Be the One that God is Counting on to Reach the Sick with the Healing Streams Live Healing Service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

By  //  July 6, 2021

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Get ready to experience miracles with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome as we count down to the July session of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services. Seal your faith in the Lord as you experience the infinite power and wisdom of God that will change your life forever. 

The Christ Embassy Healing School is calling on all Christians around the world to partake and experience healing and restoration with the Healing Streams Live Healing Service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Healing Streams Live healing and miracle program will air on HealingStreamsTV from July 9th-11th creating an atmosphere for faith and miracles. 

The services are set to minister healing to several sick people around the world, no matter their location. Through this program, many will encounter the healing ministry of Pastor Chris. The sick, oppressed, depressed, and afflicted will be healed and set free from their pain during the program. 

Register now here for the free online Healing Streams Live Healing Services scheduled for Friday 9th July until Sunday the 11th of July at 6:00 PM (GMT +1), and join in the communal atmosphere for miracles. Help those in suffering to receive the healing power of God during the 3-day services by hosting multiple healing centers (physical or virtual). 

As countless lives are set to be transformed everywhere on the planet, the Healing Streams is an area of solutions where people encounter God’s love; an area of the supernatural expression of the healing power of God through Pastor Chris to a hurting and damaged world.

Healing Streams Live: An opportunity to heal the nations of the world

The healing ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome under the auspices of the Healing School delivers divine healing to the nations. Each year the Healing School hosts Healing Sessions in different locations around the world where global participants receive a manifestation of miracles and blessings. 

This year the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris is offering a free online and televised program that will bring divine healing to everyone requiring healing for his or her body. This applies to anyone who is suffering, is afflicted, and looking for new hope and restored comfort in their lives.

The upcoming healing service with Pastor Chris has been designed by Ministers of the Gospel and is currently catering to the mass audience around the world who have been restricted from traveling due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. 

This special event expresses God’s love, unfailing grace, the compassion of Jesus, and the healing power in the Name of Jesus through Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, healing minister, television host, and best-selling author. His divine words and unique ministering have the power to heal all the nations.

Pray, Publicize, Prepare Places, and Partner

In Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s teaching on the Holy Spirit, he declared at the first Healing Streams session in March of this year, “You know that the spirit of God is with us. Blessing, strengthening, healing. Wherever you are right now when you pray, put your hand over that area where the sickness has been. Just put your hand over it. Put your hands in the place where you need a miracle.” 

Pray against the spirit of deception that has deceived numerous people in all corners of the globe. Take a stand against every evil act of darkness that tries to triumph over their minds. Declare that through the Healing Services, the sunshine of God’s Word will shine within the hearts of millions everywhere on the earth, leading them to Christ.

Pray that as a result of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services, the unsaved and unchurched will receive the fantastic Gospel of Jesus with understanding; declare that each wall of resistance is broken and therefore the people embrace God’s Word for his or her salvation. Declare that the Word of God is piercing through their minds and hearts, enabling them to welcome the Gospel with humility and joy.

Let’s continue to pray for the setting-up and confirmation of healing centers for the Healing Streams Live Healing Services in homes, hospitals, offices, churches, and other venues across the nations of the world. 

Declare that everyone will have entry to the House of the Lord; all that we need for the coveted venues are provided to us by the power of the Holy Ghost. 

Declare that each of the healing centers opened as part of this program will be locations of exceptional and remarkable miracles. Declare that the presence of the Holy Ghost is going to be visible then strong in every healing center to deliver healing to each diseased person present.

Being healed by the power of the Holy Spirit is now possible, more than ever, with the Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, President of LoveWorld Inc. and of Christ Embassy, and the Man sent from God, a unique minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

 Miracles of Pastor Chris

The miracles of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome still increase as they gather momentum as witnessed by the various testimonies recorded. The previous editions of the Healing Streams Live Healing Services were distinctively phenomenal, with healing miracles, salvation, and every one manner of testimonies.

Months after the March event, testimonies continue to pour in on the echoing impact of the services in the lives of thousands around the world. Therefore, it is no wonder that another Healing Streams Live Healing Service is due to commence from the 9th till the 11th of July.

Millions of people have had life-changing experiences by participating in HealingStreamsTV. This is the TV show for the Healing School, which is watched around the globe. It is here that people share affirming testimonies of their healings.

Be the man or woman that God is relying on to reach out to the ailing and hurting around the world with His healing power. 

Confirm your participation, prayerfully prepare for the program by picking any 15mins prayer slot, set up viewing centers for the program, give towards the Live Healing Services, and, most importantly, don’t miss this unique opportunity!