What Should I Be Thinking About When Replacing Windows?

By  //  August 3, 2021

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There are many things to be thinking about when you’re considering new window installation in North York. A lot of the guides out there tend to focus on information that doesn’t really provide consumers with much to go off of.

The installation of new windows in your home is an expensive renovation project that will have your home looking more aesthetically pleasing to anyone that looks at or walks inside of it but to achieve that effect, it helps to do some research.

Should I Replace My Windows?

Many people will delay having to get new windows installed in their homes for a long time before actually biting the bullet and getting it done. Window installation in North York can cost a lot of money, and the first thing you’ll want to figure out is if you actually have to get your windows replaced.

If you’ve been in your home for thirty years and have never had your windows replaced, it’s a good time to inspect your windows and see if it’s time to consider a replacement.

If you look at your windows and notice any of these things, then a window replacement might be on the horizon:

■ Window frames are rotting

■ Cracked window panes

■ Hardware isn’t functioning properly

■ Not able to open the windows

■ Windows are rattling

■ Your energy costs are higher than they should be

■ Cold and drafty air is getting in your home

■ Your windows are always foggy even after you try cleaning them

What Are Some Things To Keep In Mind When Thinking About New Windows?

Window installation in North York should be seen as an investment instead of just another added expense for your home. You’ll want to find high-quality windows that will have your home’s energy efficiency and comfort increased.

Some things you’ll want to look for are:

Materials That Are Durable

No matter what, you’ll want to get windows with premium-quality material. Your windows have to be able to resist the elements, and going with a cheap, single-pane window isn’t the best solution if you’re living in climates that reach 40 below in the middle of winter. You’ll want to get window frames that won’t be warping on you within one season. 

If you live in a climate that tends to get a lot of rainfall, consider going with window material that is manufactured to be resistant to water, rust, and rot.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is one of the number one reasons why people begin to consider new window installation in North York. When you’re in the market for energy-efficient windows, always look for windows that have the Energy Star label on them. Windows that have this star are certified to be energy efficient. 

For cooler climates, consider getting double or triple-glazed windows that have spacer systems in them. Argon gas in between the panes will prevent heat transfer in the windows, as well. 


When you’re looking around for windows, it always helps to find one that comes with a solid warranty package. Windows that come with a long warranty will give you increased peace of mind. A warranty package should cover installation and many other things.

Some warranty packages are a little misleading. If you see a window that has a lifetime warranty on it, consider asking the manufacturer about that. They might not be referring to the lifetime of the house itself.


Choosing what window materials to go with can be a tricky process because each material comes with a different budget, aesthetic look, and energy efficiency rating.


One of the most common window materials on the market is vinyl. Vinyl is:

■ Resistant to weather

■ Durable

■ Energy efficient

■ Resistant to rot

■ Resistant to insects

■ A good insulator

■ Reduces heat transfer

■ Cost-effective

One thing to note about vinyl windows is that there aren’t a whole lot of color options to pick from


Fiberglass material is a low-maintenance, energy-efficient material that is resistant to rotting and cracking. It is a good material for those that are looking for windows on a mediocre budget, but they are a little more expensive in comparison to vinyl material. Fiberglass is known to be more durable than vinyl, as well.


Aluminum is more expensive than both of the above two options, mainly because it is very sturdy and durable. Aluminum windows aren’t the best at insulating your home against the transfer of heat and cold.


Wood material for windows is a naturally warm material that has good insulating qualities. Wood material requires a little more maintenance in comparison to all of the other window material options out there.

It’s also not resistant to:

■ Moisture

■ Insects

■ Rot

■ Warping

If you’re thinking about wood windows, make sure you’re aware of these things. You’ll want to inspect your wood windows regularly for any signs of cracking or deterioration.


In addition to all of the different materials you can get for your windows, there are also a number of different styles you can choose from.

There are:

■ Awning windows

■ Hopper windows

■ Single-hung windows

■ Double-hung windows

■ Fixed windows

Finding a window contractor to get your windows installed is the last piece of the puzzle. With HTR Window and Doors, you’re getting a company that provides the best products for every installation that is done. The company takes their work seriously and they are geared towards ensuring you’ll be stress-free throughout every step of the window installation process. 

HTR Windows and Doors is a reliable and honest company that offers promotions at certain times of the year to leave more money in the pocket of customers.

They offer energy star-certified products that will have your energy bills lowered from month to month. They have over a decade of experience in window installation, and when you get home from work after they are done installing your windows, they leave the area so clean that you won’t even know they were there.