Captain, Champ and Magician

By  //  August 16, 2021

After 778 games and scoring 672 goals Messi left Barça. He is an iconic athlete, 6th most popular person on Instagram. In 2020 his total earnings were $126 million. Our friends from have combined pretty awesome facts about this unstoppable man who was smart and passionate throughout his whole career. 

Breaking! He goes to PSG!

■ He has won 34 titles with the team.

■ He has won 4 Golden Boots.

■ He has played in Barcelona for 16 years.

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■ During his career, he earned more than $1 billion.

■ At the age of 11 his growth rate stopped because of hormone deficiency, his family couldn’t afford to pay $900 per month, because it was big money for Argentina and his father was just a steelworker and part-time coach of the youth football team.

■ His sparkling career in Barcelona lasted from 2004 to 2021.

■ Barcelona is a special place for him, his first contract was signed on a napkin over there because the coach was staggered by his technique. 

■ Real Madrid was always in opposition to him and during the negotiations about his future he said that it’s impossible to turn to Real in any case.

■ His impressive career started in Barcelona’s Baby Dream Team.

■ He was greatest no matter dribbling or free kicks.

■ Messi has won Ballon d’Or six times which is one of the most prestigious rewards in the world by the magazine France Football.

■ He has already become a top scorer during his debut season.

■ He is one of the youngest players who started his career in Barcelona.

■ One of his best friend fom Barça is Ronaldinho.

■ Also, it’s important to mention that Ronaldinho has assisted his first goal.

■ After his first game against Juventus Fabio Capello requested a loan.

■ Also during his first season, Inter Milan has proposed x3 of his salary, but he didn’t move from a dream club Barça. Even though he was missing his mother who left for Argentina, it was his biggest dream and life goal to play for that club. That’s why he was so emotional at a farewell press conference.

■ During his first FIFA World Cup 2006, he set several records like the youngest scorer and youngest Argentinian player. He just shocked the world how unstoppable he was. Messi has never been clumsy on the field and was making shots like cannon.

■ He has repeated some of Maradona’s goals.

■ Spanish magazines nicknamed him Messiah when he was just 20-years-old.

■ He is an extremely prolific player no matter Champions League, World Cup, or La Liga (he helped Barcelona to win the national competition 16 times).

■ He has overtaken Barcelona’s top-scorer record which lasted for 57 years and Messi was just a 24-years-old. 

■ His fastest hat-trick was completed just whilst 11 minutes.

■ His career wasn’t smooth all the way and one of the most dramatic episodes is the Copa America final when Argentina lost because he missed a penalty. After that devastating loss he announced that he wanted to retire, but his fans reassured him to make that emotional decision.

Who is better, Messi or Ronaldo? 

It’s still uncertain do they really rival each other or they don’t, but gossips in media were being circulated all the way. Interestingly, that their stats are pretty similar. Ronaldo has got 32 trophies and Ronaldo 36. But Ronaldo has scored more. Ronaldo has got more followers on Instagram, but Messi is being more mentioned in the rap scene.

So it’s pretty controversial who is the leader, but one thing is for certain that they are both hurricanes. They are pretty different in their behavior. Messi is more restrained and once he was called a magician who never cheats.

Only one time when he couldn’t keep up with the tears was his farewell press conference. The information about breaking up with Barça shocked many people around the world, most predictions were that most likely he was going to resign from his contract, but it turned out in a completely different way.

Even though Messi’s #10 is historical and will be preserved until the end of time. Thank you for tons of great episodes mate, fans were overwhelmed all the time no matter in Europe or in the USA.