Here Are the Latest Dating Trends You Need to Be Aware of

By  //  July 9, 2021

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You might think dating is dating and that nothing changes. While the basics never change, trends do, and they massively influence how people are dating right now.

In fact, while you could argue that most people want exciting dates and loving relationships at some point in their lives, how they get there is dependent on the latest dating trends.

For example, they might influence the time of year in which you become monogamous, and when to become single, how to communicate with potential partners, and even where to take them on dates. 

As a result, it is a great idea to stay up to date (no pun intended) with the latest trends.

Here’s what you need to know:

If someone asks you if it’s cuffing season, they aren’t talking about the police

Being unaware of slang can cause you to make faux pas if you use it in the wrong context. For example, Gen Z has new terms used when dating like cuffing season that you should learn about.

Cuffing season, in case you were wondering, is not some reference to being arrested but to finding a relationship at a certain time of year. 

The term originates from the idea of being handcuffed to someone else for a season, usually around Christmas time. This is because cuffing season essentially means finding a partner for the sake of having companionship in an otherwise dull or emotionally vulnerable time – such as winter – rather than because you love a particular person.

So when someone next mentions cuffing season, it is best to leave the law enforcement jokes at home.

Online dating is going from strength to strength

Another trend to be aware of is the increasing prevalence of online dating apps. More and more people are taking to apps in order to find dates and relationships. 

While this is hardly a surprise, it does mean that dating apps are here to stay. As a result, you should ensure that you have a strong presence on these apps in order to meet the right people and prevent yourself from wasting time receiving little in the way of matches. 

Texting makes up the majority of modern dating

On a related note, you will need to sharpen your writing skills because a lot of early communication between partners is done via text or social media messaging.

Again, it is best to treat this as an opportunity to find more meaningful dates because you can quickly ascertain whether a partner is a good match for you by having a chat on social media. Often, if you build chemistry online, it will translate into the real world, so don’t be afraid of having a conversation via text before your first date.

Just remember to stop texting at some point in order to meet in person before you exhaust every avenue of conversation.

Old school clichés like restaurant dinners are out

Okay, this is not strictly true because many people still go out for dinner, but it is certainly not as popular as it once was. 

The traditional candlelit Italian restaurant is no longer in fashion, as many people find eating on first dates embarrassing or boring.

Instead, many people are turning to more original ideas like crazy golf, themed cocktail bars, escape rooms, and even city breaks to spice up their dates.