What Functions Does Project Management Software Provide?

By  //  August 25, 2021

In addition to project planning, scope definition, scheduling, bug, and issue tracking is another essential feature that project management software should possess for successful project completion.

A robust bug and issue tracking system enables project managers to effectively identify, track, and resolve any problems or defects that may arise during the project lifecycle. This feature allows for better collaboration among team members, streamlines the resolution process, and ensures project progress remains on track.

When selecting a project management software, it is crucial to consider the availability and functionality of bug and issue-tracking capabilities to enhance overall project management efficiency.

To figure out which software will be more advantageous for your team, think over which functionality you require to manage your projects efficiently and successfully. To be certain that you don’t leave out some important functions when searching for new software, take a look at what functions project management software usually provides.

All the features demonstrated above were taken from Gantt chart creator GanttPRO. This cloud-based project management software is widely used by professionals from different industries both for simple and complex project planning and implementation. 

The GanttPRO set of features can be equally beneficial for basic day-to-day project management operations, as well as for more elaborate needs. You can easily plan inserting and assigning tasks and milestones, setting dependencies between tasks and priorities. 

This software features like auto-scheduling, baselines, critical path, and history changes help to track the status of the project and implement it as steadily as it can be.

It also possesses features that let you: 

■ log actions; 

■ bring together all the required experts and virtual resources;

■ set distinct values and individual calendars for each of them and manage their workloads. 

Time is a key component of every project as well.

To manage it efficiently you have features that come in handy to: 

■ fix and keep track of deadlines; 

■ control how much time team members spend on tasks; 

■ easily create and then run through time log reports to supervise efficiency. 

Effective collaboration is a core component of successful project completion. In that regard, you may enjoy the apps’ elaborate collaboration features and upgrade communication within the team. With the advanced export features of GanttPro, it is possible to save projects in PNG and PDF to insert them in presentations, for example, download data in Excel, and quickly share tasks on paper or through the URL. 

Last but not least, is the matter of budget management. In that respect, GanttPRO provides a good deal of advanced functions to address costs and budgetary matters within the project. 

All in all, if you are looking for an advanced project management system, first of all, remember to verify which features it possesses.

If your objective is to have all of the features that an outstanding project management system typically has, as well as an intuitive interface and easy onboarding, a Gantt chart creator GanttPRO may be a great fit for you. Commencing a project there takes a few minutes, so you can start a trial and check it out yourself.