Which Season Should I Get My Windows Installed?

By  //  August 3, 2021

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A lot of people aren’t aware of when they should be getting their windows and doors replaced. It might be obvious that it’s a little more difficult to install windows and doors in the middle of winter, but not everyone is aware of that.

The majority of construction work tends to happen when the weather is nicer outside, and the same goes with windows and doors.

No one wants to be installing windows and doors in the bitter cold of winter or the scorching heat of summer, and for that reason, it’s best to do the installation during the fall. Getting a window company to your house comes with many considerations, and one of them is what season you should get the installation done in.

Best Season For Window Installation

A lot of people find themselves in situations where they aren’t able to wait until fall to get their windows or doors installed, and that’s fine. While it’s ideal to get the job done during the fall, you don’t have to wait around for it to come.

The busiest times of the year for most window contractors are April and May. You’ll want to keep that in mind so that you can book ahead of time to get your windows or doors installed. Sometimes people like to book months in advance so they aren’t rushing around prior to the installation.

With more time on your hands, you’ll have more flexibility in picking what contractor you’re going to go with, what materials you’re choosing, and the types of windows you’re getting. When it comes to finding your windows, it can take a good chunk of time in figuring out what ones you’re going to go with.

What Should I Keep In Mind With Window Installation?

Considering what month to install your new windows can have a number of implications on your home. The first thing to keep in mind is that the foundation of your home will typically shrink in size when the colder months of the year roll around.

This is important to keep in mind because cracks in a foundation of a home can also affect the rest of your home. The nice thing about going with a professional window company is that the company will typically know to expect these things depending on what season it is.

While it can still be a nuisance to work around these problems, an experienced contractor will have the tools and skills to the point where the window installation has to be completely halted.

Outdoor Elements Will Get Into Your Home During Window Replacement

If you’re deciding to get your windows installed during the middle of winter, keep note that your home will be cold until the installation is complete. Removing your current windows in 30 below will expose your home to cold air no matter how many protective measures the window contractor takes.

During that period of time, you might notice that your energy bill has increased a bit because your furnace will be working on overdrive to keep your home warm. This alone can be frustrating for a lot of people to deal with, and many like to wait until warmer seasons to get the job done.

Winter Window Installation

A lot of people think that installing windows in the middle of winter can lead to a bad installation job. This isn’t true. A professional window company is skilled at window installation during all seasons of the year, and they know exactly what to expect.

You might not expect a window company to schedule a window replacement during the middle of a blizzard, but many will do what it takes to satisfy their customers.

If your window shatters in the middle of winter, that’s a case where window installation simply can’t wait for warmer weather. Sometimes window contractors will even advertise promotional deals throughout the winter months of the year so that their schedule isn’t packed during the other seasons.

There are a few things to make sure your window contractor does:


You’ll want to make sure that your contractor seals the perimeter of the winder with silicone-based caulk and not latex or acrylic caulk. Silicone-based caulk adheres to the window much better during colder temperatures than latex or acrylic caulk.


Consider scheduling your window installation during the morning hours of the day. Doing so will give the materials an opportunity to expand a bit. 

You might also want to consider asking the window contractor if they can work on one window at a time. Removing every single window in your home at the same time will make it become quite cold very fast. By removing and installing windows one at a time, it gives your home a chance to not become a frigid environment.

Exit The Home During Installation

Many people decide to leave the home during the window installation process. Doing this gives the window contractor more flexibility in your home without feeling like you’re watching every move they make. It also ensures you won’t be freezing during the entire window installation all day. 

It’s always nice to get home after a long day of work to a brand new set of new windows in your home. If you’ve been getting home to a cold and drafty home for far too long, then you’ll see what you’ve been missing all along. 

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The windows will also add a lot of new natural light throughout your home, and this is something that can increase your mood by a fair amount. NorthTech Windows and Doors provides windows at a fair price and believes in honesty every step of the way. Communication throughout the entire process is also ensured to provide the best working relationship between the customer and the contractor.