Tips for Finishing Your Basement Like a Professional

By  //  June 25, 2021

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Finishing a basement is a worthwhile investment that can improve your daily life and increase the resale value of the house. The extra space can be ideal for hosting family members who visit, renting out for supplementary income, and creating a comfortable entertainment space for the family. 

The possibilities you get when you create a conducive atmosphere in your basement are endless. However, handling such changes is not an easy task. You have to think about it carefully and decide whether to hire a professional or do it as a DIY project. Either way, these considerations will make the process go smoothly.

Waterproofing inspection

Look for a reputable basement waterproofing Oakville company to do the inspection, especially when you already have cracks in the basement. Waterproofing can prevent many problems and save you a lot of money, which is why it should be a priority. Inspecting all walls and floors will show the extent of the cracks.

Electrical fixtures inspection

Assessing the electrical wiring is crucial if you intend to add new walls or finish incomplete ones. The inspection will help you identify faulty wiring and replace damaged ones before the basement is completed, which will save you a lot of time and money.

Beam assessment

Make sure the beams are not infested with insects or damaged by water. Leaving rotten support beams intact will only create more problems soon after the basement is finished. The weaker the beams, the less support they can provide and the more you and your loved ones will have safety threats.

Sealing holes and cracks

Over time, your basement is bound to have cracks that could allow water to seep through. Some may have holes that insects and small animals use to get into the house. Check if there are nests on the walls or if fungi have started growing.

Thorough cleaning

Cleaning every inch of the basement before it is finished will help you get rid of bugs, mould, and dirt. If possible, fumigate the space to ensure the new basement does not continue to have pest problems. A cleaner basement also allows you to have a clearer assessment of the space as you visualize your new layout.

Careful selection of supplies

Materials that are likely to absorb moisture, like carpets, are not great options for a basement. Choose materials that can withstand the conditions down there, such as humidity and moisture, especially with regards to flooring.

Repair bowed walls

Bowing walls show that there are water issues that should be treated as an emergency. Install supporting elements to reinforce the wall, and if necessary, replace the affected area. Using simpler methods like covering with a frame can only provide a temporary solution and will not keep the walls from collapsing.

Hiring a company with extensive knowledge and skills in basement waterproofing in Oakville can save you a lot of trouble when you need to repair the smaller problems before proceeding with the main project.