Digital Payments Unlocking Boosted Profit Opportunities for Businesses 2021

By  //  August 3, 2021

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Like any other industry that could be imagined; payments and transactions are modernized and are more timely, trouble-free, quick, and secure.

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The present-day payment business has seen many energizing patterns over the recent couple of years. Also, as of now, is perhaps one of the most dynamic fields of advancement.

This upheaval in the digital payment industry around the globe includes:

■ Mobile wallets

■ Peer-to-Peer mobile payments

■ Real-time payments 

■ Crypto currencies

Even before the pandemic, payments were made utilizing QR codes and sales terminals – this was indeed proof of a consistent shift towards acceptance and approval of online payments.

Digital Payments and Covid-19

Coronavirus affected customer conduct worldwide as numerous purchasers had to resume their jobs from their homes, banks/ other financial institutions were shut and as the virus spreads primarily through direct contact – consumers tried their best to avoid it.

It doesn’t mean that digitalized payments were extinct pre-pandemic – however, undoubtedly this mode of payment enjoyed a big boost in and post-pandemic!

Banks today have realized that the quarantine time had evolved user’s payment habits to the extent that, even if social distancing limitations are eased now – consumers are less likely to return to cash and checks at a level pre-Covid.

How E-Commerce is benefiting from Digital Payments Technology?

The demand for online shopping services mushroomed like crazy in 2020. From purchasing milk to paying bills – customers performed/ desired to perform daily chores contactless. Sellers and merchants moved online to cater to the consumer’s demand.

Digital goods, beauty and cosmetics, grocery, fashion, and education observed a fine expansion in 2020. 

E-commerce expansion showed its wide traces worldwide. In Latin America for instance, digital payment transactions inflated by 50% than 2019. In 2020, the region underwent 199 million digital payment enactments.

Going cashless is the new modern. Common digital payment options include credit cards,

Prepaid cards, and debit cards.

Businesses are adopting secured credit cards in Canada among many other options to improve their credit score and going digital.

Similarly, mobile transactions rose by 35% in South Africa in 2020. The grocery market hugely adapted to this advancement in Africa. Not only that, 1/3rd of salaries in Africa are paid through online banking.

Today’s ecosystem is enabled enough to drive the digital payment trend. If you are a business owner, even a small business owner, and not researching over online services and related payment options – indeed you are shielding yourself from humongous profit opportunities!

Online Businesses and Digital Payment Ecosystem

Online businesses are gaining through digitalized payment systems in the following ways:

■ Geographical Market Expansion/ Global Audience

Good/ convenient digital payment institutions cater to multiple currency and multiple sites options.

Business can open up its shop to the entire world – perhaps the greatest appeal to give digital payments a try!

One of the fundamental benefits of installing a digitized payment approach is having the option to extend your business reach worldwide.

For positive influences on the internationalization of trade, a top-notch payment system’s installation is crucial! Additional benefits include a feasible achievability of the global village concept.

■ Multiply your Customers

The significance of digital payment facilities to your potential consumers is more than ever before. 

Most online business sites began with just debit and credit cards, as payment alternatives. However, things have now changed and in the event that you don’t adjust according to them, you are taking a risk to be dusted among your competitors. 

In case you own an online store, digital payments permit an increased number of consumers to consider you for making purchases.

You further develop the shopping experience of your clients/ potential clients prompting

■ High ROI

■ Client reliability/ trust

■ More sales

■ Customer satisfaction

■ Brand acknowledgment for consumers to return for shopping again

■ by offering more payment options.

You have a chance to grow your client base – the ultimate goal of any business owner, right?

■ Reduced Fraud Probabilities/ Payment Security

It is high time to investigate payment installment doors and arrange the best for your online store, to give a protected and consistent shopping experience to the client.

On the off chance that you have not incorporated a computerized digital framework in your web-based business store, you need to think about the dangers for your business and your clients. 

Now that the consumers are adapting to online purchases, they just use stores that ensure the most secure shopping experience.

Best payment gateways preach:

■ Authentication

■ Encryption

■ Verification

Minimizing the risk of skimming, fraud, sensitive data thievery, and identity theft

One of the upsides of online payment methods is that the customer’s cash is immediately transferred to the respective account, giving a boosted operational ease to the sellers of today.

It can take just a few days for digital payments to be cleared, which gives the vendors better command over their funds.

Quick and Handy Payment Facility

■ More sale conversions

■ Customer loyalty

■ Rarer forsaken shopping carts

■ Superior ROI

Can be gifts for a business owner who promises a convenient on-web shopping experience

Online customers have limited attention spans and crave the best deal. 

A smart seller would make the best efforts to not only arrange the best products, top-notch customer inquiry service, and best product photography – but also the finest payment facility for successful consumer checkouts!

■ Swollen Profits

In the event that you acknowledge mobile cash, multiple debit/ credit cards, and other advanced transaction choices, you will satisfy clients who thus prompts expanded sales and monetary benefits. 

Potential clients will think that it’s easier for them to complete orders with your store comparatively, thusly, benefiting your brand’s image.

