Full Frame and Pocket Window Replacements

By  //  August 3, 2021

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Window installation in Edmonton isn’t a straightforward task for those that have never had to do it before. Windows aren’t exactly cheap, and for that reason, you’ll want to do a proper job the first time it’s done. There are a variety of different ways to install replacement windows, and the two methods are full frame installation and pocket installation. 

Before you go ahead and plan for your window replacement, you’ll want to be aware of the differences between a full frame installation and pocket installation.

Full Frame Replacement Windows

With full-frame windows, both the frame and the sashes will be replaced. You have to get rid of the current frame, the sashes, the screen, and the trim before you put a full-frame window in place. A couple of tools you’ll need to do this are:

■ Utility knife

■ Screwdrivers

■ Pry bar

■ Hammer

■ Putty knife

■ Circular saw

A full-frame window will fully replace the window you currently have in place. Many people choose to get full-frame windows installed because they want to alter the shape of their windows. Some people get tired of the type of windows they have installed, and this is a good choice if you’re considering that.

Pocket Window Replacement

Pocket windows have a couple of differences in comparison to full window replacement. With pocket windows, you are able to install the window right in the frame of the existing window.

Pocket window replacements are also known as inset windows. Before doing pocket window replacement, you’ll have to get rid of the sashes and the exterior stops that are in place.

Many people choose pocket windows if they want to keep the following in place:

■ The window frame

■ Trim

■ Siding

■ Casing

When people are intending on replacing a similarly sized window, pocket windows are an ideal choice to go with. It helps if the frame of the window is square and in decent shape. 

Full Frame Window Replacement Vs Insert Window Replacement

Going with a full-frame window replacement or insert window replacement depends on what you need. There are some things to consider to help you better determine which one to go with.


One of the most crucial factors that play a role in what type of window installation you’ll be going with is the condition of your window frame. If the condition of your current window frames is still intact and not damaged, then a pocket window replacement might be a good choice for you. If your frame is damaged and not square, then going with a full-frame window might be a more ideal option to go with.


Another important factor that plays a role in what type of window replacement to go with is size. For those that are wanting to install a window that is similar in size to the current window already installed, pocket installation can potentially work. If you’re wanting to adjust the size of your window, you might be better off going with full-frame installation because the frames will need to be adjusted.

What Should I Go With?

The nice thing about full-frame window replacement is that it gives you a chance to do an inspection. You can look at the condition of the rough edges and everything else.

All in all, ask your window contractor to guide you into what window replacement will work for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Canglow Windows & Doors today.