RoFx Review – Is This Expert Advisor Profitable in 2021?

By  //  July 15, 2021

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The financial crisis in 2008 has disrupted the global economy, with markets trembling down across the globe. But the aftermath of this crisis had the greatest silver lining as world-changing tech companies like Facebook, Uber, Instagram, Square, etc were born. RoFx is one such company with technology and innovation at its core.

This fintech company was established in 2009 and had been offering reliable Expert Advisor services for traders and investors across the globe. 

With over a decade of presence in the EA industry, RoFx proved to be the best among the lot. The RoFx bot is very well known for making huge profits for its users while keeping the risk under control. Unfortunately, there won’t be any regulatory bodies that certify trading bots like RoFx, but we found that this company has many reputed and regulated brokers as its partners.

According to their official myfxbook account, the RoFx bot has made gains of over 1352% for its users in the past three years

What is RoFx? 

RoFx is a company that offers Expert Advisor services within the Forex market. Unlike many algorithmic trading robot companies, RoFx is user-friendly and trustworthy.

As a result, it can be considered a one-stop Forex solution that is completely automated with zero human interference required. According to their website, over 50k active clients are making a constant flow of passive income using the RoFx bot. 

The bot currently trades two major Forex pairs – EUR/USD and GBP/USD. With an investment of as low as $1000, you can sign-up with RoFx and let the bot take over your account.

Users do not have to install any complex trading software on their PCs as the entire platform is online. Also, you don’t have to know anything about Forex trading or the working of bots to get started with RoFx. More so, the company claims to have a reserve fund to cover the losses made by the bot in any adverse scenario.       

RoFx EA’s Unique Selling Proposition

Most of the Forex automated trading robots fail because of their saturation after a certain point in time. The Forex market is dynamic, and it keeps changing with time.

The pre-coded set of rules in the bot won’t work on the market after a certain period as the encoded strategies in them get outdated. Contrary to this, the RoFx algorithm comprises a self-learning neural network with advanced artificial intelligence programming. 

Also, the team behind RoFx keeps feeding the bot with many updated strategies so that the bot is on par with the ever-changing market conditions. This fundamentally differentiates RoFx from its competitors. The makers of RoFx are confident in the bot to an extent where they promised to completely cover all the losses made by the bot using a reserve fund.       

What Makes RoFx One of the Top Contenders in The EA Market? 

■ Credibility

As mentioned, RoFx is a pioneer in offering reliable Expert Advisor services. They have offices in the USA, London & Hong Kong with verified addresses.

RoFx has partnered with reputed brokers who are completely regulated in their respective jurisdictions. As of June 2021, the RoFx bot is being used by over fifty thousand clients across the globe. Their myfxbook account is completely verified with exceptional results. All of these should explain the credibility of RoFx.      

■ Safety 

Your funds with RoFx are extremely safe because of their loss coverage guarantee. Also, the bot uses robust risk management principles to cut down the losses immediately in case of any news releases or unexpected volatility.

Furthermore, RoFx doesn’t use any leverage while trading and has accurate stop-loss orders in place. Also, the company doesn’t collect any personal information other than the most basic ones, and even the info collected is passed through an SSL connection to avoid any data leaks.    

■ Profitability 

RoFx has launched their brand new ‘Platform V 2.0’ recently, and they claim to generate an average daily profit of over 0.97% instead of their 0.38% in their ‘Platform V 1.0.’

This is a huge leap in the EA industry as generating close to 1% profit per day with almost zero risks is commendable. Also, RoFx’s V 2.0 packs belong to their Advanced Compound package. Therefore, the performance fee is relatively cheaper here while having the choice to select the lock-in period. 

For instance, if you were to invest $10k in the RoFx Platform V 2.0 and choose the lock-in period to be 360 days, with a daily profit of around $350 and a monthly profit of about $4,350, your initial capital would have grown to $135,925 with a 1260% growth rate.

These figures might seem illogical to you, but that is the power of compounding. The same can be observed in the screenshot below. 


Image Credits – RoFx Calculator

■ Convenience 

You don’t need any financial background to get started with RoFx. The makers have made the usage of RoFx extremely simple so that any individual can take advantage of their bot to make consistent passive income. Everything from the Setup process, deposit methods, withdrawal procedures to the UI, UX and customer support of RoFx reflect great convenience. 

■ User Anonymity 

RoFx was the first-ever EA provider to accept Bitcoin deposits. They also hardly collect any personal information during the sign-up process, which supports the anonymity factor.  

Notable Considerations

The primary consideration that we came across is the high-performance fee charged by RoFx. In their initial packages (Trial & EasyStart), the fee goes beyond 50%, which we find expensive. But considering the reliability they offer and the fact that their team makes money based on how much money they make for you, that price could be justified. Also, this consideration is just for Platform V 1.0 and not for V 2.0. 


All in all, RoFx is a proven EA service with an exceptional track record. With multiple packages to choose from, RoFx offers flexibility for novices along with deep-pocket investors in creating a source for constant passive income. After a comprehensive analysis, we strongly recommend the RoFx EA service. We were especially impressed with their partnerships with reputed brokers and their loss coverage guarantee policy.

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