The Advantages of Using a Custom Mobile Invoice Maker

By  //  August 3, 2021

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Admit it or not, mobile invoicing has made handling business such an easy task for entrepreneurs. You can manage your business in just a few taps using the Billdu invoice maker. Technology is advancing these days but it also tends to be more expensive than the manual ways.

However, mobile invoicing is something available on the internet for free. There are hundreds of free mobile invoicing apps for you to use for your business. But, if you have a big brand name, I’d suggest you get your mobile invoices made through Billdu.

Whether you’re at home chilling or on a long road trip. Handling business won’t be an issue for you. Everything will be available in front of you in just a few taps. You can log in to your business’s mobile invoicing app and check every invoice that’s going through your business. You will have all the access and can keep track of your business’s cash flow on your device.

You can keep tabs on your clients and get notified whenever your clients get your invoice. They can’t make up an excuse not to pay you or delay the payment because online payment is also a thing in these mobile invoicing apps. You can get the payment in seconds through your bank account. However, there is one drawback of mobile invoicing.

If your client does not have an email account or a smartphone, they won’t be able to get your invoice meaning you will not be able to do business with them or will have to manually make all the invoices causing you to waste a lot of time.

It’s available on both IOS and Android. You don’t have to worry about what mobile device you have. It is available on every platform like IOS, Android, Mac, Windows, etc. There are no other cons of a mobile invoicing app other than the one mentioned above.

Here are some of the advantages of a mobile invoice maker;

Easy and fast payments

Everything being available in just a few taps is truly a blessing. This also includes online payments. This is something your client will love as they won’t have to come all the way from their house just to pay you. They can transfer the money online without giving any lame excuses to delay the payment.

Faster payments will increase your cash flow meaning more cash will revolve around and out of the business, as a result, your business’s liquidity will increase meaning you’ll have more money to pay your short-term debts.

Better data management

Mobile invoice allows you to perform better data management because it is the feature where you can make folders for each client you get. You won’t lose any folder in the app. You will simply just have to search for the client’s name and their folder will pop up. You won’t miss a single piece of data information when using a mobile invoice maker as everything is saved on the cloud.

If things are done manually, it will take you ages to find your client’s folder from other 1000 folders. It has stepped up to the game for the management department. Fewer employees are also needed to handle mobile invoicing meaning you won’t have to pay for more recruits.

No extra fees

When paying through a mobile invoicing app, your clients won’t be charged a single other than their original amount. This is something that attracts customers because other apps or bank transactions charge fees for bank-to-bank transfers.

Saves you a lot of time

Mobile invoicing apps save you a lot of time because if you’re using a digital invoice maker, you won’t have to sit all day making invoices manually for your clients than giving them for printing and then postage.

You can just send them the invoice via email or WhatsApp making things easier for you and your clients. Sometimes, making invoices manually can take you up to days if you have a lot of clients, but this isn’t the case with mobile invoicing. It’ll take seconds to send invoices to your clients because everything is done automatically by the mobile invoicing app providers.