How to Pick the Best Skateboard for Beginners, For Kids and the Recommended Brands

By  //  August 19, 2021

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If new skaters want to be successful in skateboarding, they need to know exactly how to choose a perfect skateboard based on their needs in this sport. Although the buying process can be frustrating and off-putting to many beginners, it is super important if they want the best experience on their board. 

To guide new skaters on the way to buying the best skateboard, this article will provide you with the necessary information to purchase a suitable skateboard for beginners, especially for kids. Moreover, you can find out some reputable brands in the skateboarding industry at the end of this post. 


To pick the best skateboard for beginners, new skaters first need to understand about different types of skateboards on the market. Although almost all skateboards are technically the same in structure, some parts of the board can vary depending on the application and purpose of each skating style. 

Typically, skateboards are divided into 3 types: classic skateboards, cruisers, and longboards. Conventional skateboards are designed to be used at skate parks, skaters may want to ride in a half-pipe, a bowl, or on the streets. A classic skateboard can be differentiated from other types by the popsicle shape of the deck. 

On the other hand, longboards and cruisers are specially designed for commuting purposes. Longboards are well-known for their large size in comparison with other types of skateboards. These boards are more suitable for traveling over a far distance or riding at high speed since they are more stable than their counterparts. So you can see the best cheap longboards here.

Whereas, cruisers are usually called the smaller versions of longboards. With some advantages over longboards such as softer wheels and more compact size, cruisers are the ideal options for a relaxed cruising experience around your neighborhood. 

While picking the first skateboard, new skaters should concentrate on some criteria such as size, shape, material, and the structure of each product. Many beginners are into eye-catching graphics on the decks and forget about the quality of the product. 

A good skateboard should be able to provide an excellent balance and stability for newbies to learn the basic skills in skateboarding. Choosing the wrong skateboard can make the learning process more and more frustrating, off-putting as well as causing negative effects on riders’ progress. 


The first piece of advice for parents who are desperately finding the perfect skateboard for their children is that they should stay away from cheap toy skateboards unless they want to put their kids in danger. A low-quality skateboard can lead to fatal injuries to your children so parents should head to the local skate shop to get the best recommendations from the sellers. 

If you don’t have enough knowledge about skateboards and how to build a customized skateboard, go for a complete one. As recommended by several experienced skaters, a pre-assembled board is the best skateboard for kids

It may be surprising for many parents that a kid-size skateboard isn’t necessary so a normal size skateboard will be fine for practicing. As long as your kids can stand on the deck with one foot on the front bolt and the remaining at the back of the board, they will be able to skate. 

The only advantage of a kid-size skateboard is that it provides wider and bigger boards. Therefore, your children must spread their feet on the deck, bending their knees and consequently keeping the center of mass closer to the ground. By keeping this position, the riders are unlikely to fall easily and they can steer the board better. 

For the best product, you can read about the size chart for kids to get the most suitable skateboard. Moreover, you have to consider the age of your children to decide whether they are ready for an extreme sport like skateboarding or not. 

Although there’s no restriction in age, kids under 5 years old are advised not to take up skateboarding because their bodies haven’t fully developed so accidents in this sport can cause permanent damages. Even for older children, skating should be done under close supervision from parents or trusted adult skaters. 


As stated before, new skaters should choose skateboards from best skateboard brands to get the best quality and a good experience in their skating sessions. The following brands are the most popular ones which provide several high-quality products for all levels of skateboarders. 


The company was founded in 1992 by Johnny Schillereff – a professional skateboarder. The brand aims to provide the best skateboard with high quality and create a connection between art and skateboarding. Customers can either choose a complete skateboard or pick separated components to build their own skateboards. Furthermore, skaters can also purchase several beautiful accessories and clothing with unique designs. 


Born in California and became the best American company in producing skateboarding, the brand has a typical appearance with a skull logo printed on every skateboard. The company produces complete skateboards with the mission of rebellion and the freedom to express yourself in any society. 


Similar to Element Skateboards, this brand was also established by a professional skater named Mike Ternasky in 1991. Although the company usually offers skating accessories and separated components for customizing your skateboard, customers can still purchase some pre-assembled models.

The two things that make this brand so popular are the high-quality skateboard and the unique designs you can not find anywhere on the market. 

Above are the best skateboard brands in the skateboarding industry; however, you may find a better product from a different provider. After all, you should consider carefully before making up your mind so you won’t regret your decision of buying the very first skateboard.