How to Repair Roof Shingles

By  //  June 25, 2021

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Is your roof leaking? Are you looking for easy-to-follow instructions on how to get the repairs done? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this post is here to help. Even with a new roof, knowing how to repair roof shingles is very helpful.

You don’t want to be stuck because you have no idea what to do next in the case of roof repair Oakville.

With the right tools and a handyman’s intuition, you can repair a leak without having to pay a professional roofer. This is more so when it comes to the small leaks which are caused by simple things like missing or broken shingles. The most difficult part of repairing a roof is locating the leak. Once the problem area has been identified, most roofs are quite easy to repair. 

After finding the leak, the first thing you should do is look for damages around the damaged area. Common sources of leaks include misshaped, damaged, missing, or curled shingles. You need to get on the roof and focus on the areas where two surfaces meet. You need to check for gaps or breaks in the shingles, flashing, or caulking. All these are common causes of leaks. 

The next step is to repair the leak. There are several methods that can be used for this. It all depends on the location and cause of the leak. If the shingles are curled up, the quickest fix is to reattach these shingles using asphalt roof cement or using compound caulking. If it is warm, you will be able to straighten the shingles easily.

However, if it is cold, the shingles will be brittle. You have to soften the shingles before you start adjusting them. You can use a propane torch that has a flame-spreader nozzle to soften brittle shingles before adjusting them. You will have to use a generous amount of cement in every corner in order to reattach the shingles. Don’t forget to press the shingles firmly so that they attach to the roof.

If the issue you are dealing with is that of rotten, broken, or torn shingles, you will most definitely need to replace them. The first step is to lift the edges of each shingle and then remove the nails using a pry bar or nail puller. Once the shingle is removed you need to remove the dried roof cement. If some of the shingles were blown off by strong winds, you still have to remove the remaining nails and roof cement. 

Once the old shingles are out and the area is clear for a new installation, you should slide new shingles under the remaining shingles and align them properly. You need to fasten the new shingles using galvanized roofing nails at the top corners. The next step is to cover the nail heads using roof cement and then cover the shingle with overlapping original shingles. 

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