Cannabis User Starter Kit for 2021

By  //  September 12, 2021

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Are you new to the world of cannabis r marijuana and want to know more about it? Have you recently just started smoking weed, but don’t know what basic essentials you need to have the perfect starter kit? 

In recent years, cannabis has exploded in popularity. Countries all over the world have started legalizing the use of cannabis in varying degrees, and there are very few places in the world where cannabis is fully illegal. The cannabis industry has taken note of this and has introduced a plethora of new ways to consume it. 

As a beginner, you may think you already know the basics of what you need, but there might be a few more essentials that you should add to your kit. Here is a cannabis user starter kit for 2021. 

Glass Bong

When it comes to a starter kit for cannabis users, many people will jump right to thinking about what they will need for smoking. Right at the top of our list is a bong. This is for a multitude of reasons. 

A glass bong is a type of smoking device that is used to consume cannabis. A bong works by drawing air through water, which cools the smoke and dilutes it with extra oxygen.

The result is cleaner tasting hits that are less harsh on your lungs than when smoked without water. Glass bongs come in many shapes and sizes, but the most popular style features a vertical tube with an attached bowl at one end and a detachable mouthpiece at the other end.

There are many different types of materials that can be used for this purpose, including acrylic or silicone, but the best thing you can do is to invest in a high-quality glass bong, which you can find on These types of bongs are durable and more effective than anything made out of cheaper materials. 

Vape Pen

The biggest reason why people are using vapes instead of smoking these days is because of the fact that it is not nearly as harmful or damaging to your lungs, and it doesn’t produce any carcinogens. 

Along with this big benefit, you get a lot of others such as they are really easy to use, they are easy to conceal, and even very portable, making them one of the most convenient cannabis products around. Many people are steering more in the direction of vapes because of just how simple and easy they are to use. 

When it comes to choosing one, you just need to choose whether you want to vape a concentrate, or the dry herb itself. They offer relatively different experiences, but both are great.


Next up on our list is a grinder. This is for all of those people who are wanting to smoke the flower itself. When it comes to extracting the cannabinoids from the flower, the surface area plays a big role in the amount that is extracted or the amount that you get out of the flower. 

With more surface area, comes more extraction of the cannabinoids, and therefore a better experience. A grinder can help you massively when it comes to smoking a joint or a blunt, taking a hit from a bong, or even using a dry herb vaporizer, to name a few. 

Without a grinder, you won’t get as much bang for your buck and you will be missing out on so much that the plant has to offer you. 

Rolling Papers & Filters

Another essential to add to your starter kit is rolling papers and filters. Everyone has to start somewhere, and for most cannabis consumers, it’s with a joint. When it comes to making a joint, you need a few essentials, including rolling papers and filters. 

This is what will hold your weed while it burns, as well as filter out some of the carcinogens when smoking and inhaling the smoke. If you don’t have a vape or any pre-rolled joints, this can get you out of a bind, you just need to know how to roll properly, as well as how much weed you are putting in a joint to make sure you are not having too much to handle. 

Storage Container

Last but not least, you should have a storage container. This may sound a little silly because you could just pack it neatly on your table, but having a storage container for all of your essentials is a smart move, especially for those on the go and not always in one spot. 

A storage container will not only give you room to hold all of your essentials without you misplacing anything, and let you have everything in one place, but it also allows for you the has something small and easy to grab if you are running out of the house or even if you want to pack your essentials into a bag when you go out. 

If you just have things lying around, it can be difficult to misplace different items or even not know if you have enough of each item.