A Brief History of Slot Machines

By  //  August 26, 2021

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Nowadays online gaming seems to be the most popular game in all casinos online, both land-based casinos and online sites. The fascination with this game seems to be shared by all types of gambling fans, no great distinction about age, sex or nationality. So what’s the story of this incredibly popular game?

According to slots experts running the site ColossalSlots.com, it all begun in the United States about the end of XIX century. With the industrial revolution rolling, it was time for gambling to evolve into a mechanic artefact, as so many other human activities were evolving in the same direction.

This was the idea driving the inventor Charles Fey in creating Libery Bell, the first slot machine. There idea behind this new machine was the creation of a mechanic poker machine, even if rather simplified. It was difficult to create a machine that could fit the whole deck on its mechanic reels, that’s why it was about a selected number of symbols.

The best option at the time seemed to be a machine with 5 reels with 3 symbols each – a very important setting as it defines the visual appearance of slot machines till today. 

After the first models of the new machine and the improved versions that followed over the years, the slot machine became very popular and was to be found everywhere in the US and in the United Kingdom. It was considered an easy game, quick to play with and based solely on luck.

During the roaring 20s these machines became more colourful than ever, including more symbols and changing their basic appearance and including more than just royals and cards symbols. It is at that time in history that casinos became a thing, and slot machine were included in the offer of the most popular ones.

They were considered entertainment for the ladies, as no particular skill was involved in playing the game. This was different from the tables for men, that were supposed to play games of skill, bravery and intelligence like black jack or poker. History has proved that these sexist choices have been rather poor and shortsighted. 

The history of the game is still a long one, and includes a very special twist – the introduction of electronic slot machines in the Seventies. This has been a real revolution in the industry, as the machines were not mechanical anymore, they had become powered by electric and could provide much more entertainment.

This is because of the variety of colours and shapes the machines could offer, including complex bonus games, free spins and special features. This is when some of the most popular games slots fans really consider as cult ones, have been released – yes, we are thinking of legendary games such as Book of Ra by Novomatic. 

Finally, as the internet has become a reality, it didn’t take long for slot machine to become online slots. As media and innovation goes, the new digital version of these game has not replaced the electronic land-based machines, that continue to entertain people all over the world.

However, the presence of online slot is getting stronger and stronger and this version of the game is becoming the most popular one among fans. This is because online slots are available 24/7 on computers and smartphones, and online casinos offer several bonuses and special promotions for those who play online.

On top of that, online slots are more dynamic, and thanks to the quick evolution of the medium are now capable of delivering a stunning quality and dynamic gameplay. All experts agree in believing that online slots will eventually take over the whole market. More interestingly, we can wonder where this will take us – what will be the next evolution of this highly versatile game?