■ Condensed Seller Costs

In contrast with conventional purchase arrangements, where the customer needs to visit a store and pay there through cash or check, online installments happen in a significantly more programmed manner. 

Sellers save money from cashiers, store rent, store electricity, and many other expenses associated with possessing a physical store!

Digital Payments and Small Businesses

Contactless payment option adoption rose by 80% in June 2020.

The need and trend for innovative payment arrangements are no secret today. Just like it’s crucial for business joints – it’s likewise heavenly for small and medium enterprises. 

Credence and awareness are frequently the vital boundaries for SMEs not embracing contactless payment methods.

The manner in which buyers shop and pay have changed – just because of inventions and innovations in internet availability, online banking, cell phones, and smart technology. 

In light of these developing shopper inclinations, the present market is going through a significant change, with both in-store and online service/ product vendors – taking a gander at the latest payment solutions for attracting new customers, boosting sales, minimizing expenses, and catering a warm client experience.

2 possible hindrances for small businesses to adopt a contactless payment style could be:

Investment anxiety Business owners might worry that this modern adoption would digest costs/ expenses – for instance in terms of installation of technology, per month costs, employee training charges, etc.

However, little do they know that installing these would make more profits than the expenses on installation?

Lack of knowledge Small business owners might be unaware of the rewards of this innovation.

Some people fear change – changing the present way of doing things. They prefer their comfort zones and the same is the case with some businessmen.

They might fear this digital switch and think of it as something mysterious and tough – though in reality, it is absolutely not!

Low cost and high-income levels on the side of sellers; and preference of digital payment solutions by today’s shoppers are the biggest drivers for contemporary SMEs to install contactless payment systems.

Contactless Payments and Entrepreneurial Prosperity

We would look into it in 3 facets:

  • Strengthening of the formal financial system
  • Women entrepreneurs
  • Boosted profits

Strengthening of the formal financial system

Bank account and any other digital payment account not only advantages the people/ shoppers in terms of convenience, security, and time-saving – but also, additionally, society in general, by carrying more individuals into the formal monetary framework.

Billions of people lack bank accounts around the globe. 

Digital transaction adoption gives entrepreneurs a solid push to go through formal monetary exchanges/ transactions routinely. These practices pay off as

  • Reduction of tax robbery
  • Financial transparency
  • Diminishing illegal exercises

Automatic online salary payments indulge salaried class in the formal financial system. Owning bank accounts raises their awareness regarding spending and saving.

Women entrepreneurs

There are more than 260 million women entrepreneurs on earth.

Family obligations and norms in society, for instance, frequently keep ladies from venturing out to bank offices and far-off suppliers.

Electronic installments guarantee them that their cash is private and secure. They can keep an eye on spending and make better monetary plans for the future.

Therefore, specifically, female entrepreneurs can profit with computerized payment innovations at the comfort of their location and time.

Just like paying bills on time, reduced credit usage are some of many ways to improve your business’s credit score – digital payment systems are some of many ways to boost company profits, improve customer base, and ease the client’s shopping experience. 

Boosted profits

Whether you have an online cake shop, or you run a shoe store online – you can comfortably track your day-by-day deals through contactless payments. 

He/ she can likely oversee inventories and further increase net revenues. Taking an interest in web-based business through advanced payment technologies can likewise widen a business person’s brand image and customer base.

Payment Processing Tools 2021

There are numerous choices from which you can pick in the event that you participate in the web-based business. A considerable lot of these choices incorporate financial analysis and reporting tools, hanky-panky detection and security, etc. as additional features. This assists in dealing with the financial part of your business and makes management a lot simpler.

A sneak-peak into some of these tools:

  • Shopify

Shopify Payments permits you to acknowledge credit cards from your clients.

Due to Shopify’s one-click chargeback facility, on the off chance that your clients at any point start a chargeback, you can acknowledge your client’s request immediately.

  • Payments handling
  • Shipping integrations
  • Marketing tools 
  • A secure checkout process 

Are some of many bonus features in addition to Shopify’s store builder!

  • Due

Due gives exceptionally secure time tracking, debit and credit card handling, and invoice arrangements for a minimal price.

Its Standard Plan would be an extraordinary fit for a private venture. It works for both service providers and product sellers.

  • Extortion security
  • Chargeback protection
  • Reports and analytics
  • Account monitoring; 

Are some of the major features

This automated payment facility keeps you from physically dealing with each aspect of business remittances.

  • PayPal

PayPal’s customer base is nearly 361 million.

PayPal is quite possibly the most mainstream online payment processing solution around. PayPal isn’t only helpful for people — its business division offers numerous apparatuses you may discover valuable for managing digital payments.

Challenges associated with Digital Payments

With rose come the thorns.

Some troubles associated with digitized payments include:

Card Data Security
  • Executing solid control measures
  • Keeping an information security strategy
  • Ensure cardholder information protection;

Are some of the many concerns regarding data security In payment innovation

Technical Disturbances Online payments might be dependent upon downtimes and unsettling influences – like any framework that relies upon technology foundations.
Fraud Possibilities Information burglary and cash theft scope widened as online business expanded. 

However, financial institutes and consumers today utilize tools for fraud protection.