Entre Institute Review (Jeff Lerner) – You Need to Read This!

By  //  August 21, 2021

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Education makes your life a lot easier than you can imagine. You understand the world better, and you communicate well with people. This is where my Entre Institute review comes in, since their training and education is something a lot of people have questions about. Questions like how good the quality is, and if they’re a scam or not.

Some people are not big fans of the conventional methods of education. They believe in the power of experience over education. 

Even if you want to run your own business, you need to be aware of what is trending in the business world. It helps you formulate better strategies to win your customers and make your business better than your competitors. 

Entre Institute is your solution to going against the conventional methods and still complete higher education. They provide an online course for business development. They teach how you can grow an online business and build goodwill among your customers.

Entre Institute can offer you a great education without actually going to college. 

Read on to know everything about Entre Institute and the courses they offer. 

What Is Entre Institute?

Entre Institute is an online market training company that educates young entrepreneurs about running a business digitally. 

Starting an online business might appear easy, but there are many challenges that one has to face. Getting a target audience and actually selling your product takes a lot of strategy and planning. 

Relying on experience might take years. But when you pair it with education, things become interesting. 

The courses offered by Entre Institute are dedicated to guiding you through a holistic business development study. These courses focus on analyzing your opportunities and grabbing the ones that will make a real difference for you. 

It is not all words. Instead, it is an experience that helps people start a business with promising outcomes and great customer ranking. 

With an excellent coaching staff, guidance counselors, and regular feedbacks, Entre Institute is everything that a student can hope for. 

Entre Institute – Features

Reviews of Entre Institute show that it does not just provide you with a great learning experience delivered by experts in the field. They go into the intricacies of everything that will make your business an ultimate success. 

If you still doubt the potential of online learning, then the outstanding features of Entre Institute will make all the difference for you. 

1. Online training and education program 

The most highlighted feature of Entre institute is that it is an online training and education program. It means that you don’t have to dedicate your entire day to college attending classes. You can sit with your laptop at any hour of the day and do the course. 

They teach you everything about affiliate marketing and the essentials for launching an e-commerce business. This is followed by a proper digital consultancy that helps you apply for the course as per your needs. 

The training program covers everything from launching a brand new business to scaling up an existing one.

With live chats, video calls, presentations, and other virtual tools, the institute makes sure to create an engaging learning experience in the comfort of your home. 

2. Strict adherence to excellence

A lot of people aren’t super excited about the quality of education that comes with online courses. That is primarily because the monitoring and strictness that comes with a regular school are missing online. 

Knowing the challenges that come with the virtual world, Entre Institute successfully manages to achieve the three Ps of excellence. 

Their system makes you fall in love with the course and the idea of building a successful business. 

The three Ps of excellence that Entre Institute swears by are as follows:

Physical Excellence

The coaches focus on teaching the value of well being of the business. You will learn how potential profits can ensure the wellness of your business and how you can achieve the same. 

Professional Excellence

The coaches make sure that you are well aware of the concept of managing finances. They also teach you how the trends across the world have a direct impact on your business. This can help you know how you can incorporate them with a better professional outlook. 

Personal Excellence

Personal excellence is a must in any form of teaching. 

Entre Institute helps their students self-master a particular skill. This includes focusing on healthy supplier relationships and a smooth communication flow with the clients. 

3. Personal development and coaching

Another drawback seen in online learning programs is the lack of personal development. Since social interactions play a significant role in building our personality, virtual lessons can deprive students of the same.

But with Entre Institute you don’t have to worry about this problem.

After you sign up for the course, a personal coach will be assigned to you. This coach is responsible for guiding you through the course and offering help at any step of learning. 

These coaches can be either the heads of the institution or any other skilled tutor in the course. Whoever it may be, the institute makes sure that all the coaches are well trained and skilled to handle the queries of their assigned pupils. 

You won’t feel that you are struggling to understand the concepts. Your coach will provide you with guidance and help you overcome the hurdles throughout your journey. 

The coaches are also very approachable. You will not feel intimidated by them as they make sure to keep a calm and kind demeanor. 

Good interaction with your coach helps develop your professional personality.

With a very robust life development curriculum taught by the owner himself, you will get your money’s worth with this course. 

4. Multiple workshops and live events

The institute keeps you engaged in different activities other than basic education. They conduct remarkable workshops throughout the year. Everyone who has enrolled for the course can attend these workshops.

The focus of these events and workshops is to make your affiliate marketing network bigger and better. They focus on building new connections and gaining support from great business communities of the world. 

