Yellow Vietnam Kratom Advantages – Dosage And Comparison

By  //  August 26, 2021

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The Yellow Vietnam Kratom strain is one of the most popular varieties of this healing plant. It grows exclusively in the Mekong River region of Vietnam as well as in Long Xuyen in the Mekong Delta region. 

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As the name implies, Yellow Vietnam Kratom has yellowish leaves. They have a very unique taste and a wide range of effects. 

For the most part, this strain has powerful sedative and calming effects compared to most other Kratom strains. 

Advantages of Yellow Vietnam Kratom

The following is a list of some of the most common effects and benefits that come with consuming Yellow Vietnam Kratom. 

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  • Enhances Mood

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is often used as an anti-depressant and for good reason. It has a very balanced effect on the psyche and has been shown to elevate the mood in certain doses. 

There’s 25% more alkaloids contained in the Yellow Vietnam Kratom strain compared to another yellow kratom variety found in Thailand. This might have something to do with Yellow Vietnam’s ramped up effects when it comes to boosting mood. 

  • Clears the Mind

Another benefit of using Yellow Vietnam Kratom is that you’ll experience increased levels of focus and concentration. This allows you to perform difficult mental tasks with better precision and without feeling tired or worn-out. 

It can really go a long way to help you prepare for that all-important work presentation or school exam. As we said, it doesn’t cause any drowsiness or undesired side effects because it doesn’t have any extreme sedative effects. 

  • Works as an Analgesic

Yellow Vietnam Kratom has also been shown to have powerful analgesic effects. It alleviates pain by stimulating certain brain receptors that are responsible for causing chronic pain. 

This means that it inhibits the pain from even happening. The best part is that it doesn’t make you feel drowsy afterward! 

  • Helps You Physically Relax

Another benefit that comes with taking Yellow Vietnam Kratom is that of enhancing physical exercise and therapy by promoting muscle relaxation. 

This makes it an ideal strain to take after a hectic and demanding workout session to just calm down and really give your muscles some TLC. 

  • Doesn’t Damage the Stomach

A common complaint among Kratom users is that one of the side-effects of taking this plant is an unpleasant stomach. 

Although this isn’t as bad an effect as some of the adverse side effects that come with certain conventional drugs, it’s still not great. 

The good news is that Yellow Vietnam Kratom seems to be the only strain that doesn’t come with this side effect. Instead, it appears to be gentle on the tummy and easy to use. 

  • Enhances Visuals

Users who’ve tried this strain for other reasons reported experiencing better visual acuity after consuming it. This is a nice side-effect that was largely unexpected but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless. 

Just keep in mind that there’s no scientific evidence to support this claim. What we have is anecdotal evidence available at the moment based on different people’s experiences of this strain. 

Recommended Dosage

For best results, it is recommended that you take a low dosage of 1 gram when starting out on Yellow Vietnam Kratom. This translates to ¼ teaspoon and it’s more than enough to induce the desired effects without any unwanted side-effects. 

Should you take more than the recommended dose or overdose on this strain, then you might end up vomiting, experiencing tremors, constipation, and nausea. 

This is a very potent strain. You’ll do well to stick with this dose for some time after you start taking it. Otherwise, there’s no guarantee that you won’t experience these side effects. 

Over time, you can increase the dose to 1 to 1.5 grams while experienced users have been shown to function well on a dose of 2 grams. But, this only comes when you’ve already been taking Yellow Vietnam Kratom for a relatively long period of time and have built up a considerable tolerance to it. 

Wait for 20 minutes after taking the Kratom to gauge the effects and see what happens. This is a great way to avoid being overwhelmed. 

It’s worth noting that you might experience a bit of tongue numbness. This is normal and can happen to anyone when drinking Kratom tea. The good news is that it should go away after a couple of minutes. 

Also, this is a slow-acting strain so its effects don’t show up as fast as other Kratom strains that you might be used to. Don’t forget to drink lots of water and avoid caffeinated drinks while taking this or any other Kratom strain. 

Yellow Vietnam Kratom vs. Other Strains

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is a truly unique strain in that when it’s ground up, the resulting powder has a distinct yellow color. 

It also comes with a peculiar taste with a bit of sweetness which is nice. This is a nice respite from other Kratom strains which often come with a strong and bitter taste. 


Yellow Vietnam Kratom is one of the newest strains to be discovered compared to others that have long been in use in the West. It’s a great strain for relaxation and stress relief, but it doesn’t have the sedative effects of other potent strains of a similar quality. 

Instead, it has been shown to boost mood and it even has considerable analgesic effects. This means it has the ability to alleviate chronic pain without making you feel sleepy afterward!

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