was soon able to open her own salon, but Kitty’s life ended at 28. What else could she achieve?

3. Lottie Deno

Carlotta J. Tompkins has a special place on the list of great women in gambling. For her skill and luck, the girl was nicknamed Lottie Deno. She was familiar with gambling since childhood because her father was a famous avid gambler. Spending a lot of time with him in gambling houses, the girl realized that she could not imagine her life without it. When Lottie moved to Texas, her first job was in a prestigious casino. She met the owner of the casino and soon married him. A gambling family traveled all over the world and hit jackpot after jackpot.

4. Annie Duke

From a young age, a successful American woman showed herself as a talented gambler. A month before her graduation, the girl went to Las Vegas, and this is where her exciting career began. Annie Duke became famous as a professional poker player. Today she teaches at the WSOP Poker Academy and publishes her own books. After winning the World Poker Tournament, she received $2,000,000.

In Conclusion

This is just a small list of women whose names are known in the history of gambling. Each of them has achieved tremendous success thanks to the ability to set goals and go steadily towards them. The result is one – women in the gambling world are no less successful than men.