You get a chance to interact with experts in the field, who will provide you guidance based on their experience in the market.

These workshops are a great way of learning about different business concepts and finding out what suits you the best. You get a better understanding of how the business world functions. 

With the knowledge imparted by the experts, you can lay a successful path for your business.

5. Video training with CDs

A lot of people cannot dedicate a certain amount of time even to online education. Whatever the reason might be, it is not enough to keep you away from educating yourself. 

Therefore, instead of joining the virtual course, you can purchase a CD pack of the course. 

It is a one-time purchase that gives you an in-depth understanding of the course. It is a complete collection of information along with the six steps to developing a successful online business. 

From the introduction to all the professional and soft skill lessons, these CDs are an institution in themselves. 

Entre Institute – Course Structure

The structure of the course tells a lot about any institution. It gives an idea about the approach the institute takes for educating their pupils. 

A great course structure covers everything that one needs to succeed, and Entre Institute delivers the same. 

The six-step learning program of the institute covers four major topics.

Affiliate marketing

This is the first business model that the course focuses on. The internet runs on affiliate marketing, and the institute makes sure you are well equipped with the knowledge about the same. 

The affiliate marketing course provides you a brief introduction of the model, followed by its benefits. Affiliate marketing is the fastest way of growing your business online. This course teaches you how to use it to your strength.

A lot of people who took the course successfully started their businesses without a lot of monetary input. 

This is a testament to the fact that the course works well and helps you begin a successful business.


E-commerce is the second most popular business model as it helps present the business in the best possible way. 

The e-commerce course provides you with detailed guidelines about strategizing and planning your business at low costs. You learn to boost your skills without investing a lot of your own money. 

You also learn the skill of building business assets. This is something essential to learn as it can help you raise funding by selling to an interested buyer. 

The payment returns on assets can be remarkable, giving you a lot to work with. 

Digital consultancy 

This course talks about digital consultancy and how it can be implemented in a business to generate monthly residual incomes. 

It is a unique and interesting model as it allows you to understand the business’s freedom. It also helps you balance lifestyle choices that can be balanced with your business. 

There is no point in building an empire if you cannot reap the benefits of your hard work. This course is all about achieving the balance between business and lifestyle to help you succeed. 

Bonus lesson

This particular lesson aims at understanding the student and what suits best for them. 

It includes self-assessment tasks that are distributed throughout the course. It guides the students to make the best decisions in their journey at every step of the course.

The idea is to create the best plan that works perfectly with a particular type of business or product. 

Entre Institute – Lesson Plan Review

As mentioned earlier, the entire course comprises six lessons. These lessons are loaded with information that is sufficient enough to start your own online business. 

Lesson 1: The 3 Ps of Excellence

As mentioned earlier, the 3 Ps of excellence form an essential part of the curriculum. This particular lesson shows that the only takeaway from the course isn’t just money-making. 

It is all about building a successful business with a perfect amalgamation of ethics, planning, strategizing, and money-making. 

This lesson helps you build a vision of how amazing your life will look and how easy it is to achieve the same by following the right path. 

Lesson 2: The 3 Legs of Successful Action

This is another important lesson in the course. 

People are concerned about being successful. But they often forget about the importance of taking the action that will lead them to success.

You cannot just keep talking about your strategies and plans. You need to implement them too. 

Often, implementation takes time because you are faced with obstacles or mental roadblocks. This course will help you clear such obstructions and implement your ideas in reality. 

Unless you bring your thoughts about the business into action, you cannot be sure whether they will work or not. 

Lesson 3: The 3 Phases of Building a Legacy

People who wish to run their own business often talk about legacy. It is a huge word that adds a lot of responsibility. 

Legacy is not something that you can build with short-term thoughts and goals. You need to be determined to drag your business to succeed in the longer run. That is how you create a legacy. 

We often get lost in the charming idea of legacy that actually working towards building it takes a back seat. 

This lesson is to teach you how to walk the walk to build a legacy you desire. 

Lesson 4: The Lazy Person’s Online Business Model

A lot of people don’t want to put in an extraordinary amount of hours and effort to build a business. All they want to do is capitalize on the residual cash flow that comes from the business. 

You don’t have to put in the extra hours needed to build a business. You don’t need employees or inventory. There is no need to pay rent, have additional support, or focus on fulfillment. 

If you are a lazy chap, you are going to fall in love with this lesson plan. This is the most simplified business model to work with. 

Lesson 5: Building High-Profit Stores

To date, high-profit margins are associated with brick-and-mortar businesses. Even if someone builds their business online, they aim to convert it into a physical store. 

