Which Brevard County Casinos are Worth Visiting

By  //  June 17, 2021

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With almost 550 thousand people, Brevard is the 10th most populous county in Florida. Situated at the very east of the Florida peninsula, Brevard County is home to dozens of small but lovely coastal towns like Titusville and Palm Bay.

With almost 550 thousand people, Brevard is the 10th most populous county in Florida. Situated at the very east of the Florida peninsula, Brevard County is home to dozens of small but lovely coastal towns like Titusville and Palm Bay.

Tourism makes nearly 10% of the county’s GDP and employs 13% of Brevard’s workforce, with traditional casinos being one of the most popular tourist venues in the county. There are many casinos to visit in Brevard County, but which ones are the best? 

If you are interested in learning more about it, keep reading as we prepared a brief overview of the finest Brevard County casinos. 

1. Victory Casino Cruises

Brevard County is all about seaside adventures, so let’s begin with Victory Casino cruises. It’s a ship-based gambling platform with all the privileges that come with casino cruisers. The ship consists of four decks spreading well over 40 thousand feet. It departures from Port Canaveral. 

Each cruise takes five hours on the Atlantic Ocean, where you can enjoy amazing views, eat delicious meals, and take part in Vegas-like gambling action. The bonus part for gamblers is that they can drink for free while playing their favorite games. 

Victory Casino cruises provide participants with a luxury gambling experience that even some of the most popular casinos globally will have a hard time matching. 

2. Melbourne Greyhound Park

If you are not a fan of online platforms and $5 minimum deposit casinos, let us reveal that Canadian players find a very nice replacement in Melbourne Greyhound Park. Gambling in this place is amazing since you can join the action through more than 40 tables and 200 screens. 

The list of games at Melbourne Greyhound Park is amazing: from Texas Hold ’Em and Omaha Hi-Lo to slot machines and roulette tables. Besides that, the casino hosts a fancy restaurant and a bar with lots of live action and perfect dishes. 

3. Big Norm’s Club V

Big Norm’s Club V is a very special outlet located in Cape Canaveral. We have to be clear about it right away – Big Norm’s Club V is not your traditional casino. On the contrary, it is actually a night club that adds a precious dose of gambling ingredients. 

The place is open on Friday and Saturday nights, so you can go out there and party every weekend. At the same time, Big Norm’s Club V allows you to spin a few rounds of slots or roulette. You can find the club at 180 Christopher Columbus Dr, Cape Canaveral.

4. Wild 777s Arcade

Another place you might want to visit while staying in Brevard County is Wild 777s Arcade. The place is not a traditional casino, but rather a combination of a video gaming outlet and casino. Its location is 3300 W New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL.

It’s a perfect go-to place for younger players who prefer modern games, electronic devices, and light gambling. On the other hand, experienced gamblers will probably skip Wild 777s Arcade and visit a more traditional casino. 

5. Orlando Hold ‘Em

Orlando Hold ‘Em is a poker league in Brevard County, which means you can join the action in multiple locations. The league features some really good poker players as well as fantastic venues, so it makes a real treat for gambling enthusiasts. 

Orlando Hold ‘Em games take place every night all over the county. The thing that impresses us the most is the number of participants, regardless of the venue. Another benefit is that most players come for fun and they guarantee to provide newcomers with high-quality leisure time. Exciting poker games come as a bonus.

6. Lucky Dog Arcade

If you are a true fan of arcade games, then you have to visit Lucky Dog Arcade. The place is situated at Vero Beach and it hosts dozens of gaming machines. The games are carefully selected as they feature everything from traditional arcade games to slots. Lucky Dog Arcade is open every day and we particularly appreciate the fact that it’s always crowded and upbeat. 

The bottom line

Florida’s Brevard County may not be on your top 10 list of must-see places, but you might as well change your mind as soon as you get acquainted with its wonderful casinos. Traditional on-site gambling is very popular in Titusville and other towns in Brevard, so we strongly encourage you to pay them a visit.

What do you think about gambling in Brevard County? Do you think it would make a nice addition to your casino adventures bucket list? Let us know in the comments below!


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