Best Meat Delivery Services

By  //  August 19, 2021

Food delivery is not a new concept, but its demand has increased when the world shuts down due to the pandemic. Food delivery has become the most convenient way to have fresh foods, especially meat, delivered straight to your doorstep. Not only it saves you money commuting to and from the store, but it also lets you choose the exact cuts of meat you prefer.

To find a suitable meat delivery service, check if the store offers your favorite cuts, as well as complete information on how they are sourced. You may visit reputable sites such as Carnivore Style for reviews of the meat shops. The companies listed below deliver quality meat to your door, so you always have stock in your fridge!


Rastelli’s used to be a small butcher shop in New Jersey, and it serves its locals with premium quality meat. Today, they have been delivering all over the US from farms that raise meats free of antibiotics, hormones, and steroids.

Rastelli’s website is user-friendly as it features meat and seafood choices, and you can order staples like steak, lamb, pork, chicken, or fish. Prices vary depending on what butcher box you will buy. Subscribing to Rastelli’s will give you an instant $5 off when you buy a butcher box as a one-off purchase. 

Porter Road

Before it opened its meat delivery services, Porter Road was a brick-and-mortar butcher shop owned by two former restaurant chefs located in Nashville. Its website provides a variety of meats, as well as tips on healthy cooking.

You can now have a taste of pasture-raised and vegetarian-fed meats wherever you are in the US through its meat delivery services. Most meats delivered are freshly cut, but some are shipped frozen like their lamb ribs.

Porter Road offers all kinds of meat, and they have five curated boxes: Best of Porter Road Box, Butcher’s Choice Box, Stay at Home Bundle, Beef and Pork Basics, and Grill Master Box. Their packaging is biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about the accumulation of plastic.


If you want to have full control of your meats with the convenience of having your food delivered at home. ButcherBox is the one for you. ButcherBox is a meat subscription service that provides monthly shipments of sustainably sourced meat that are 100% grass-fed and pastured-raised.

ButcherBox’s meat is Australian beef, and it is one of the best beef in the world. This company also offers heritage-breed pork and organic chicken that are free from any antibiotics or hormones. 

Subscribing to ButcherBox gives you access to all kinds of meat available. You can order a mixed box or a custom box, which can have up to 21 different cuts of meat. Price ranges around $4.97 per meal or $149 per month. Meats are vacuum-packed and frozen, and shipped to you for free!

Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow is definitely a crowd favorite. They connect their consumers to premium quality meat that comes from different independent farms and ranches worldwide. After learning about independent ranches’ practices, Crowd Cow offers meat and seafood that are ethically and sustainably raised. 

With a variety of meats, you can order in a la carte. Some of the bestselling meats include pasture-raised whole chicken, bone-in pork chops, and ground beef which you can have in different varieties.

If you have been buying meat frequently from this store, you might as well subscribe to Crowd Cow to avail free shipping services and five percent off every order. Your orders come frozen and packed in a 100% recyclable and biodegradable material. Another benefit of subscribing to Crowd Cow is you can order a curated subscription box!

Snake River Farms

Ever missed getting wagyu beef at restaurants? Well, you can now have high-quality wagyu beef right at your doorstep! Snake River Farms has a complete line of gourmet Kurobuta Pork and American Wagyu beef sourced from Northwest family farms. 

Its exclusive and accordingly expensive chef-approved cuts of meat are justified by its sustainable ranching practices. Farms raising these cattle do rotational grazing that promotes healthy rangelands, composting cattle waste, and using beef tallow as fuel.

While these meats are expensive, every dollar will be worth it because of how tasty they are! The American Wagyu Beef has a rich and tender texture, and the Kurobuta pork comes from heritage breeds which make the flavor intense.

Snake River Farms does not offer subscriptions, but you can order them in individual cuts. They are delivered to you vacuum-sealed and frozen.

Holy Grail Steak Co.

If you want to spend a little bit more on meat to experience a five-star restaurant experience at home, Holy Grail Steak Co. can help you with that. This high-end meat delivery service offers the best American Wagyu Beef, Japanese Wagyu Beef, and USDA Prime Angus Beef. 

Their website can guide you through the meat cuts of your choice by going to the “collections” tab. These stellar meat selections aren’t cheap, so it is best to order in bulk. You may order in one-time boxes or make a custom order. You can also curate boxes to send them as gifts! Spend $199 to avail of free shipping.

For The Meat Lovers

With these different meat delivery services, you’ll always get the best dining experience ever with quality meat right at your home. These quality meat shops will give you convenience, plus they will never fail your expectations for their meat!