The thought of constructing a new store is a headache in itself. With the world going digital, having a great online presence with your business can make you more profitable and successful. 

This lesson plan will help you understand how you can build a business empire without jeopardizing your personal life.

Lesson 6: Building a Cash Flow

This is one of the most interesting and important lessons in the entire subject. It introduces you to one of the most powerful ways of making money with an online business. Selling your services to a prominent business owner can make all the difference.

There are thousands of businesses with an online presence, but not all of them are successful. 

This course will help you rise from the crowd by smart thinking. With minimum effort and full outsourcing, you can build the business of your dreams. 

Entre Institute – Additional Perks

Apart from a well-defined course structure and skilled coaches, being a student of Entre Institute comes with many perks. 


ENTRENation is a premium community on the internet. This basically aims at providing an awesome social life to the members. 

Every member needs to have a Facebook account to access the Entre Nation group. You can interact with all your peers as well as experts in this group. 

It is not just limited to interactions. All the members also get access to the personal library known as the ‘Market Place.’ This library is a place to find all the necessary updates. 

You can stay a member of the group even after you are done with the course. This allows you to have access to all the new information and use it to your benefit. 

ENTRENation Elite

As the name suggests, ENTRENation Elite is a members-only group. No outsiders have access to any information or updates in this group. 

You will find the lead coaches and other expert advisors from the institute as the members of this group. They keep the feed fired up by sharing whatever they feel is important to fuel the knowledge of the members.

This group also includes members of the business community running successful businesses and earning seven to ten figures. 

The group also focuses on providing some sort of training to the members. The idea behind the group training is to focus on the next big thing in the business world. 

There are discussions directed towards building an asset portfolio that can lead you to good profits in the future. 

The group trains the members about how they can achieve freedom, creativity, flexibility, and a balanced lifestyle with the business.

This is a group that paves the way for several new businesses in the form of joint ventures and extensive networking. 


ENTREDigital is one of the flagship training programs by the Entre Institute. This is also a very comprehensive online course. It focuses on teaching the most money-spinning business ideas along with live mentoring by business advisors.

The idea behind this program is to impart mechanic, economic, and marketing strategies. It is done in a manner that can help in the better personal and professional growth of the business. 

This model offers a lot of potential. It is a simple yet detailed online program that leads you to a successful business. 


ENTRECoaching is yet another premium program that offers ‘fast track’ coaching packages. These packages are designed to help the members lead a successful business life. 

The coaching sessions can be customized as per the member’s need. You receive these sessions privately and on a weekly basis. Some important aspects of this program include:

  • Designing business support specific to every student’s need
  • Determining long-term and short-term goals that are achievable
  • Encouraging better marketing decisions to increase profits
  • Provide clarity to the business visions of every student
  • Determine the different blind spots and work for their betterment
  • Build a workable strategy that prioritizes essential tasks


This is yet another pinnacle membership program that Entre Institute has to offer. 

ENTREInnerCircle is a complete course that is conducted annually. It is a mastermind coaching program for budding entrepreneurs and business professionals.

It provides guidance and direction to help the members go big with their business ideas and take their business to another level. 

The course structure is based on a unique feature of ‘5 pillars of entrepreneurship’, which is proprietary to the company. 

Successlab Radio 

Successlab Radio hosts a lot of informative podcasts by the cofounder of Entre Institute. These podcasts offer a fun way of learning about different business strategies and ways to be successful. 

About The Founder – Jeff Lerner 

The founder Jeff Lerner has been working in the online business development industry for a decade. He lives by his 3 Ps of excellence and implements them at every step of his professional and personal journey. 

Jeff is not an overnight success. He has had his fair share of unsuccessful businesses and working under someone else’s command. 

Entre Institute is driven by Jeff’s own experience and therefore offers the most authentic learning experience. 

Final Thoughts on Entre Institute

Online learning is becoming a popular choice among students these days, but you need to avoid all the scams that have been popping up. Trust me when I say that online learning is the perfect way of building your information portfolio without taking a slam-dunk in your life savings. 

With the entire world shifting focus to the digitization and online business development, joining Entre Institute can help brighten your future. 

It has an elaborate and beautifully curated course structure that helps you learn everything you need to know about a successful business.

The best part is, it is not just books and hours of reading. The interactive live sessions, chatrooms, workshops, and presentations make your learning experience dynamic and fun. 

Invest in the future of your online business. You can do this by being a part of the Entre Institute and brighten your future with quality education.